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Letters and sounds 3K

Letters and sounds 3K






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    Letters and sounds 3K Letters and sounds 3K Document Transcript

    • Educational App Store for Busy ParentsLetters and Sounds Power Pack Level: 3K Ages: 3-4
    • Getting Started 2Children do not become literate automatically; careful planningand instruction are essential.—NAEYC - Position Statement on Learning to Read and WriteChildren are on a path to literacy starting from birth. Parents play the first andmost important role in their child’s education.Around age 3, it is important to start understanding how well your child is ableto identify and isolate the sounds in their native language. From an early agechildren are able to identify a slight difference in words like “clap” and “cap.” Thisability to make sense of letter sounds is the foundation for reading later.In this power pack, we will support you teaching your children with apps andactivities that focus on learning letter sounds. Note that we emphasize learn-ing letter sounds before learning letter symbols and names. There is no harm inteaching letter names and symbols, but a focus on sounds will be time well spent!Getting Started 2App Overview 3Activity 1: Everyday Letter Sounds 4Activity 2: Creative Fingerplays 5Activity 3: N is for “Noodles” 6Check In, Post Assessment 7What’s Next 8More to Explore 9About KinderTown 10Letters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • App Overview 3These are our favorite apps for learning this skill. We recom-mend downloading them immediately and working theminto your child’s playtime. You’ll also find we mention theseapps throughout this power pack. Together Time with Song and Rhyme Download Over 20 fingerplays for you to learn and use with your child. We highly recommend this app for parents (and kids) to easily pick up these wonderful childhood fin- gerplays. Record yourself doing the fingerplays right in the app so your children can watch and sing along. Elmo Loves ABCs Download Explore letter sounds, letter symbols and make con- nections between sounds, symbols and words. Kids easily tap and engage with the letters that interest them. Little games and interactive tools aid in the learning. Wee Sing & Learn ABC Download Learn your ABCs, animals and instruments all in this fantastic early learning app! ABC activities are con- trolled by your child with read to me and read by my- self settings. Excellent music quality, parent settings, and well-paced content are a few of the best features.Letters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • Activity 1: 4Everyday Letter Sounds DownloadThe objective at this level is more about exposure than mastery. A formal ques-tioning of letter names is not going to be as valuable for learning which lettersyour child knows. Instead, while reading, isolate the sounds in words and see howwell your child repeats these sounds.1. For example when reading “CAT” touch the word and make the “C” sound. Askyour child, can you make this sound “C”?2. Follow this sound play with asking, “Do you know what letter says “C”?” Thisactivity, embedded in everyday activities, will give you a better sense of whatsounds and letters your child knows well.Take time each day to point out a few letter sounds as you are reading, at thestore or in general conversation with your child. Taking 30 seconds each day toreinforce letter sounds goes a long way in your child’s retention.Letters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • Activity 2: 5Creative Fingerplays DownloadFingerplays are an important part of early language development. When kids learn these sillystory games they are really practicing rhyming, vocabulary, coordination, memory, matchingand listening (just to name a few).Learn this favorite fingerplay to share with your child. Follow it up with one of the activities toextend the literacy experience.Here are three ways you can liven up fingerplays:Act it out: This poem is wonderful because it is very physical. Children love listening andacting out each part of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear. Make sure to have stuffed animals or puppetsready in case your little one wants to put on a show.Create a poem puzzle: Type or print out the words to the poem in large font and add imageswhere needed. Print out 2 copies. Paste one complete copy on the front of a large envelopeso your child can read the whole poem. Cut apart the other copy. Start with large 2 sentencegroups. When that becomes easy, cut it down to individual sentences. Be prepared to cut thepoem down to half a sentence and then just individual words. Keep the pieces in the envelopewhen not being used.Make you own rhyme: Reinforce new vocabulary and the beginning stages of rhyming bythinking up your own lines to the poem. This is a