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Quidditch manager

  1. 1. INTRAMURAL SPORTSQuidditch Manager’s Meeting
  2. 2. General Rules Games consist of a best of three games Six players per team  Teams must have five players to avoid a forfeit MANAGERS MEETING  If starting with five, teams must have at least one (1) player at each position Substitutions may be made on the fly  Substitutes must enter the field from their box, once the replaced player has left  Goalies may only be substituted between games  Substitutes must have all required equipment to enter the game All players must wear athletic gear and appropriate footwear  No cleats are permitted
  3. 3. Positions Chasers (2) – May move the quaffle down the field and attempt to score Beaters (2) – May throw bludgers at opponents to temporarily knock them MANAGERS MEETING out of play Keeper (1) – Responsible for defending the goal, they must wear a different jersey color  Keepers cannot advance past their own starting line, and they cannot be knocked out by the bludgers Seeker (1) – This player is responsible for tracking and deflagging the snitch  Seekers may play as chasers before the snitch enters play only  Once the snitch enters play, the seekers must reveal themselves, by removing their team color jersey and revealing the blue one underneath
  4. 4. Positions MANAGERS MEETING Chaser Bludger Keeper Seeker and Snitch
  5. 5. MANAGERS MEETINGField Setup Starting Line Goaline
  6. 6. Starting and Ending the Game The game begins with a coin toss – the winner will choose side MANAGERS MEETING Players must start behind their own starting line At the opening whistle their will be an opening rush to gain possession of the quaffle and bludgers At some point during the game, the snitch will be released The game ends at the discretion of the head referee, once a successful snitch pull has been made  The game will end if the time reaches fifteen minutes
  7. 7. The Starting Line MANAGERS MEETING
  8. 8. Knock Outs All players must keep their broom between their legs at all times  Should a player “fall off” his or her broom they are temporarily knocked out MANAGERS MEETING Players are also temporarily knocked out if they are hit by an opponent with a bludger Should a player by “knocked out”, that player must:  Immediately drop the quaffle or bludger they have in possession  Dismount their broom and raise one hand over their head  Head back to their own starting line Knocked out players may not interfere with play until they have returned to their starting line and mounted on their broom again
  9. 9. Scoring A team scores 10 points by putting the quaffle through the opponent’s goal – The entire quaffle must pass through the goal  Goals can only be scored from the front side of the goal MANAGERS MEETING  The keeper is allowed to use his hands or arms through the goal to prevent a score  10 points are awarded Once a goal is scored, all chasers and bludgers must return to their own starting line before play continues  The defending team’s keeper will put the quaffle back into play A team that completes a successful snitch pull is awarded 30 points
  10. 10. Other Rules All penalties will result in a direct free throw of the quaffle No attacking player may shoot the quaffle from inside the opponent’s MANAGERS MEETING starting line Should a game end in a tie, a sudden death overtime period will be used  The first team to score a goal or catch the snitch wins the game  For OT, the snitch will begin in the middle of the field Physical contact is not allowed, and yellow or red cards may be awarded
  11. 11. Yellow Cards A player receiving a yellow card receives a minimum two minute penalty, with no replacement If a goal is scored against his or her team while they are shorthanded, the MANAGERS MEETING player may re-enter the game Yellow card fouls include:  Diving or Sliding  Tripping  Tackling  Elbowing  Slapping  Stalling  Illegal Substitution  Intentionally touching inappropriate equipment  Intentionally interfering with play, while knocked out
  12. 12. Red Cards A player receiving a red card is disqualified, and his or her team must play MANAGERS MEETING shorthanded for the remainder of the game. Red card fouls include:  Taunting  A second yellow card  Exhibiting violent conduct  Spitting at another person  Using insulting, offensive or abusive language  Leaving the bench area to enter the field during an altercation
  13. 13. Unsportsmanlike Conduct MANAGERS MEETING 3 yellow cards on one team will result in that team forfeiting the game. 1 red card = 2 yellow cards The supervisor on duty has the right to remove any player from competition who has violated any Intramural Policy or Rule.
  14. 14. Quiz MANAGERS MEETING Now please complete the quiz below.