5. defining the proposition


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5. defining the proposition

  1. 1. Developing a Mobile PropositionSection 5: Defining the propositionMICHAEL NUCIFOROMobile Consultant, Innovator and Futurist
  2. 2. Section 5 – 14:10 to 15:10Defining the propositionAttendees will split into small groups and define a high-level proposition through a facilitatedexercise. Each group will be given a different scenario and a set of assumptions:• Benefits drivers: selecting an opportunity on which to focus the proposition• Customer value proposition: identify the target market and their needs• Scope and requirements: define the scope and key functional requirementsWrap up from breakout session:• Presentations and feedback• Key takeaway lessons from each group discussed 2
  3. 3. Guidelines• Please split into three groups• 30 minutes to prepare• 10 minutes each to present• Scenarios are: – Group 1: Melissa and her friends need to split dinner at a restaurant – Group 2: James wants to purchase car insurance at the car dealership – Group 3: Jenny needs to save for a holiday to see her family in Ireland 3
  4. 4. Framework…START BRAINSTORM CAPTURE1. Proposition 1. Scope Summary 2. Key Requirements2. Benefit Themes: 3. Product Backlog • Customer 4. Launch Approach • Business • Staff3. Target Market4. Key Objectives 4
  5. 5. TemplateProposition Details BenefitsProposition Theme Customer Better customer experience, quicker etc.Proposition Summary • A brief summary of the proposition. Business New revenue stream, reduction in manual processing… • Describe what will change as a result of implementation. Staff Improved efficiency… • What does the end game look like? a) What will the company get? b) What will the customer get? Opportunity Statement and Key Objectives c) Target market? d) What competitors exist? • What is the opportunity we are seeking to exploit? What are the macro environmental factors that make the development timely (this includes movements in customer regulatory, competitor markets etc) • What strategic objectives will it meet (why are we doing this e.g., deepen relationships, reduce costs etc)? • What are the critical success factors that will demonstrate the objectives have been met? (Consider all aspects including conduct risk CSFs for ‘outcome testing’).
  6. 6. Template (Cont.)Target MarketWho is it for? A summary of the target audience.What primary needs will it meet? Describe the key and supporting needs that the proposition will meet.How will it be positioned? Sum up the proposition in one sentence.Why is it different and better? Write down one or two sentences that describe why the proposition works.The End to End Customer Experience JourneyDiscover Explore Buy/Use Engage Depending upon the proposition  What do we want the customer • What does the buying/using How will the customer interact and strategic drivers, is a to feel and do? process look like? with the proposition on an on- marketing communications  What information can they • Is it one stop or multi faceted? going basis (if at all)? launch campaign required? source during the lifecycle? • What do we want the customer •How will they feel after each How will the customer first  What will this lead to? to feel at this point? interaction? come into contact with the •How will you engage with the proposition? customer after the transaction •How will this improve advocacy and retention, e.g. engender loyalty, repeat purchase, cross product sales, channel substitution etc?
  7. 7. Template (Cont.)Scope and RequirementsDefine the high-level scope What is the core scope for the initiative? What devices will it be available on?High-level requirements What are the key requirements, functional and non-functional?Product backlog Prioritise the key features in order of importance and benefitLaunch StrategyDescribe the launch strategy How will you market the proposition, what channels will you use, will you invite customers to pre-register prior to launch?Key proof points What are the key terms you want your customers to associate with the service i.e. speed, security etc 7