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  • 1. International Foundation for Research and Development (IFRD)2nd International Conference on Education and Information Management Potential for Business Innovation (ICEIM-2012) Penang, Malaysia December 22-23, 2012 Partners Ankara, Turkey “PERTRE ANDERI” of IASI, Romania Bangkok, Thailand NAM, Ukraine
  • 2. CONFERENCE PROGRAM [SATURDAY, DEC 22, 2012]0900-0945 Welcome and Registration INAUGURAL CEREMONY0945-1000 Welcome Address-Conference Chair, Prof Dr Alexandru Trifu1000-1020 Keynote Address-Prof Dr KOH Noi Keng1020-1030 Vote of Thanks- Conference Convener, Prof. Dr Nek Kamal Yeop Yunus1030-1100 MORNING TEA1100-1315 TECHNICAL SESSION Room 1: Session Chair- Assoc. Prof Dr. Loong Wong Room 2: Session Chair- Prof Dr Zainal Ariffin Bin Ahmad Job Satisfaction of Malaysian Nurses: A Causal Model- Yuen-Onn Circumstances Probing Internet Banking Users to use Alternative1100-1115 Choong, Teck-Chai Lau, Thiam-Yong Kuek, Eng-Keong Lee Channels: Thematic Matrix Display Analysis-Sujana Adapa Globalization and Consumer Behavior: Global Marketing Strategies Applications of Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation (MDIC) to1120-1135 Implication - Homogeneity and Heterogeneity (Preliminary Study)- Takaful Operators: An Analysis from the Shariah Advisors’ Hossein Nezakati, Maryam Akhoundi Perspective-Nurdianawati Irwani Abdullah, Djafri Fares Speed++TM: A New Pencil Puzzle for Mental Arithmetic-Tiong Kung Corporate governance, cash holdings and value of a firm: Evidence1140-1155 Ming, Ting Tiew Kiong from Australian firms-Subba Reddy Yarram To Explore Hotel Service Factors Effect on Increasing Tourist Loyalty - Economic Development Holders in Republic of Macedonia through1200-1215 Malaysia Evidence (Preliminary Study)-Hossein Nezakati, Yousef the Business Development-Harun Tairi, Nuhi Sela, Hamit Aliu Keshavarz An Analysis of Concept of Working Capital Management: A Antecedents to the Attitude Architecture and Purchase Intentions of Proposed Framework on Impact of Working Capital Management Organic Food in Malaysia: A Proposed Framework-Neerjang Lama,1220-1235 on the Profitability of Selected Manufacturing Companies Listed in Alwyn Foo Hsien, Chan Chun Yik, Ng Li Qian, Low Han Zhen, Yow the Nigerian Stock Exchange-Yusuf Aminu, Nasruddin B. Chong Sen Zainudin Joining the New Band: Factors Triggering the Intentions of Malaysian Examining the Equilibrium Relationships between Foreign Direct College and University Students to Adopt 4G Broadband-Wong Lai Investment Inflows and Employment in Manufacturing and1240-1255 Soon, Neerjang Lama, Chua Beng Hui, Bobby Chai Boon Hui, Wong Services Sectors: Evidence from Malaysia-Hussain Ali Bekhet, Kee Luen Mohamed Ibrahim Mugableh Contributing Factors to the Turnover Intention of Medical Employees ICT for Assessment and Feedback on Undergraduate Accounting1300-1315 of National Heart Institute Kuala Lumpur (IJN)-Jasmani Binti Mohd Modules-Pru Marriott and Lim Keong Teoh Yunus, Abdul Jumaat Bin Mahajar, Abd Latif Bin Mohamed1315-1400 LUNCH BREAK1400-1610 TECHNICAL SESSION Room 1: Session Chair- Prof Dr Shaun Goldfinch Room 2: Session Chair- Prof Dr Sujana Adapa Impact of the Effective Internal Control System on the Internal Audit A Study on the Precursors for Gastronomic Satisfaction of Tourists1400-1415 Effectiveness at Local Government Level-Mu’azu Saidu Badara, Siti in Malaysia-Gunjan Suresh Jaiswal, Nandita Sapra, Jyotsna A. Zabedah Saidin Patil, Neerjang Lama The Relationship between Risk Management and Internal Audit Building Design Index Analysis Model to Improve user Comfort1420-1435 Effectiveness at Local Government Level-Mu’azu Saidu Badara, Siti within Efficient Energy Used-M. Pir Mohammadi, Abdullah Sani Zabedah Saidin Ahmad, Gurupiah Mursib An Examination of Business Social Responsibility (BSR) on the Local A Review of Post Privatization Performance of Ashaka Cement Environment: A proposed Framework on Relationship between BSR Manufacturing Company Nigeria PLC through the use of Financial1440-1455 and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Performance-Abdullahi Ratios-Abubakar Muhammed Magaji, Sallahuddin Hassan, Hassan Gorondutse, Haim Hilman Fatimah Wati Ibrahim Intellectual capital of enterprises and its role in the integration ‘Made in China’: Tradition, Modernity and the Branding of China-1500-1515 process-Belyakova Tatiana Loong Wong An Evaluation of Assessment Tools in Outcome-based Education: A The Extent of E-Business usage and Cumulative Benefits: A Survey On1520-1535 Way Forward-Shamsul Mohamad, Zarina Tukiran, Rafizah Mohd Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises-Rosli Mohamad, Noor Azizi Hanifa, Afandi Ahmad, Mohamad Md Som Ismail Web 2.0: A Movement within the Learning Community-Amira Leadership Behaviors and Academic Performance in Iraqi Public1540-1555 Mahmoud Ahmed Atta Universities: A Review-Zainal Ariffin Bin Ahmad The development and implementation of Student Centredness as a pedagogic tool for effective knowledge transfer/ learning in Higher1555-1610 Education. A case study of the Faculty Management Sciences, Durban University of Technology-Rishidaw Balkaran1610-1630 AFTERNOON TEA
  • 3. 1630-1800 TECHNICAL SESSION Room 1: Session Chair- Dr Nasina Mat Disa Room 2: Session Chair- Dr Rosli Mohamad Knowledge Based Information System for Strengthening the Study on the Effectiveness of Computer Application Course to the1630-1645 Competitive Advantages of Women Technopreneurs in Malaysia- Polytechnics Students in the Working Environment-Cr. Ling Ying Nurwahida Fuad, Abdul Manaf Bohari Leh The Challenges of Green Practices Among Malaysian SMEs-Peter Good Governance and Building a Civil Service in a Fragile State:1650-1705 Yacob The Case of Timor Leste-Shaun Goldfinch, Karl DeRouen Analysis of a Large Company’s Global Activity Sustained by the On the relationship of peer review training and writing proficiency1710-1725 Organizational Culture-Alexandru Trifu among Iranian EFL learners-Reza Raissi Computeralization of Seaport Operation Management: Competitive How Accounting Students Perceived Towards Teamwork Skills-1730-1745 Issues and Need of ICT Advancement-Abdul Manaf Bohari, Azleen Ilias, Mohd Zulkeflee Abd Razak, Nek Kamal Yeop Nizamuddin Zainuddin Yunus, Siti Fara Fadila Abd Razak A Study on Financial-Accounting Methods for Prospecting the Lifetime Factors that Encourage Women Involvement in SMEs in Pahang,1745-1800 Value of Hypermarket Business: A Critical Used of Geospatial Method- Malaysia-Abdul Jumaat Bin Mahajar, Jasmani Binti Mohd Abdul Manaf Bohari, Ruslan Rainis, Malliga Marimuthu Yunus CLOSE