4v4 soccer


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4v4 soccer

  1. 1. INTRAMURAL SPORTS4v4 Soccer Manager’s Meeting
  2. 2. General Rules Games will consist of 2 halves, each 15 minutes long  Running Clock MANAGERS MEETING Four players per team (no goalie will be used)  Teams must have four players to avoid a forfeit  In co-rec leagues, teams must have two males and two females at all times Mercy Rule:  A team leading by 7 goals in the 2nd half will automatically win. All players must wear athletic gear and appropriate footwear  No cleats are permitted
  3. 3. Substitutions Substitutions may only be made on a corner kick, goal kick, during a timeout, or during halftime MANAGERS MEETING Substitutes must notify the referee before entering play and may only enter at the referee’s signal Substitutes must remain in the designated area during play Within the final two minutes of the last half there shall be no substitutes Failure to comply with the above substitution rules will result in a yellow card for the offending team’s captain
  4. 4. The Crease Offside will not be called MANAGERS MEETING There will be a crease designated by red markers around each goal No offensive player may ever enter the crease in front of the goal he or she is attacking No defensive player may enter the crease in front of the goal he or she is defending, except to retrieve a stationary ball  A defender may not enter the crease to stop a ball in motion
  5. 5. Yellow Cards A player receiving a yellow card receives a minimum two minute penalty, with no replacement. If a goal is scored against his or her team, the player may re-enter the game. MANAGERS MEETING Yellow card fouls include:  Sliding  Entering or leaving the field without the official’s permission  Objecting to the decision of an official either vocally or through actions  Delay of game (refusing to yield 3 yards on a free kick)  Holding a jersey or shorts  Deliberate handball to stop an attack  Deliberate tactical foul  Unsportsmanlike conduct
  6. 6. Red Cards A player receiving a red card is disqualified, and his or her team must play MANAGERS MEETING shorthanded for the remainder of the game. Red card fouls include:  Taunting  A second yellow card  Exhibiting violent conduct  Spitting at another person  Using insulting, offensive or abusive language  Leaving the bench area to enter the field during an altercation
  7. 7. Unsportsmanlike Conduct MANAGERS MEETING 3 yellow cards on one team will result in that team forfeiting the game. 1 red card = 2 yellow cards The supervisor on duty has the right to remove any player from competition who has violated any Intramural Policy or Rule.
  8. 8. Additional Rules The game will end on the first dead ball after regulation time has expired MANAGERS MEETING After any dead ball situation, the team in control of the ball has five seconds to put it into play Advantage will be used when calling fouls, so not to take away a favorable situation from the team that did not foul
  9. 9. Quiz MANAGERS MEETING Now please complete the quiz below.