NTLT 2012 - Academic Co-creative Inquiry workshop - What students say


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  • MSocP Course, 11 students – What did you like about the course?:The intimacy of the group, class size, the time in the marae, introductions, the presentations, Ksenija,The ability to be able to love a space that was open, healthy discussionsLearnt something in every class, do not know here to begin the list in endlessSetting your own learning contract, working on the basis of the contractLoved being in the whare, learning in whananga form, enjoyed the different style of learning, co creating, Found this challenging but very much enjoyed it.Its originality, loved how it is different and so refreshing, I found myself looking forward to this class!Every bit of it. Enjoyed the teacher and the group and the bonding we all had with one another in a short span of timeSpirituality and social practice was an excellent course. I loved the teacher and the entire group. The first class where you shared everything was an excellent start.The confluence of many ideas and attitudes of people coming from different spiritual places of understanding.Which ideas resonated with you?Thoroughly enjoyed your reflections and learning and presentations. All ideas. Having flexibility having a lecturer that is open and down to earth, very realStudents presence and spiritualityGroup discussions and feedbacksSharing spirituality and beliefsGreat way of learningHow do I work with someone who has different worldview than I?One thing in particular you said: If you don’t like something about someone else, think about why that is and often it is because its something you don’t like about yourself…. Made me think a lot…..The beliefs of different people and what their driving force and dependence is. Understanding of different people’s perceptions of spirituality.The notion that spirituality is in everything. The notion that the spirit is what moves us when we are passionate. That the presence of spirit in creation increases with selflessness.Which ideas were new or challenging? Really enjoyed challenging new ideas, eg. J.’s presentation on drugs and I.’s on Islam. Ksenija, your classes are confirming and inspiring.I have lots of new ideas especially around what everyone’s own perceptions and spirituality might be. Nothing challenging.J.’s presentations was definitely foreign to my understandingHearing about spirituality and animals, planet made me think. All my life I only ever focused on spirituality and human beings.Definitely your spirituality and reflecting with your basic beliefs was a bit of challenge for me. Never viewed spirituality from other perspective other than my faith.Other people’s views were challenging but informative. Co-Creating process was definitively new!Having to deal/understand/ so closely with people who are so passionately religious, like I am so passionately not! The most challenging idea perhaps is that maybe, there actually is a God or huge power!Understanding new beliefs.All ideas were familiar or acceptable.Which new ideas emerged for you during the course?Ideas on Islam, became more open minded about power and control but still strong in my beliefs in this regard.My inner deeper feelings and thoughts about my own sprituality, things that I had put in the back of my mind.Heaps, spirituality of the planet, animals, things I do not appreciate on the daily basis.There has been many valuable thoughts and ideas presented. Every presenter had presented new ideas and different spiritual beliefs.Many over why is it I have such strong anti-religious beliefs and why do I find it difficult to listen to that that I don’t agree with? I have answered this question, I think, thanx to this paper! It was a new outlook for me about spirituality and the way it is practiced in difficult ways and means.
  • What have you hoped to learn but haven’t learned?Practical ways of understanding spiritual issues in practice, eg. Scenarios, role plays more about people’s individual beliefs. Also, asking students individually the strengths and limitations of their beliefs.There are so many things that I still want to learn. It is too hard to define because the course has been so very interesting.I have learnt more than what I expected and learnt different dimensions of spirituality.What did you dislike about the course?Too short. Not being in the Marae for the whole course.Not long enough in class but totally understand that this is how this course is put together.NoneClassroom (instead of marae)Sometimes people rambledNothing. It was pleasure to have taken this course.
  • Do you think that healthy learning environment existed in the class? The classroom was hot and stuffy, would have liked more intimate openings and closings.Yes, definitely, this was created from the start, it was a mutual agreement by everyone.Definitely, I felt really connected and intact in my comfort zone.Yes the class was always lively and full of energy. Loved being in the Marae.Overall yes, though still at times struggled with generalisations based on stereotypes of cultures, religions etc made by classmates. These were addressed by Ksenija.YesYes everyone was in an open mind, had respect for everyone and were cooperative, coordinating and helpful.What do you think of the topics and learning outcomes? (Are they relevant, useful, was there a right balance of theory and practice, reflect on the process and the content please….)More practice, possibly ….Very useful and relevant and being able to adapt them tour own topics was excellentEveryone’s LO’s will differ, all was relevant. I really liked the idea of giving students to come up with their own learning contracts based on their interests and areas thy want to explore more.Relevant, yes. Very much based on self-analysis. Challenging the way in which I usually learn. Yes, particularly loved the balance of the course. Is challenging in terms of thinking, not with workload – perfect!Topics discussed, were very informative, thought provoking, enlightening, very much needed in social practiceTeacher’s articles very helpful.Do you find learning contracts and flexibility in choice of assignments useful? Ideas for improvement?Yes, possibly to be more visible (individually) and learning outcomes to the group to be held accountableLove the autonomy and flexibility however struggle with thinking:” I just want to be told what to do!” But yes, overall I am happy!You have made this very flexible which is so very much appreciated because it has been “work in progress” as you advised from the start. My contract has changed a couple of times as the light goes on in my belly and heart – very good idea.Yes, yes, yes. This was the best part of this assignment. It was obvious to me that areas I wanted to research and do further readings.Yes because the flexibility of the course recognises that life happens!Did you enjoy the Academic Co-Creative inquiry way of facilitating the course? If yes, what did you like, if not - what did you dislike?Yes, would have liked more debate. Yes it made my mind come alive again.Yes, loved every bit of it. Enjoyed it along the way.I enjoyed the autonomy but also found it challenging. I wish more classes were like this.Yes, I liked how each individual set his/her own learning contract which was reflecting their areas of interest.I liked food sharing, ideas spiritualities, and many moreI liked it because it was different.I like how every aspect of this class was different from all other classes.Yes, we were all co-creating together!
