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Nemo intro-100811

  1. 1. SK C&C NEXCORE Mobile Product Introduction & Technical Roadmap
  2. 2. SK C&C NEXCORE Agenda NEXCORE‐Mobile & Service Platform NEXCORE‐CIP © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  2 All rights reserved
  3. 3. NEXCORE-Mobile MobFaces, Presentation Framework Alopex, Common Runtime Environment for Mobile Environment Felix, Felix Content Adaptation Tool © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  All rights reserved
  4. 4. NEXCORE‐Mobile Design Principle Layered Designed for Flexibility Layered architecture enables secure, scalable, reliable, and high performing mobile service application  development  Delivery of information to be secured is device agnostic  Pre defined gateways for common mobile services Pre‐defined gateways for common mobile services Architected for Growth Embedded Business Rules Engine Mobile Service Management Framework providing basic services M bil S i M tF k idi b i i Extensible set of Service / Product Specific components.  Designed for rapid deployment Proven technology with global, world class subscription based mobile services Scalable & distributable component architecture Future Proof Technology Future Proof Technology Comprehensive mobile service platform available through the mobile web and downloadable client Many instances of delivery of working with financial data ‐ banking, payments, money management, deals  and rewards, stock trading and receipt capture/expense management. © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page 4 All rights reserved
  5. 5. NEXCORE‐Mobile Key Features Write Once Deploy Many for Mobile Environment p y y Wide Device Coverage Extensive IDE Support for Developers E t i S tf D l Content Adaptation leveraging on-line Websites Maximize Service Infrastructure Reusability Support for Security © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  5 All rights reserved
  6. 6. NEXCORE‐Mobile MobFaces, Presentation Framework MobFaces as platform independent application framework for mobile devices SmartPhones &  What is MobFaces ? What is MobFaces ? Desktop Web Desktop Web WAP 2.0  WAP 2 0 WAP 1.0  WAP 1 0 Full Browsing  Browsers Phones Phones Phones MobFaces is a core library to extend JSF web  Client Environment application to mobile thin and smart clients. MobFaces automatically renders standard JSF  MobFaces automatically renders standard JSF page to different end devices Open architecture with source code for further  development e.g. to support more mobile  Media Ajax RIA xHTML WML features and mobile environment f t d bil i t What is JSF? MobFaces Render Kit 1.2 JSF is a web technology with user interface  Render Kits XML HTML5 RIA (UI) components. xHTML WML (Flash,SVG,XUL) JSF provides basic UI component  Portlets architecture. Components JSF RI MobFaces 1.0 (JSR‐168)  Java Server Faces (JSF) as a Java‐based web  Interface JSF (JSR‐127) Core / JSP application framework is part of Java EE 5  specification. Platform  J2EE 1.4+ Compliance * RI : Reference Implementation © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  6 All rights reserved
  7. 7. NEXCORE‐Mobile MobFaces, Presentation Framework Key Features Standard UI Framework  to work on J2EE compliance (JSR‐127) UI components complying with standard component  p py g p model containing Featured Capabilities  – Mobile Awareness, Data Binding, Transcoding etc Extensive IDE support working on Eclipse Rapid Application Development approach Rapid Application Development approach Portlet Readiness to work on Mash‐up context © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page 7 All rights reserved
  8. 8. NEXCORE‐Mobile Alopex, Common Runtime Environment Alopex as rich internet application platform for mobile devices MobFaces JSR 127 MobFaces* JSR-127 Reference Implementation Framework / IDE MobFaces RenderKits HTML5 AXUL3* XULite* XUL** Build-time Conversion Application pp Application pp Application pp Application pp Application A li ti in HTML5 in AXUL3* in XULite* in XUL** Runtime Alopex Alopex Native ports of Environment Alopex-lite* Toolkits Toolkits Alopex* BlackBerry Symbian Maemo iPhone OS Android Windows Mobile 6 Win32 Linux MacOS OS S60 OS2008 Platform / Hardware iPhone Android BlackBerry Nokia S60 Windows Mobile Nokia N810 Mobile Devices4* *   MobFaces, XULite, Alopex, Alopex‐lite are SK C&C’s technical brandings **  XUL (XML User interface Language) is cross‐platform user interface markup language 3* AXUL, Android XML User interface language 4* Mobile Devices : Hand held devices, Netbooks, Tablets, UMPC, MID, Portable Media Players, Industry specific  4* Mobile Devices : Hand held devices Netbooks Tablets UMPC MID Portable Media Players Industry specific devices like POS, DPA, DAS, Auto Navigation and etc © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  8 All rights reserved
