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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. INTRAMURAL SPORTSPing Pong Manager’s Meeting
  • 2. Important Intramural Policies Game time is forfeit time. MANAGERS MEETING No ID, No Play, No Exceptions. Regular season games will not be rescheduled. All registered students are eligible to play.  Undergraduate, graduate, and law students. Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by any intramural sports participants.  Religious jewelry must be approved by the Director of Spiritual Life and the Intramural Director 5 days prior to the scheduled contest.
  • 3. General Rules All games will be played on the Cabot Center Track MANAGERS MEETING A match is played best of three (3) games to twenty-one (21) points  Games must be won by two (2) points Players will volley for first serve in the first game  For each sequential game, the loser of the previous game will serve first Players alternate serve after every five (5) points  If the score reaches 20-20, serve is alternated after each point until one player wins by two points
  • 4. A Legal Serve The server must throw the ball from one hand, and strike it will the MANAGERS MEETING paddle held in the other hand  Spin cannot be added by the toss hand  The server’s paddle must contact the ball behind the end line and between the sidelines extended After striking the server’s paddle, the ball must strike the server’s side of the table before going over the net After going over the net, the ball must strike the returner’s side of the table before it can be returned
  • 5. A Let MANAGERS MEETING A let occurs when the serve hits the net and then continues to strike the returner’s side of the table The point is replayed, but if on the replay a let occurs again, the server loses the point A let also occurs if the ball breaks during a rally  The point is replayed
  • 6. Scoring A player loses a point if any of the following occur: MANAGERS MEETING  The player fails to return the ball to the opponent’s side of the net  The player misses the ball completely on a serve  The player intentionally contacts the surface of the table  The player strikes the ball with anything aside from the paddle or the hand holding the paddle
  • 7. Unsportsmanlike Conduct MANAGERS MEETING Players are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times All disputes should be settled by the players themselves Should a staff member have to step in at any point, both players will forfeit the match
  • 8. Quiz MANAGERS MEETING Now please complete the quiz below.