great activity for the car! Lines can be silly butthey need to be in sets of two with the last words of each pair of sentences rhyming.Letters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • Activity 3: 6N is for “Noodles”Is your child able to easily and accurately isolate sounds? Beginencouraging more formal letter learning by starting with letters thathave meaning for your child like letters in their names, the lettersounds “M” for Mom and “D” for Dad, and the first sounds in theirsiblings’ and pets’ names. DownloadFood makes fantastic activities for meaningful connections withletter sounds. Have your child share with you a letter they want tocook with. A quick google search will bring you lots of foods thatstart with each letter. This will take a little planning but food is awonderful way for kids to engage multiple senses while learning let-ters sounds.Don’t worry if your child gives you the letter “X” you can always trygoing with xiaodianxin - Chinese for cookies! If that is too big of astretch, there are always quick fixes like ABC pancakes, making let-ters out of celery and carrot sticks and tracing with pudding.Letters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • Check In, Post Assessment 7 Thanks for being my first and best teacher!Continue to check in with your child to see if they are ready for moreformal letter learning. There is no specific age a child will be ready. Youjust want to make sure that your child has had plenty of time playingand exploring sounds before more formal experiences. Use the follow-ing activity to check and see if more formal letter learning is appropri-ate for your little one:1. Go on a “search and find” in a favorite book, app or just around thehouse. Let your child a choose a letter they know and love and identifyit in many places. Watch for consistency and if your child identifiessounds or letter names in familiar words.2. Take turns with your child pointing to letters. When pointing outletters in unfamiliar words, note how many letter sounds and namesyour child can accurately and consistently identify unsupported.Letters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • What’s Next 8Start more formal letter instruction when your child is no longer iden-tifying letters with number, shape and color words. Your child shouldalso be accurate with the sounds and letters in their name and otherfamiliar words before formal instruction.Not quite sure what to do with the letters C, G and X? Keep it simpleby letting your child know the letters have more than 1 sound andprovide examples of the sounds:C: Hard sound like in “cat” and a soft sound /s/ like in “celery”G: Hard sound like in “go” and a soft sound like in “giraffe”X: When in the beginning of the word it makes a /z/ sound like in “xy-lophone” and at the end a /ks/ sound like in “fox”Listen to all the consonants and vowels sounds on this video from“Reading Rockets.”Some more apps for learning letter and sounds are: Download Download Download DownloadLetters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • More to Explore 9 M. Ruskin Alphabet with Animals Placemat: 2 sided with lamination. Use with wet erase, overhead projec- Check it out tion markers or wipe-off crayons. Now I Eat my ABCs by Pam Abrams: Includes photos Check it out of foods that begin with and form letters: a B is made out of blueberries, an O is made out of an orange, a Z is made out of zucchini sticks, and more! Wee Alphas ABC Print: Find each letter of the al- Check it out phabet (including your own) hidden in these quirky characters. Print out your own alphabet coloring pages. Finger- Check it out paint, fill in with bingo dot markers or decorate with tissue paper. Bind the pages together and create your own ABC book. Alphabet Caterpillars Paper Crafts -- Use these tem- Check it out plates to make a name caterpillar with your child.Letters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.
    • About KinderTown 10KinderTownKinderTown transforms mobile devices into powerful teaching toolsby finding and organizing the best educational apps for kids ages 3-8years old. Our mission is to improve early childhood education by em-powering busy parents with the tools to be better teachers.We work hard to find the best educational apps for children. Each appwe select for KinderTown has been tested and reviewed by educators,parents, and most importantly, children. Not all, or even most of theapps meet our high standards. We take many factors into accountincluding educational value, ease of use, engagement value, designfeatures, artwork, cost, and shelf life.It’s through this exacting process that we believe we can helpparents use their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches to teach theirchildren anything. Get the app KinderTown.com Facebook TwitterLetters and Sounds 3K KinderTown ©2013 KinderTown llc. All Rights Reserved.