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  • 2. ECE ÇAKıROĞLUHĠ!My name is ECE and surname is ÇAKIROĞLU.Iwant to introduce me and family to you.I’ m 19years old.I was born at1993 in BURSA. I love to live in Bursa.privilege tolive in Bursa.I live in dormitory.
  • 3. My father and my mather is retired.I havent got asister or brother.I like eating so much.I like bitterfoods.Especially I like driking tea.I’m driking 10 teain a day. I like very much summers.I enjoy going tosummer house.I love friends in schooltoo.Everytimes all together trip in countryside.I wantto succesfull all my lessons.I watch tv but I don’t like movies. I like watchingtennis match.I hate noughty boys and get up early.
  • 4. TUĞÇE GÜRAYI am Tuğçe. I was born and grew up in BabaeskiI don’t like Babaeski.I am a student. I live in Manisabecause my university is in Manisa.My father is retired.My mother is housewife.I havegot a sister. Her name is Sena.I love sister.Shesometimes makes me crazy.My mother name isMüjgan.My father name is Taner.
  • 5. I have got seven dogs.I love their. I like playing dog.I like playing backgammon. I like reading a book.My favorite book is “Uğultulu Tepeler”. I going to work in a company.
  • 6. BURCU ARCAMy nama is Burcu ARCA. I am nineteen years old. Iwas born in Ġzmir.I live in Bursa. Now I stay inManisa.I am a student.I am going to an engineer four yearslater.My father is a policeman. My mother is housewife. Ihave got a brother. He is a student.He is going toan engineer two years later.
  • 7. I like riding a bike and going for walk in free time. Isometimes play basketball.Finally I am afraid this lesson is difficult.I hope Iwont feel the difficulty.
  • 8. SEMA YıLDıRıM I am Sema Yıldırım.I am from Bursa but I live inManisa.I love Bursa.I am 18 years old. I am astudent industrial engineering at Celal BayarUniversty.I have got a sister. She name isBeyza.She is 12 years old. She is funny. My fathername is Osman. My mother name is Filiz. I like to meet my friends and I like watch filmwith my friends.I like reading books. My favoritebooks “Monte Cristo” and “The Missing Rose”.While I was walking, I like listening to music.
  • 9. RABIA ÇELIKI am Rabia Çelik.I am 21 years old. I was born in1991 in Ġzmir.I have a younger brother and twoelder sister. I am a student of the Celal BayarUniversity. My department is industrial engineering.My father name is Mustafa Halit,my mother name isElif.My mother is a housewife my father is a lawyer.
  • 10. I am studying second class. I came at the CelalBayar University then Karabük University this termbut I used to it.After I finish the universty I will work in a company.Ilike playing court tennis and chess.I like math inlessons.
  • 11.  nuhunsalyangozu@gmail.com www.nuhunsalyangozuu.blogspot.com Ece Çakıroğlu: ececakiroglu@windowslive.com Tuğçe Güray: tugceguray1993@hotmail.com Burcu Arca: burcu_arca_@hotmail.com Sema Yıldırım: semaa_yildirimm@hotmail.com Rabia Çelik: rabiacelik_@hotmail.com