Soccer tennis managers meeting


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Soccer tennis managers meeting

  1. 1. Intramural sports<br />Soccer-Tennis Manager’s Meeting<br />
  2. 2. Manager's Meeting<br />General Rules<br /><ul><li>A size 4.5 street soccer ball will be used.
  3. 3. A match is a best of three (3) games.
  4. 4. Each game is played to fifteen (15) points.
  5. 5. Between each game, there is a two (2) minute break, and players switch sides.
  6. 6. A match will begin with a coin toss.
  7. 7. The winner has the option of kicking-off first or choosing which side to defend.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />The Court<br /><ul><li>The field of play is 10 feet wide and 36 feet long (18 feet on each side of the net).
  8. 8. Cones will mark one sideline and both end lines.
  9. 9. The wall will mark the other sideline.
  10. 10. The ball may be played off the wall, as if it was not there.
  11. 11. So, a ball that plays off the wall and inbounds will be considered ‘in’.
  12. 12. Exception: The serve may not strike the wall prior to striking the ground on the returner’s side.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />The Court<br />
  13. 13. Manager's Meeting<br />Kick-offs<br /><ul><li>Kick-offs are using to begin each point.
  14. 14. Kick-offs must be played from behind the server’s end line.
  15. 15. The server may not step over the end line during the serve.
  16. 16. The server must play the ball out of the hands on a kick-off.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Faults During Kick-off<br /><ul><li>One offense results in losing the point and the serve.
  17. 17. Kick-off is not played from the hands.
  18. 18. More than one ground contact is made before kicking off.
  19. 19. Server steps into the field of play during or before the kick-off.
  20. 20. Two offenses must occur to lose the point and the serve.
  21. 21. Server kicks the serve into the net.
  22. 22. Serve kicks the serve out of the field of play.
  23. 23. Serve hits the wall prior to the ground on the returner’s side.
  24. 24. If the serve hits the net and then goes over the net to the returner’s side it is a let and the serve is replayed.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Rally<br /><ul><li>During a rally, each player may take as many touches as they want to play the ball over the net.
  25. 25. But the ball may only bounce once on a player’s side before it must be played over the net.
  26. 26. Players can use any part of their body to touch the ball, except for their arms and hands.
  27. 27. Note: Shoulders are not part of the arms.
  28. 28. When a player loses a rally by committing a fault, the opposing player wins the point and is awarded the next serve.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Faults during Rally<br /><ul><li>A player uses more than one bounce to play the ball over the net.
  29. 29. A player plays a ball that lands outside of the playing area.
  30. 30. A player plays the ball into the net.
  31. 31. A player touches the net.
  32. 32. A player touches the ball with his or her hand or arm.
  33. 33. The ball strikes the ground on its way over the net.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Self-Officiating<br /><ul><li>Players must call the ball ‘out’ loudly and immediately if the ball strikes the ground outside of the playing field on their side.
  34. 34. If in doubt, the ball is still in.
  35. 35. Players are expected to be fair and honest with their calls at all times.
  36. 36. The score must be announced loudly by the server prior to each serve.
  37. 37. The server’s score should be announced first.
  38. 38. If a call cannot be settled between the players in a civilized manner within one (1) minute, it will result in a double forfeit.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Quiz<br />Now please complete the quiz below.<br />