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Linked  data and rdf Linked data and rdf Presentation Transcript

  • Linked Data and RDF Semantic Engineering Seminar WS 2013/14 Daniel Nüst
  • Linked Data WWW > Web of Documents CSV, XML, HTML tables >>> Web of Data Typed Links, to & from >>> global data graph LOD
  • Principles 1. Use URIs to denote things. 2. Use HTTP URIs [#, /] so that these things can be referred to and looked up ("dereferenced") by people and user agents. 3. Provide useful information [metadata (aliases, DC terms, technical: means of access, formats)] about the thing when its URI is dereferenced, leveraging standards such as RDF, SPARQL. 4. Include links to other [!] related things (using their URIs) when publishing data on the Web [reusing vocabularies].
  • 2.46 billion pieces of information (RDF triples)
  • RDF (.rdf) “HTML for data” the thing the value the property Goals/Applications transfer information between machines (not people) without loss of meaning, “identified on the web” Vocabularies (terms) for statements Serializations <Subject> <Predicate> <Object>
  • has a creator whose value is John Smith
  • has a creator whose value is John Smith has a creation-date whose value is August 16, 1999 has a language whose value is English
  • <> <> < <> <> "August 16, 1999" . <> <> "en" . (shared) Vocabularies namespace URI: convention ex:index.html dc:creator exstaff:85740 . ex:index.html exterms:creation-date "August 16, 1999" . ex:index.html dc:language "en" . fy:joefy.iunm ed:dsfbups fytubgg:85740 . prefix ex: prefix dc: namespace URI: prefix exterms: namespace URI: prefix exstaff: namespace URI:
  • John Smith has a an age whose value is 27 <> <> "27"^^<> . ex:index.html exterms:creation-date "1999-08-16"^^xsd:date . exstaff:85740 exterms:age "27"^^xsd:integer .
  • Concepts Things you should have heard about … Data types Expression of simple facts Entailment [Literals, URIrefs, RDF/XML, graphs] Blank nodes
  • Turtle (.ttl) @prefix rdf: <>. @prefix contact: <>. <> rdf:type contact:Person; contact:fullName "Eric Miller"; contact:mailbox <>; contact:personalTitle "Dr.".
  • <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:geo=""> <geo:Point> <geo:lat>55.701</geo:lat> <geo:long>12.552</geo:long> </geo:Point> </rdf:RDF> Geo and RDF
  • <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:rdfs="" xmlns:geo="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns=""> <Person> <name>Dan Brickley</name> <homepage dc:title="Dan's home page" rdf:resource=""/> <based_near geo:lat="51.47026" geo:long="2.59466"/> <rdfs:seeAlso rdf:resource="http:/"/> <!-- more RDF here, using any RDF vocabularies --> </Person> </rdf:RDF> Geo, FOAF & DC
  • Resources and references > see handout! THANKS!
  • Linked data applications browsers – navigate/traverse data sources using links/RDF triples (connecting web of {documents, data}) search engines – start of the navigation human-oriented (like Google…) application-oriented (reuse indexing for different apps) domain applications Dbpedia Mobile, Revyu, DERI pipes, …
  • RDFa 1.0 Example
  • RDFs and OWL RDF Schema > Web Ontology Language > more expressive See also