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About RED (Basic)



This is a basic presentation giving information about a company - RED . It includes only text formatting.

This is a basic presentation giving information about a company - RED . It includes only text formatting.



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About RED (Basic) Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
  • 3. What we bring to the table
    We’re the premium authority in the country for youth culture and youth marketing – with seven years company experience and 42 years cumulative management experience, as well as a track record of successful youth engagement strategies including in Youth Media, Youth Marketing, Youth Culture, up to Youth in Governance - armed with a keen understanding and interaction with every section of the youth market.
  • 4. What we bring to the table
    RED is a new model of content and communication that combines media content ownership and a strong marketing communication business – and our well known heritage is in youth content and youth communication; working for a wide variety of brands including Airtel, GTBank, Nigerian Breweries, British Council, PZ Cussons amongst others.
  • 5. What we bring to the table
    We are leading content owners when it comes to youth – with the leading platforms and six years experience, we come with inside understanding of both circles, and so we can keenly understand your needs and interpret through communication as well as provide ideas.
  • 6. 4 major Youth Markets Strata -
    The ‘Aspiring’ (School Leavers)
    New Professionals (1st year in job, new earning power)
    Upwardly Mobile (Comfortable jobs or businesses; able to afford DSTVs and drivers)
    High Networth (Run multi-million businesses and or high visibility brands)
  • 7. What we bring to the table
    This understand means we are the best bet to advise your brand on how to exploit the different platforms, when to exploit them, and where best to spend monies for maximum return, as well as being the agency with relationships with all relevant organizations and platforms.
  • 8. Something you should know! 
    There is no one youth market. The misconception with Etisalat for instance is that it has a Youth Segment - it has a segment within a segment – even though it is well targeted. If you want to sell a brand, DakoreEgbuson speaks to one market, Mercy Johnson speaks to another and no one but Genevieve Nnaji will do for yet another. While there are regular culture strands that run through, you need to work with those strategies that work well with the various markets.
  • 9. Two basic segments
    Those who tend towards Entertainment, and
    Those who tend towards Development.
    There are those in the middle, but they tilt more to the one or the other
    NOTE: While brands always believe the three anchors for youth market is Music. Sports. Fashion, that’s no longer the case – it’s Music. Movies. Nigeria. Fashion.
    *Sports is not youth-specific, so should be incorporated in general spending for better ROI and tracking*
  • 10. What to communicate
    A bank that’s not ‘old-school’ except in terms of keeping your money safe.
    A bank with Products that understand the needs of young people – and makes clear what is in it for them
    A willingness to engage and form a relationship based on that understanding
    We’ve gone 360 degrees and we’re focused on you, the customer
    “Let us surprise you.”
  • 11. How to communicate Sampling
  • 12. Major – The Future Awards, Dynamix Awards, Hip Hop World Awards, Soundcity Music Video Awards, Rise Dare To Be Different Conference, The Do-Something Conferences
    Random - Album Launches, Parties, One-Off Seminars/Conferences, Fashion Shows (Campus Raves not advised; due to nature of business. Banks still exist on respectability and reserve and it’s no different for youth market)
    Small Events – Taruwa, One Mic, Underground,  etc
    Strategy – Brand Attachment, Alignment; showing an affinity with the coolest youth market platforms
  • 13. Venues
    Lagos- Silverbird Galleria, The Palms, E-Centre, De Place, Mega Plaza, Lifehouse
    Abuja – Café 24, Salamander, SEC, Ceddi Plaza, Arts/Literature Meetings
    PortHarcourt – Silverbid, Genesis Deluxe
    Strategy – Product Banners, Product Placement
  • 14. Television
    Hip on TV, Soundcity, Nigezie, Trace Urban, MTV Base, STV, Rubbin’ Minds, Dynamix on TV, Africa Magic, Mnet Programming
    Strategy – Buy-In, Advertising and Hypes; focus on Products.
  • 15. Radio
    Top Radio, Beat FM, Wazobia FM, Cool FM, Rhythm FM, Excite on TV, Touch of Spice (Star FM), Inspiration FM
    Strategy – Tie-into popular shows and On-Air Personalities (OAPs) egToolz, Matse, Chaz B.
  • 16. Magazines
    Y!, WOW, FAB, Genevieve, Dynamix, Acada, Complete Fashion, elan,
    Strategy – Special Position Advertising, Tie-into column/sections, Events Sponsorships
  • 17. New Media/Social Networking
    Facebook, Twitter, Websites (BellaNaija.com, YNaija.com, NotJustOk.com, LindaIkeji.Blogspot.com, 360Nobs.com, TheNetNg.com, Nairaland)
    Strategy – PUSH and PULL; engage with the audience (see GTBank) as well as drive traffic through advertising and activity amplification.
  • 18. Our integratedplatforms360 degrees
  • 19. Rubbin’ Minds - TV
    Y! Magazine – Magazine
    Young & Nigerian – Newspaper
    YNaija.com – Website
    #IamNigeria – Radio 
    Y! XTRA – Fashion
    The Future Awards – Award 
    YNaija – New Media
     The Do Something Conferences – Development
    #Hashtag – Music  
  • 20. How best to maximise resources
    Long term partnerships/buys – with TV shows/stations, Websites etc
  • 21. How best to maximise resources
    Stick with integrated platforms – e.g Y!, Dynamix, Hip, Soundcity, The Future, Beat FM that will reach across strata and segments
  • 22. How best tomaximise resources
    Focus on events – events create buzz spread over a long period; minimum effort for maximum pay-off
  • 23. How best to maximise resources
    Focus on growing Social Media numbers - so as to create an independent base that will pay off for direct messaging e.g. Facebook and Twitter Fans/Followers
  • 24. How best to maximiseresources
    A high-impact, high-visibility month-long or quarter-launch First Bank-for-Youth-Market launch to drive the point home and create a base of goodwill for subsequent campaigns. (Young people these days are smart enough to align with companies that show transparent interest in them e.g. Etisalat)
  • 25. The imperative
    There are many people working with the youth market based only on assumptions – as brands find out after many false starts, that’s a mistake! The youth market is a fast evolving market, that doesn’t always respond based on a fix set of formulae – what is needed for your brand is a set of minds that are plugged into that market, understand its pitfalls and opportunities and have the network, credibility and expertise to drive Visibility and Return in Investment with efficient use of resources.
  • 26. With our FIRST mover advantage, we’re the experts!