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Published in: Technology

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  • [TDM, DEV][Windows 7 Taskbar Details – Important enough to not hide]Jump Lists are a new feature of the Windows 7 taskbar that accomplish just this. Think of this feature as a mini Start Menu for each program or an evolved version of the system menu. First, the you don’t need to even start the program to quickly launch a file or access a task. Second, destinations don’t take up valuable space on the taskbar; they are automatically organized by their respective program in a simple list. Should one have ten programs pinned or running on her taskbar, this means she could have quick access to over 150 destinations she uses all the time, without even the need to customize the UI! Since the Jump List shows lots of text for each of its items, gone are the days of having identical icons on your taskbar that are indistinguishable without a tooltip. Should you wish to keep a specific destination around, you can simply pin it to the list.
  • [ DEV][Why - Windows 7 Taskbar details]Jump Lists are a new feature of the Windows 7 taskbar that accomplish just this. Think of this feature as a mini Start Menu for each program or an evolved version of the system menu. Jump Lists surface commonly used nouns (destinations) and verbs (tasks) of a program. There are several advantages this new approach provides. Do destinations apply to your program?Nouns: Items consumed/created by your programDynamic based upon individual user patternRecent or frequent or custom list?Do tasks apply to your program?Verbs: Program actionsTasks should not require your program to be runningTasks are static and apply to all usersTasks should globally apply to your program, not a specific window
  • [TDM, DEV][Windows 7 Taskbar Details]In the earlier taskbar posts, we discussed how Windows Media Player’s deskband offers valuable background music controls, but only a mere 3% of sessions ever enjoy the functionality. The new taskbar exposes a feature called Thumbnail Toolbars that surface up to seven window controls right in context of taskbar buttons. Unlike a Jump List that applies globally to a program, this toolbar is contextual to just a specific window. By embracing this new feature, Media Player can now reach a majority of peopleDoes your window require controls?Surface commands that users access regularlyCommands must be contextual to a windowDon’t duplicate Jump List tasksCan you replace a Desktop Toolbar?
  • [TDM, DEV]All the major web browsers offer tabs and a method of managing these tabs. One could argue tab toolbars are really like taskbars since they facilitate switching. These TDI (Tabbed Document Interface) and MDI (Multiple Document Interface) programs have always resorted to creating their own internal window management systems as the Windows taskbar was not optimized to help their scenarios. Some programs like Excel did custom work to surface their child windows on the taskbar, but this approach was somewhat of a hack.Since the new taskbar already groups individual windows of a program under a single button, we can now offer a standard way for programs that have child windows to expose them. Again, the taskbar offers a single, consistent place to access real windows as well as child windows. These custom window switchers also behave as regular windows on the taskbar with rich thumbnails and even Aero Peek.Does your program have switchers that need to be surfaced?Do users need to regularly switch to them?Provide a visual representation for your client area’s switcherTaskbar bitmap (thumbnail)Peek bitmap (real size)
  • [TDM, DEV] [Taskbar Icons – Details]ICONSAre you putting your best foot forward?Make sure your icon looks greatCheck different DPIsCheck different glass colors and disabled glassHow does Color Hot-track look?Determined by your icon’s dominant colorIcons OverlayDo you need to surface notifications?Does this help the user make a decision?Single icon at a time (LIFO)No animationsIdeally, application-specific Group vs. UngroupCan you retire your icon in the Notification Area?Progress barDoes your program require progress status?Does this help the user make a decision?Do you already surface a progress dialog?One detailed progress at a time[TDM, DEV]ICONSAre you putting your best foot forward?Make sure your icon looks greatCheck different DPIsCheck different glass colors and disabled glassHow does Color Hot-track look?Determined by your icon’s dominant colorIcons OverlayDo you need to surface notifications?Does this help the user make a decision?Single icon at a time (LIFO)No animationsIdeally, application-specific Group vs. UngroupCan you retire your icon in the Notification Area?
  • [TDM, DEV][What- Windows 7 Ribbon Platform overview]The Ribbon – a very successful concept from Office 2007 has become a first class citizen in Windows 7 and it is evolved into a developer platform. Many developers asked us to enable ease access to the office Ribbon. So in Windows 7 we have created the Ribbon which will also be redistributed available to Windows VistaIt is a Win 32 native COM base APIAnd it has a very close functionality to the office Ribbon
  • [DEV][What - Windows 7 Ribbon Platform overview]It looks like there are many Ribbon “stories” for Microsoft, what is Microsoft’s official mesaging around Microsoft Ribbon for developersToday only MFC has a build in Ribbon that developers can use today.In Windows 7, we will have the Scenic RibbonAnd with .NET 4.0, WPF will have its own Ribbon.And our messaging is simple.If y you are managed code developer, please use the WPF’s Ribbon, available today as CTPBut if you are a native developer, please use Scenic Ribbon.Again, it is all about giving the developers a choice to choose which platform they want to use.
