NTLT 2012 - Where am I now? Amanda Kerr, NMIT


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  • Unique – not to judge the students on what happened last year, that what worked before may or may not work Different levels of engagement Challenges - different challengesDisengagement – I have realised that many of this years students are not only disengaged from education, but from society. When pushed, flight or fight mode, old behaviours. So we are trying to change years of disengagement. This is where the pastoral care is so important, my office Troll hole, but the boys are always welcome, and whether it is a girl friend issue, a family issue, a drug issue they all know my door is open and they can trust me. Friend and foe -
  • 30% progress onto further study Automotive x 4 Adventure Tourism x 1Certificate in IT services 55%   Progress onto work  Building apprenticeship Eve’s Valley Mill Dairy farmingOlive groveLandscapingWorking on the boats Farming  15%   No formal activity
  • NTLT 2012 - Where am I now? Amanda Kerr, NMIT

    1. 1. Know Your SelfSort it OutSelf ManagementGet OutsideHand Tools and Small MachineryATV UsePractical Carpentry SkillsPractical Automotive and Engineering SkillsSTCW95 Basic TrainingChainsaw Skills
    2. 2. HistoryPhilosophyFamily / WhānauExpectations
    3. 3. “One of my life time goals is to build my own house just soat the end of my life I can sit back and say my life wasn’t awaste and I did accomplish things in my life.My second goal is to become a child care teacher orsocial worker I just enjoy making kids laugh and happy theymake me happy just cause not all of my child hood wasthat great and I’d not wish any other kid to be unhappyand not have to experience the bad stuff in life, The youthyears I think is where most memories are made so I want tomake other feel good and happy so they can see that it’snot always bad and it does end. Just to make life for thembetter and enjoyable.But I thought I’d update you with my goals and how I feelstill about my future it has changed a bit but still have avision and a path that I do plan on sticking with no matterwhat. And just thought you’d like to know where mythinking is for the future is”.
    4. 4. • Every student is unique• New challenges• Disengagement from education and society• Many young males feel undermined by adults• FaceBook – Friend and Foe• Confidence• Enthusiasm to keep learning• Importance of pastoral with youth• Saying GROW UP doesn’t help
    5. 5. RelevantContextualSmall Business - chopping boardsTeaching Sessions
    6. 6. Showcase Prior KnowledgeOral PresentationsGroup WorkConfidenceLiteracy and NumeracyProblem Solving
    7. 7. 10% 35% Further Study Employment55% No Formal Activity
    8. 8. 141210 8 Reading Semester One 6 Reading Semester Two 4 2 0 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 9 8 7 6 5 Numeracy Semester One 4 Numeracy Semester Two 3 2 1 0 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
    9. 9. Liam Brown
    10. 10. Victor Baskerville-Braithwaite Caleb Bartlett