  9. 9. NEXCORE‐Mobile Felix, Content Adaptation Tool Solution Architecture Overview Felix WebApp Cache Manager Online Contents Media Provisioning Contents Remote ( Images, Streaming, etc ) Web Site Mobile Browsers uses uses Online DOM Contents DOM Interface Smart Clients & uses ( HTML, XML, SGML, Downloadables JS, CSS, TXT etc ) uses JDBC Client Rowset Code Rowset Interface Desktop Web Browsers uses Hibernate iBatis uses JDO Any ORMs OpenJPA TopLink ORM Interface Entity Beans y © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page 9 All rights reserved
  10. 10. NEXCORE‐Mobile Felix, Content Adaptation Tool Key Features Q Quick mobilization leveraging existing on‐line website g g g Easy deployment in a single WAR package Extensive IDE support  Extensive IDE support Fast & distributed cache mechanism Multiple interfaces  DOM, JDBC RowSet, ORM & JPA etc Multiple interfaces – DOM JDBC R S t ORM & JPA t Embedded business rule engine Media Adaptation – Images, Sound Clips, Movie, Streaming Extensible component architecture ‐ User defined XPath functions ‐ Lexical analysis for inline scripts ‐ Regular expression support Regular expression support © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page 10 All rights reserved
  11. 11. NEXCORE‐Mobile Write Once Deploy Many Feature How Write Once Deploy Many is done with NEXCORE‐Mobile WML WAP 1.0  Phones Source Code in MobFaces WML / HTML / xHTML / xHTML <smp:dochead/> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO‐8859‐1"?>  <smp:html> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "‐//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN"  xHTML WAP 2.0  "‐mobile10.dtd">  <smp:head>  <html xmlns="">  Phones <title>Hello MobFaces!</title> <head>  </smp:head> <title>Hello MobFaces!</title>  </head> <smp:body> HTML, Ajax SmartPhones &  <h:formid="f"> Run‐time Conversion<body>  <form id="f" method="post" action="/HelloMobile/demo.jsf"> Full Browsing  .... On Web Container .... Phones HTML5 HTML, Ajax HTML Aj Desktop Web Android XML UI <?xml version="1.0"?> Browsers <?xml‐stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type="text/css"?> XULlte <?xml version="1.0"?> <window title=“HelloMobile" <?xml‐stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type="text/css"?> xmlns:html="" XUL <?xml version="1.0"?> <window title=“HelloMobile" xmlns="http://www.mm2‐online/mmfaces/xul/"> <script>xmlns:html=""type="text/css"?> <?xml‐stylesheet href= chrome://global/skin l" <?xml stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type= text/css ?> l ht l "htt // 3 /1999/ ht <?xml version="1.0"?> <window title=“HelloMobile" xmlns="http://www.mm2‐online/mmfaces/xul/"> <![CDATA[ <script><?xml‐stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type="text/css"?> xmlns:html="" function setFrame() <window title=“Hello MobFaces" xmlns="http://www.mm2‐online/mmfaces/xul/"> { <![CDATA[ Smart Clients on <script> xmlns:html="" function setFrame() var listBox = document.getElementById("working‐list"); xmlns="http://www.mm2‐online/mmfaces/xul/"> XUL, RIA SmartPhones & Build‐time Conversion{ <![CDATA[ … <script> Portable Internet  varfunction setFrame() listBox = document.getElementById("working‐list"); <hbox flex="1"> On MMP IDE On MMP‐IDE … { <![CDATA[ <listbox id="working‐list" style="width:10em“onselect="setFrame();"> Devices varfunction setFrame() <listitem listBox = document.getElementById("working‐list"); <hbox flex="1"> value="layout.xul"        label="Box Layout" selected="true" /> … { <listbox id="working‐list" style="width:10em“onselect="setFrame();"> <listitem listBox = document.getElementById("working‐list"); var value="layout.xul"        label="Box Layout" selected="true" /> <hbox flex="1"> … <listbox id="working‐list" style="width:10em“onselect="setFrame();"> <hbox flex="1"> <listitem value="layout.xul"        label="Box Layout" selected="true" /> <listbox id="working‐list" style="width:10em“onselect="setFrame();"> <listitem value="layout xul"        label= Box Layout  selected= true  /> value= layout.xul label="Box Layout" selected="true" /> © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  11 All rights reserved
  12. 12. NEXCORE‐Mobile Wide Device Coverage Alopex mobile RIA platform covers most mobile handsets in the market and industry  specific devices as well Flex - 2010 Q3 JavaFX - 2010 Q4 Alopex/Palm Pre – 2011 Q1 p © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  12 All rights reserved
  13. 13. NEXCORE‐Mobile Extensive IDE Support Eclipse RCP plugin JavaScript Debugger Screen Flow Editor WYSIWYG Editor DOM Inspector for XUL Simulator Integration © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  13 All rights reserved
  14. 14. NEXCORE‐Mobile Extensive IDE Support IDE Feature Summary Rapid Application Development Approach p pp p pp Market Proven Eclipse RCP Architecture & OSGi Standard WYSIWYG Editor for Mobile Screen Design Screen Template Wizard & Flow Control Editor  Embedded Business Rule Engine & Rule Editor DOM Inspector & JavaScript Debugger for XUL (2010 Q4) DOM Inspector & JavaScript Debugger for XUL (2010 Q4) Integrated Device Emulators  Internationalization & Localization Content Adaptation Tools & Trans‐coders Mark‐up Language Converters Language Converters & Cross Compiler Support  (2011 Q1) ( ) And more © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page 14 All rights reserved