  • [TDM, DEV][What - Windows 7 Ribbon Platform available controls]Show Live Movie Maker Beta to emphasize that other Windows apps are using the Ribbon
  • federated search offers the same rich explorer experience for remote providers. In this case SharePoint consistent experience for different providers. 1) sharepoint, 2) a people data base and 3) a CRM application …search quotes.Possibilities are endless here. Lets take a look.
  • Consistent and unified experienceWindows Explorer is the equalizer…like drag and dropFiles and unstructured storesDesigned for quick adoptionExpected steep growth rampCompatible with existing providersi.e. SharePoint Search ServerAuth options...Use integrated auth NTLM…like ie or create your own auth (forms) by running client codeOpensearch data flow: user double-clicks an OSDX file to install a serachconectorThey type in a search query…that is sent to the serverThe server queries its index (whatever that may be) and returns search results as RSSThose items are displayed as rich items in explorer
  • Introduce the agenda for this topic
  • lets talk about what it takes to build a search connector. these are great. It is really easy to get started, and it doesn’t take much work to get rich results also, since this we support an open stadard a lot of you may already have web servers that already work with thisSo what does it take? you need to be able to accept queries in your URL you need to be able to define rich items. Items with previews, thumbnails, metadata and useful url. you need to be able to return results in RSS form…this is what windows uses to show rich items.How does windows make this work?You define your url format in the xml search connector description (OSDX)You map your custom properties to system properitesExample: book author to System.AuthorYou provide urls for your thumbnails and previews…this is what makes it look goodYou provide a view shape…which properties you want to display in the view.
  • Best of Breed Execution: World-class experience available on PC + Phone + WebCloud to integrate PC and PhoneAccess all of my stuff and preferences no matter where I amExperience Enabling PlatformOne model across PC, Phone, and WebScalable Business ModelRoyalty based client for Phone and PCServices model that enables offersNew opportunities for differentiation and monetization.
  • [DEV, TDM][High level overview of Why Multi Touch]Multi-touch offers clear differentiation with a high “WOW” factor for consumersMulti-touch enhances on-the-go use and opens up new scenarios for business90% of people in focus groups claimed they would pay a 20-30% premium for a PC with multi-touchSeeing is believing: Consumer purchase intent doubles after hands-on experience
  • [DEV]
  • [DEV]
  • [TDM, DEV][What - Windows 7 Taskbar overview]
  • Transcript

    • 1. 微软客户端技术纵览 喻勇 开发平台合作部 微软(中国)有限公司
    • 2. 内容提要 Windows 7开发新特性 IE8新特性 WPF & Silverlight 资源链接
    • 3. Windows 7开发新特性
    • 4. Windows 7的用户界面
    • 5. 多点触摸 Jump Lists Ribbon User Interface Federated Search
    • 6. 多点触摸技术
    • 7. 多点触摸的开发技术路线图 Surface Multi-Touch Controls & API Multi-Touch Controls Multi-Touch API Multi-Touch API and Controls Multi-Touch API
    • 8. 多点触摸的开发API选择 Good Better Best • Gesture notifications • Raw touch data APIs For Free! • Panning/zoom • Pan/zoom/rotate/etc • Manipulation and gestures Inertia processors • Right click gesture • Controls with standard • WM_GESTURE message • WM_TOUCH Native • COM based Win32 scrollbars Manipulation and Inertia Processors • WPF 4.0 pan support in • Gesture events • Touch events WPF • Inertia configuration • Manipulation and Inertia ScrollViewer Processors • Controls with standard • WM_GESTURE message • Manipulation and Inertia WinForms • P/Invoke scrollbars Processors in Microsoft.Ink.DLL • Real-time Stylus or Ink Collector
    • 9. Windows 7的任务条
    • 10. 活动窗口 运行中 未运行 多个窗口
    • 11. Windows 7 Taskbar – Jump Lists
    • 12. Windows 7 Taskbar – Jump Lists Pinned category Destinations Known categories (“nouns”) Custom categories User Tasks Tasks (“verbs”) Taskbar Tasks
    • 13. 自定义Jump List Step 1: Hello World • 把程序跟文档进行关联 • 文件对话框 • 最近打开的文档列表 SHAddToRecentDocs(SHARDW_PATH, quot;file.extquot;); RH.RegisterFileAssociations(...); OpenFileDialog ofd = ...; ofd.ShowDialog(); JumpListManager jlm = ...; jlm.AddToRecent(quot;file.extquot;);
