DigitalAgency - Outsourcing Digital Services


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This presentation is for my team's Managing Global Sourcing course module at UCD Smurfit Business School.

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DigitalAgency - Outsourcing Digital Services

  1. 1. Authors: Jade Ormond // Deirdre Godfrey // Nubi Kayode
  2. 2. DigitalAgency is a full service digital media agency in Ireland that offers outsourcing services including: web design mobile app development social media digital branding digital marketing …to clients.
  3. 3. We tried to understand and describe a generic start-to-end business relationship between DigitalAgency and its outsourcing clients Taking into account factors such as:  Client retention  Competition  Decision making  Control  Resource Initiation Planning Execution Appraisal
  4. 4. Interview Observation
  5. 5. 1 • Conducted a one-on-one meeting with a top level manger at DigtalAgency in a neutral location. 2 • We asked over 20 questions to cover all the areas of the research and recorded findings in audio and written format 3 • After transcribing the output of the interview we listed follow-up questions. 4 • A visit to DigitalAgency allowed us observe their operations and work practices as well as ask our follow-up questions. 5 • We then compiled an updated version of the research report
  6. 6.  How they source their clients?  Criteria they search for in clients?  How they measure performance internally?  Major challenges that company face/faced?  How they prioritized when it came to resource allocation to different clients?
  7. 7.  Digital marketing is attractive because it is relatively less complex than bespoke technical solutions such as web development, mobile and app development.  The tricky bit of above is that it is difficult to get the big budget client look to outsource digital marketing as they work with big digital service vendors and a vendor does not become big until it starts working with big budget client.
  8. 8. Our research was focused on the Vendor’s perspective to digital service outsourcing and thus for a balanced view recommend further research from the client side with questions like:  How do clients decide on which vendor to outsource their digital business to?  What metrics do client use to measure quality of service delivered and of what importance are those metrics to retaining vendors?
  9. 9. In summary the research was very insightful as we got to have a better understanding of outsourcing digital services in Ireland with DigitalAgency as a case study.
  10. 10. Authors: Jade Ormond // Deirdre Godfrey // Nubi Kayode