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4v4 flag football
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4v4 flag football

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  • 1. INTRAMURAL SPORTS4v4 Flag Football Manager’s Meeting
  • 2. General Rules Games will consist of 2 halves, each 20 minutes long Four players per team MANAGERS MEETING  Teams must have three players to avoid a forfeit Mercy Rule:  A team leading by 30 points in the 2nd half will automatically win.  A team leading by 17 points in the last two minutes will automatically win. All players must wear athletic gear and appropriate footwear  No cleats are permitted  Shorts may not have pockets
  • 3. General Play  A coin toss will be used at the beginning of the game  The winner has the choice of offense, defense, or side; or they can defer their choice to the second half MANAGERS MEETING  At the beginning of each half and after each score or punt, the ball will be placed on the offense’s 20 yd line  First downs will only be gained at the 40 yd line  On third down, the offense may elect to punt, which will give the opposing team the ball at their own 20 yd line  Touchdowns are worth 6 points  Following each touchdown, the scoring team may attempt a try for 1 point from the 3 yd line or 2 points from the near 20 yd line
  • 4. The Clock Each game consists of two 20 minute halves MANAGERS MEETING The clock will run continuously in the first half, stopping only on timeouts or at the referee’s discretion In the second half, the clock will stop at the one-minute warning. After the one-minute warning, the clock will stop on all out of bounds, incomplete passes, touchdowns, turnovers, first downs, penalties, and timeouts. Each team is allocated two timeouts per half  They do not carry over
  • 5. Blocking Blocking is similar to setting a pick in basketball MANAGERS MEETING The blocker must keep his or her hands behind the back or at the side The blocker must get to the spot before the defensive player Once the blocker has attained position, the defensive player must avoid contact  The defense may not run through the offensive blocker Lead blocking is not allowed
  • 6. Penalties Flag Guarding – No player in possession of the ball may use their upper body or the ball to block a defender’s reach for their flags Diving – Diving for flags or yardage is illegal and will result in a penalty MANAGERS MEETING  Players may dive to catch or swat a thrown ball, but if contact is initiated, a penalty will be called This is a non-contact league  Any player initiating contact will be called for a penalty If a live ball penalty is committed by both teams during the same play, the penalties will offset, and the down will be replayed If a penalty is committed on the defense on a scoring play for the offense, the offense may elect to enforce the penalty on the try or the succeeding spot
  • 7. Penalty Enforcement All 10 yard penalties will be enforced as 4 steps All 5 yard penalties will be enforce as 2 steps MANAGERS MEETING For live ball fouls during a loose ball play, the basic spot of enforcement will be the previous spot For live ball fouls during a running play, the basic spot of enforcement will be the end of the run Fouls will be enforced from the spot of the foul only when the foul is behind the basic spot, and it is committed by the offense Fouls that are simultaneously with the snap will be enforced from the previous spot
  • 8. Unsportsmanlike Conduct If a player receives 2 UC’s during a game, he or she will be ejected If one team accumulates 3 UC’s during a game, that team will lose by MANAGERS MEETING forfeit regardless of the score A UC will be issued for the following:  Any verbal or non-verbal disrespect shown towards the officials  Spiking the ball  Any excessive contact deemed unnecessary by the officials  Taunting or elaborate celebrations Players will be ejected immediately for tackling an opponent
  • 9. Quiz MANAGERS MEETING Now please complete the quiz below.