Winning Hispanic Customer Acquisition and Hispanic Customer Care
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Winning Hispanic Customer Acquisition and Hispanic Customer Care



Callzilla\'s presentation to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) on how US companies can and should use contact centers to acquire and care for Hispanic customers.

Callzilla\'s presentation to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) on how US companies can and should use contact centers to acquire and care for Hispanic customers.



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Winning Hispanic Customer Acquisition and Hispanic Customer Care Winning Hispanic Customer Acquisition and Hispanic Customer Care Presentation Transcript

  • PresentWinning Hispanic Customer Acquisition and Customer Care Neal Topf, President Callzilla 23 May 2012
  • Contents Intro: General Comments, Hispanic market breakdown Hispanic Customer Acquisition Hispanic Customer Care
  • The Old Days Advertiser: ClientIntro Its Agency (Advertising Agency) Everyone else – “The Vendor”: Production, Market Research, Call Center, etc. View slide
  • Originally – Advertisers and their VendorsIntro cont. Agency Market Research Advertiser Retail Strategy Consumer Production View slide
  • Today - AHHAIntro cont. “As a reflection of the 360-degree solutions sought by todays clients, AHAA will expand its focus, advocacy and membership beyond advertising agencies to include all Hispanic marketing disciplines. Advertising agencies, PR firms and media entities all have the same goal - to champion corporate investment and advocate for the unique roles we each play in reaching this explosive market segment," -Roberto Orci, Chairman of AHAA and CEO of Acento Advertising. Paraphrase: “One of the most important ingredients to the success of the Hispanic marketplace is the vendor community.” -attendee from Starcom MediaVest Geoscape 2010
  • Today – Advertisers and their AdvocatesIntro cont. Retail Agency Direct-to- Market Research Advertiser Retail Contact Consumer Center Strategy Consumer Production
  • Current Hispanic Consumer Marketplace: Acculturation (Geoscape)Acquisition Source: Geoscape, American Marketscape Datastream, 2012 Series
  • Current Hispanic Consumer Marketplace: Language Use and Preference (Geoscape)Acquisition Source: Geoscape, American Marketscape Datastream, 2012 Series
  • Current Hispanic Consumer Marketplace: Overview (Geoscape)Acquisition Estimated 2012 Hispanic Population: 53,540,846 29% (HA5 + HA4) are low to non-acculturated: 15,526,845 Hispanics 26% (HA3) are bi-cultural: 13,920,620 Hispanics 55% Total are low to non-acculturated or bi-cultural: 29,447,465 Hispanics vs. 45% (HA2 + HA1) are more to fully acculturated 36% (HA5 + HA4) will speak Spanish: 19,274,705 Hispanics 12% (HA3) speak and feel comfortable speaking Spanish: 6,424,902 Hispanics 48% Total speak Spanish either as Preferred language: 25,699,606 Hispanics or are Spanish-dependent vs. 51% (HA2 + HA1) English preferred or English dominant : 27,305,831 Hispanics Source: Geoscape, American Marketscape Datastream, 2012 Series
  • Challenge: How do Brands acquire Hispanic customers that they are not reaching today?Acquisition Traditional - Branding: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor Drives consumers to retail or point of sale Challenges: location, language, not targeted Emerging channels: Direct-to-consumer, Web SEO, PPC, Social media No intermediaries Location-agnostic, language-specific, targeted Examples: Call Now. “Llame ya” Call for your free sample. “Muestra gratis” or “Demo gratis” Each of Call for your Risk Free Trial. “Libre de riesgo.” These are Click now. “Calls to Sign up and Receive (cupon, descuento, Free something, etc.) Action” that Participate and win (Rifa, sweepstakes, prize, etc.) are enhanced Text in to… by a Like us on Facebook, etc. contact center
  • Examples of successful multi-channel Hispanic customer acquisition programsAcquisition Conversions Avg. Revenue per Order $19.99 Risk Free Trial $23 recurring monthly revenue Skin care - dubbed 40% of calls to purchases Avg. 17% of calls to purchases $450 Educational software – Spanish Call for your Free Demo: 13% of calls to purchases Outbound email blasts to previously qualified $400 visitors: 100% Visitors to Hispanic URL, calling $450 Spanish language Toll Free numbers: 25-35% Call for your Risk Free Trial of $9.95 $83 Weight-loss – 30% of calls to purchases Spanish testimonials. 50% Lead generation $22 monthly recurring revenue Non-profit - Spanish 5-10% to paid donor Hard Offer (3 payments of $39.99) $180 Appliances – 35% of calls to purchases Spanish testimonials
  • Why are these Hispanic customer acquisition programs successful?Acquisition Hispanic consumers, particularly HA4-HA5, prefer to speak with a sales consultant that speaks their language. Better opportunity to ask questions, Understand pricing and billing and fulfillment. Establish trust in mind of customer. Hispanic live agents create true, literal dialogue with potential customer and can Tailor the offer to the consumer’s unique requirements (price, quantity, features). Even when driven first to web (digital), Hispanic consumers will read in English and then transact in Spanish with a live agent. Comfort level. Direct-to-consumer model facilitates information gathering and purchases 24x7. Retail may present discomfort because of language barriers (sales staff, English language labels, and distance). So it sounds easy to acquire the Hispanic customer, but what about once the Advertiser acquires the customer, can he/she be kept?
  • The $5.7 billion and $2.5 million questions:Customer In 2011, advertisers spent and incredible $5.7 billion dollars in cumulativeCare Hispanic advertising (Nielson, 2012). A Hispanic household acquired today will spend $2,523,135 throughout a lifetime, higher than white and black families: Source: Geoscape, 2012 Challenge: Hispanic customers once acquired, need to be cared for
  • Caring for Hispanic customers, once they become customers:Customer No detailed published research on Hispanic customer service or customer careCare General perception: Companies do not care for nor do they invest the resources to care for their Spanish speaking customers. Net Result: poor customer experiences, disappointment, poor word of mouth, desertion, churn Examples of limited of poor Spanish language / Hispanic-focused customer service: In-language IVR menus with no Spanish speaking live agent option In-language IVR menus with Spanish speaking option but no Spanish speaking agent or interminable hold times Long Hold Times (Average Speed of Answer or Average Hold Time) Voicemails – messages not returned Live agents that speak little to no Spanish Contacts not resolved at all or within a reasonable time
  • Examples of what happens in poor Hispanic-focused customer care environmentsCustomer When Callzilla has handled Spanish language sales calls (acquisition)Care
  • The FixCustomer Hispanic-focused, Spanish language customer care and consumer affairsCare must have a seat at the table of internal power brokers Agencies need to champion the cause of Hispanic-focused customer care Advertisers must separately measure Hispanic customer care behavior and allocate resources and internal mind share towards efficient Resolution of Hispanic calls, emails, chats, Tweets Decide if internal or external contact center is the appropriate solutions Decide what communication channels are most relevant Decide hours of day and days of week of staffing Decide number of resources Develop appropriate procedures to receive inbound and make inbound contacts Can and Should Agencies be held accountable for their clients’ Hispanic customer care and Hispanic customer retention?
  • Hispanic customer acquisition is only part of the battle.Effective Hispanic customer care is what wins the war. Thank you. Neal Topf 1-855 CLLZLLA (255-9552) ext. 301