    • 14. 自定义Jump List Step 2: 添加任务 • 用户希望 – 以特定的参数或者命令行启动应用程序 – 启动其他应用程序 • IShellLink objects – 可以包括参数、工作路径、图标等
    • 15. 自定义Jump List Step 2: 添加任务 IObjectCollection* poc = ...; IShellLink* task = ...; poc.AddObject(task); ICustomDestinationList* pcdl = ...; pcdl.BeginList(...); IObjectArray* poa = ... poc; pcdl.AddUserTasks(poa); pcdl.CommitList(); JumpListManager jlm = ...; jlm.AddTask(new ShellLink { Path=..., ... });
    • 16. 自定义Jump List Step 3: 添加类别 • 文档需要分类嘛? – 常用文档不够用? – E.g. Inbox, Outbox, Sales, Marketing … • IShellItem or IShellLink objects
    • 17. 自定义Jump List Step 3: 添加类别 IObjectCollection* poc = ...; IShellItem* item = ...; poc.AddObject(item); ICustomDestinationList* pcdl = ...; pcdl.BeginList(...); IObjectArray* poa = ... poc; pcdl.AppendCategory(Lquot;Salesquot;, poa); pcdl.CommitList(); JumpListManager jlm = ...; jlm.AddCustomDestination( new ShellItem { Path=..., Category=... });
    • 18. Windows 7 Taskbar – Thumbnails
    • 19. Windows 7 Taskbar – Custom Switchers
    • 20. Windows 7 Taskbar – Icons
    • 21. Windows Ribbon Application Menu Help Contextual Tab Set Tab Quick Access Toolbar Contextual Tab Dialog Launcher Group (aka “Chunk”) • Windows 7内置,Vista可以安装 • 使用Win32 API • 与Office 2007/WPF Ribbon类似
    • 22. Windows Ribbon的路线图 Target: Target: Target: Managed MFC native Native needs .NET 3.5 Win2K or newer Vista or newer Office 2007 & Windows Office 2007 & Windows styles1 Windows styles visual style Coming soon… Available now in Coming soon… Official release Visual Studio Ships with in 2009 2008 SP1 Windows 7 WPF MFC Scenic Microsoft’s Ribbon Strategy
    • 23. Windows Ribbon的控件
    • 24. Federated Search Document Repository Enterprise Data Store Enterprise Application
    • 25. How Federated Search Works 3. RSS results returned from server
    • 26. Federated Search
    • 27. 回家作业
    • 28. IE8新特性
    • 29. 兼容W3C标准 改进对RSS,CSS,AJAX的支持 优化JavaScript性能。 新增加速器,网页快讯以及可视化搜索 隐私浏览和SmarScreen反仿冒过滤
    • 30. IE8 : Accelerators
    • 31. 今天的用户上网习惯 切换到 选中内 登陆(如 复制文 执行操 指定网 复制 容 果需要) 本 作 页 返回之前 浏览的页 面
    • 32. Accelerators的流程 执行 转到服务页 Accelerator 面 s 安装加速器 选择加速器 Accelerator 选中内容 Accelerator s s 在加速器中 视图中的结 预览 果
    • 33. Accelerators的流程 执行 转到服务页 Accelerator 面 s 安装加速器 选择加速器 Accelerator 选中内容 Accelerator s s 在加速器中 视图中的结 预览 果 Navigate Serialize OpenService XML HTML URL Content Description
    • 34. Accelerators的格式
    • 35. Accelerators的格式
    • 36. Accelerators的格式
    • 37. Accelerators的格式
    • 38. OpenService 的格式
    • 39. Accelerators的部署
    • 40. 回家作业
    • 41. IE8 : Web Slice
    • 42. 最简单的例子
    • 43. Favorites Bar Top-Level Notification Contains Favorite links, feeds, &WebSlices Bold on updated content Organize content through folders Italic for expiring content Grey on expired content & errors Details Flyout HTML extracted from webpage (static content) Imported basic HTML styling Click-thru access to website
    • 44. RSS Feed和WebSlices
    • 45. WebSlices的工作流程 Download Engine Download HTML Download Feed with WebSlice (XML) Convert to Atom ` Feed (XML) Feed Parser compare downloaded data with stored data Mark Feed as Updated
    • 46. 如何实现WebSlices
    • 47. Feed WebSlice
    • 48. WebSlice Feed
    • 49. Feed WebSlice
    • 50. Feed
    • 51. WebSlice
    • 52. 回家作业
    • 53. WPF & Silverlight
    • 54. Silverlight 概览
    • 55. Silverlight 2的运行时功能 .NET Support* C# and VB.NET* LINQ* XML APIs* Generics* HTML Integration* JSON Serializer Local storage* Crypto APIs (AES)* Threading* * New in Silverlight 2
    • 56. 设计者和开发者的体验 设计师 开发者 设计师和开发者: 设计师和开发者: 用相同的语言 用不同的语言 设计师设计如下 开发者完成业务逻辑
    • 57. Expression Studio
    • 58. Expression Design
    • 59. Expression Blend
    • 60. Expression Encoder Media vs. Media Encoder Light video editing Video export Video overlays
    • 61. Silverlight典型应用模式
    • 62. Silverlight播放高清视频
    • 63. Silverlight广告 路虎广告
    • 64. Deepzoom和Hard Rock Memorabilia
    • 65. 淘宝网闪光店铺 /silverlight.htm
    • 66. Silverlight小结 更好的用户体验 更多的商业机会 更丰富的技术 .NET 高清视频 DRM 内置控件 Framework子 集 全面网络支 Deep Zoom 增强服务器扩展能力 样式模板 持
    • 67. 资源链接
    • 68. 答疑解惑
    • 69. 感谢您参与此会场! 您的意见与建议对我们非常重要。 请您填写反馈表。
    • 70. © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions. It should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.