Glorious Skills Initiatives


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Glorious Skills Initiatives

  1. 1. OAP on a Skills Acquisition and Development Center ➲ Long-Termgoal ➲ Custom wishes er ➲ Skills ➲ Fulfilling the needs ➲ Facilitating Instructors ➲ Logistic of class sessions Glorious Skills Initiatives(gsi) ➲ Cost Analy sis Akeni Emmanuel .O ➲ Target custom ers ➲ Cash-flow Stream s ➲ Media Channels
  2. 2. Long-termGoal➲ Creating an environment where skills are appreciated and developed with continued magnified importance in the Nigerian career industry and World at Large.
  3. 3. Custom W er ishes➲ The need to settle into a career that they have passion for and are willing to make it a career pursuit.➲ Every craft skill needs a HOST with the PASSION for it.
  4. 4. Skills and Crafts➲ hair Dressing/Styling/Braiding➲ leather Works➲ fine art and graphic design➲ design Crafts➲ music school➲ fashion design and dress-making➲ wood and furniture making
  5. 5. Fulfilling Custom Needs er➲ REACH out for the Skills➲ SOURCE for more Skills➲ Create the NEED with a FEW persons to fulfill it➲ Promote and broaden each Horizon➲ Support it with a PRACTICAL success TESTIMONY
  6. 6. Facilitating Instructors numbe r o f instructo rs pe r faculty ●Hair Scho o l (1 ) ●Le athe r wo rks(2) ●A wo rks and Graphics (1 ) rt ●De sig n Craft (4) ●M usic Faculty (2)●Fashio n De sig n & Dre ss making (2) ●Wo o d & Furniture making (1 )
  7. 7. Logistic of training sessions Se ssio ns are in place to fit into e ve ryo ne s day ro utine= M rning se ssio ns {9 am-2pm} o== N o n se ssio ns {2pm-6 pm} o=== We e ke nd/Se ssio ns{8 am-2pm}= = = (1 )==== We e ke nd/Se ssio ns{2pm-7 pm}= = = (2)
  8. 8. Cost Analysis Cost Centres (One-off Expenditure) FacilitiesApartment N800,000Hair Class N200,000Leather N200,000Art N400,000Design N200,000Music N500,000Dress Making N300,000Wood & Furniture N100,000 N2,700,000Learning Aids N150,000Facilitating Instructors (12x100,000) N1,200,000 per sessionLighting and Electricity N400,000Advertising N400,000 N4,850,000
  9. 9. Target Market Who is the skill (Customer)? Young and Tender➲ Convince a parent that there is something useful about that child that wouldn’t need a life-long academic based education, but still stand out as Rugged and Wrong an achievement? Turning and point for people in the part of➲ Not forcing a kid into a profession or a wrong career? skill acquisition➲ What is it that the kid likes best?➲ A contractual conclusion as to how a Habit or Passion can be over-hauled and be turned into an opportunity How Relevant is that Bad habit: Observing what the society will use a bad habit for positively
  10. 10. Cash Inflow Due to the probability of intakes and interests, a bid will first beplaced on advert mediums for a specific time interval, asking the target markets to VOTE THEIR SKILLS which expresses their Application for sessions. At the end of which the number ofapplicants will spell a reasonable consideration for the applicants which will then be communicated to them.
  11. 11. Next Steps of Action Awareness mediums A tour would be used to give➲ Facebook zonal advert the target market an idea into➲ Leaflets and posters what this initiative entails, by➲ Banners and signboards making giving free training exhibitions in selected venues➲ Radio and Television (Regionally)➲ A website to support it all
  12. 12. Ge t o n B ard, HI a M RK and do n’ t be the Wo rld’ s o T A M issing Links!!!M the plane t e arth and He ave n frame an A m with ake nthe yo ur name in it.