  • Was self-evaluating your work useful for you?YesYes and no, I hate saying positive things about myself.I love reflective practice for my improvementI have never done it before, it created a bit of challenge for me.Difficult, but useful, yes.It’s like I didn’t know myself this better before.Did you participate in peer assessment of your colleagues’ work. How was that for you?Yes, OK hard to grade felt irrelevant. Would have liked individual shorter forms – specificYes, I did because I liked to be critiqued to improve and learn.Really enjoyed peer assessing others and reflecting my understanding.I find the idea uncomfortableI found this too hard. I found myself being nice instead of constructive. However, liked having peer assessment done for me – paradox!Helpful and challengingHow was it to have your work peer-assessed by other students and by practitioners? (I know that most of you haven’t received those yet, but please comment on the idea)Good. Would have liked more and maybe verbal as well as written, even in groups after each presentation.I found this this very useful because it gave me ideas for improvement. I love being critiqued it makes me a better practitioner.Marvellous process. Great to see what your audiences thing of your presentation and how your present.Love the idea.That’s very great, it helps us to know where we stand.
  • Please comment on the course co-ordinator’s competence, availability, integrity, teaching style, etc.Please add your suggestions for improvement of this course.Additional commentsFantasticVery encouraging with the whole class to be creative. Very open to all discussions from the class excellent facilitation skills able to bring topic back to task respectfully. Very good. Knowledge (extensive) around this topic. Ksenija you have a fantastic spirit, don’t ever change!Brilliance! She displayed “bottom up” learning environments which was comforting.Ksenija is an amazing and exceptional teacher as well as facilitatorGreat way of learningLoved it. Available to students, when needed. Open to different ways of working.Bloody love you Ksenija. Could listen to you all day. I want to know everything you do!Absolutely fantastic. Loved her teaching style and warmth and affections she extends. The articles she sends us. How is she in touch through e-mail. Her open mindedness, her brutal honesty about various aspects within spirituality and the things in general around us our country and the world. Very supportive, helpful, thoughtful, sensitive, enlightened and empowered us! A big thank you Ksenija!Shorter and more individual and specific peer assessment forms. Peer assessments without a grade would be better.I have a strong feeling and I think the rest of the class would agree that it should be longer. Nothing else needs to improve.I really enjoyed this course and the powerful presentations group shared. This course is very powerful and engaging.Great room for flexibility and manoeuvring to fit into own way of learningWell done Ksenija, amazing course.None – loved it!3 weeks is not enoughAdditional comments:Overall, this has been a great course and it has deepened my understanding of spirituality in Islam. I found it very interesting researching this topic as well as presenting my faith and belief to my class mates.Overall, this course had huge effect understanding my own spirituality which never I gave any insight view. Having clear understanding of my own spiritual belief will enable to minimize my bias towards my clients spiritual and religion beliefs. This will make me more competent of my professional social practice.Thanks Ksenija, got it now. You have been an amazing facilitator and I really enjoyed your way of teaching, it has been fantastic course and I recommended some of my other class mates to enrol.I have decided that life is too short; during this course I have had many family tragedies and I need to do what my spirit wants and pursue the avenues that make me happy. It was really good to get the written work peer evaluated because it helped me to think wider. I am truly blessed to have my two peer assessors and their comments.About peer assessment:I have learnt her assignment is better than mine! Haha. Seriously, this allowed me to see it from another person’s perspective on spirituality, and realise although H. & I have different perspectives on spirituality, but at the end of the day we all the same. With the same common goal and call to social practice & yes I think it will be relevant to my social practice.
  • NTLT 2012 - Academic Co-creative Inquiry workshop - What students say

    1. 1. What students sayWhat students say about Academic Co-Creative Inquiry Ksenija Napan, Unitec
    2. 2. • What did you like about the course?• Which ideas resonated with you?• Which ideas were new or challenging?• Which new ideas emerged for you during the course?
    3. 3. • What have you hoped to learn but haven’t learned?• What did you dislike about the course?
    4. 4. • Do you think that healthy learning environment existed in the class?• What do you think of the topics and learning outcomes? (Are they relevant, useful, was there a right balance of theory and practice, reflect on the process and the content please….)• Do you find learning contracts and flexibility in choice of assignments useful? Ideas for improvement?• Did you enjoy the Academic Co- Creative inquiry way of facilitating the course? If yes, what did you like, if not - what did you dislike?
    5. 5. • Was self-evaluating your work useful for you?• Did you participate in peer assessment of your colleagues’ work. How was that for you?• How was it to have your work peer-assessed by other students and by practitioners?
    6. 6. • Please comment on the course co-ordinator’s competence, availability, integrity, teaching style, etc.• Please add your suggestions for improvement of this course.• Additional comments