  15. 15. NEXCORE‐Mobile Service Platform Platform Security Model Global Industry standard compliant security model Transport Encryption Beside of SSL, NEMO client encrypts messages  Authentication  transmitting between server and client complying with  Transport Client‐side  Data Encryption  Integration &  certain standards such as OASIS v1.1, WS‐security and  Encryption Authentication of Local Storage SSO Support XML‐security using X.509 certificates and key pair  generated by user activation process installed in mobile  WS‐Security for Mobile WS Security for Mobile device. Client‐side Authentication WS‐Federation In the user activation process, X.509 certificates  downloaded from NEMO server and installed in the  WS‐Security Policy WS Trust WS‐Trust mobile device. Using this certificate and key pair, NEMO  g yp , WS Policy y prompts users to authenticate NEMO application access.  Security Token Profile Data Encryption for Local Storages XML Encryption NEMO provides security I/O APIs for securing data stored  SAML X.509 in the local repositories. Like transport encryption, it  in the local repositories. Like transport encryption, it W follows PKI & PKCS #12 guidelines XML Digital Signatures SSO  & Authentication Integration NEMO provides authentication portlet this can be  XML SOAP REST JASON configured to leverage J2EE s authentication infrastructure  configured to leverage J2EE's authentication infrastructure JAAS. By configuring JAAS authenticator and provider,  HTTP NEMO can work with LDAP and RDBMS, PAM or whatever  credential data source in the cooperates back‐end. SSL NEMO complies with OASIS v1.1 and supports SAML v2,  XACML v2 and WS‐security specifications to join the  existing web services federation. © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  15 All rights reserved
  16. 16. NEXCORE‐Mobile Service Platform Platform Components At‐a‐glance SK C&C NEXCORE Mobile Service Platform Desktop Web Contents Browsers Service Apps Platform Common Services Mobile Browsers Service Orchestration Platform Governance Channel Integration Process ID/Profile Access Routing Workflow Encrypt Credential MNO Invocation Mgmt. Control Message M Event E t Authen- A th Config- C fi Biz. Rule Bi R l Flow Fl Process P Downloadable Processing Processing tication uration Engine Control Handling Mobile Client Platform Common Support / SaaS Ext. Service J2ME Providers System Blackberry Bl kb Monitoring QoS Logging Billing Settlement Statistics Symbian Capacity Incident & SLA/SLM Metric mgmt. Escalation Android Windows Mobile Platform Application Framework & IDE iPhone Presentation Framework Channel Business Logic IDE for Mobile Integration & WAP/Web Framework Developers Client Extension © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  16 All rights reserved
  17. 17. NEXCORE‐Mobile Service Platform Deployment Model End‐to‐end integrated architecture MNOs Merchants Service Providers Encrypt Credential Flow Control Integration Layer Protocol Handlers Channel Processor Contents  Business Logic Service Apps Layer ESB Assembly &  Process Message Process  Event Orchestration Routing Mediation QoS Management Invocation Processing Choreography Processing Layer Workflow Business Rule Engine Platform Governance RBAC/MAC Logging Monitoring Authentication Credential Configuration Channel &  WebApp  WebApp  WebApp  Adm. Clients Common  Client Presentation Clients Gateway Layer Platform Service Encrypt Credential OTA HTTP/HTTPs Flow Control Protocol Handlers CBAC/MAC Desktop Mobile  Downloadable  Browsers Browsers Clients © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page  17 All rights reserved
  18. 18. NEXCORE-CIP Common Framework for Integration Integration Middleware IDE © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  All rights reserved
  19. 19. NEXCORE‐CIP CIP, Channel Integration Processor CIP makes integration as simple as it can What is CIP ? NEXCORE-CIP Integration tool consists of framework, IDE and  JMS Integration Middleware middleware nents HTTP CIP middleware plays important role in Service  Oriented Architecture domain as a Mediation Router Oriented Architecture domain as a Mediation Router End-poin Compon SOAP Provides both content‐based & rule‐based routing  File I/O capability Based on EIP, Pattern based Integation Architecture nt SAP What is EIP ? Filters Processors TIBCO Routers Transformaters Proven way to capture experts’ knowledge in fields  Mediators where there are no simple  one size fits all answers where there are no simple “one size fits all” answers,  Interceptors Enrichers such as application architecture, object‐oriented  Validators design, or message‐oriented integration.  Loggers Trackers NEXCORE‐CIP bundles a number of messaging  elements and processors as default. By using these  components and elements, developers implement  integrations by configuring EIP in the context instead  of coding © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page 19 All rights reserved
  20. 20. Do You Have  Do You Have y Any Questions? We would be happy to help. NEXCORE is a representitive technical brand of SK C&C covering a wide range of enterprise‐grade software and tools. © 2010 by NEXCORE SK C&C, Confidential proprietary.  Page 20 All rights reserved