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This is my first presentation which connect Social Media & Politics. Indian politicians are stilll reluctant to use social media. This is an attempt to showcase the power of social media vis a vis pros n cons.

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Social media youth n politics

  1. 1. Social Media & PoliticsNaitik Vyas | | 9892977200
  2. 2. Index – Type of Media What is happening to the world ? Time is for ? Define Social Media ? How do you converse online ? Why are we talking about ? Social Media & Politics- Pros & Cons Example of effective use – Modi Hangout & Obama Election campaign Find out – Analytics Future of Social Media for Politics
  3. 3. Type Of Media Print Media  Newspaper, Magazines, Newsletters, Brochure, Banner etc Electronic Media  Television ,Radio ,Film etc Internet Media  Blog, Twitter, Website,Youtube,Facebook etc…
  5. 5. TIME IS FOR :
  6. 6. What is Social Media? Social Media is People having conversation Online. Social Media is one that integrates Technology, Social Interaction & the construction of words, pictures, videos etc It is nothing but a Conversation Supported by Online tools
  7. 7. How do you converse online ? Blog – Online Diary Chat -whats app, BBM etc Micro Blogs Social networks Social Bookmarks Photo & Video sharing sites Wikis Etc
  8. 8. WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ???Daily more than 65K videos – YoutubeMore than 40 Lac Articles – WikipediaMore than 20 Cr – Blogs – 73 % active online users read blog1.5 million residents – Second lifeIncrease in subscribe of RSS feedAverage person is exposed to 3000 Ads / DayAvg Online Friends – 53 /personMany More …….
  9. 9. HOW Social Media affects Politics ?? The PROS:  Providing direct access to voters with targeted message.  Forcing transparency and authenticity among leaders  More ways for the people to get involved, share their views and engage in dialogue.  Voter has unprecedented access to politicians and governments  Once just voters, people are now active participants in the democratic process  Evens the playing field for candidates (deep pockets are less of a factor now than “friends” and “followers”)  Before social media: Daily TV address & Now: Daily VIDEO address
  10. 10. HOW Social Media affects Politics ?? The CONS:  More participants through social media = more noise and more polarization  Partisanship is increasing and “turning off” much of the electorate  User-generated media is being used to sensationalize and exaggerate the other side’s faults (often with misleading and inaccurate facts)  Reduction in face to face interaction at ground level with Karyakarta’s  Rising number of hyper-networked political minorities that work to block action rather than find solutions  Political gridlock at an all-time high
  11. 11. Ex: Narendra Modiji- Hangout Details Over 40,00,000 viewers of the Hangout including online and on prime time TV. The first time a Hangout was beamed on Indian television channels. About 1,66,000 clicks generated on Shri Modi’s website during on the day of the Hangout. Over 70,000 tweets poured in from all over while the Hangout was in progress. #ModiHangout remained the top trending topic on Twitter and all cities Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Witnessed by people from 116 countries all across the world! First ever Hangout by a public leader with an international audience. President Obama and PM Gilliard Hangouts were held for residents of their respective countries. Over 20,000 questions in total received through various mediums including Facebook,Twitter,You Tube, Shri Modi’ website and special kiosks set up by Google. Biggest ever Google+ Hangout in India! Close to half a million visits on Shri Modi’s You Tube channel on the day of the Hangout with 3/4th of the visits occurring during the Hangout itself. Over 6,000 comments on Google+ and You Tube during the time of the Hangout. Over 5,000 likes on Google+ and You Tube during the Hangout. During the Hangout campaign a 100% growth in subscribers of Shri Modi’s You Tube channel.
  12. 12. Example : 2011 Arab Spring People in several Arab countries Used FB and Twitter to organize massive protests Egyptian government then blocked these sites so a group of engineers from Google, Twitter and SayNow created @Speak2Tweet, a speak-to-tweet service for protesters in Egypt Social media has the power to topple governments!!
  13. 13. How Obama Used Social Media Created “Obama for America” – a small team of dedicated staff that used social media to organize and rally supporters Promoted universally-appealing concepts that weren’t political but instead personal and community-oriented Adopted a transparent approach to communication and made information readily accessible – shared a lot and often Used social media sites to organize volunteers and get people to encourage their friends to volunteer Gave people tools to create their own messages/activities in support of the campaign
  14. 14. Obama’s YouTube Video  Still the most popular political video of all time (more than 25 million views since February 2008)
  15. 15. By the Numbers Obama Myspace friends outnumbered McCain’s by 5 to 1 Obama Facebook Fans outnumbered McCain’s by 4 to 1 Obama videos on YouTube outnumbered McCain’s by 5 to 1 Obama channel video views on YouTube outnumbered McCain channel views by 9 to 1
  16. 16. Find Out ??? How many candidates who used Facebook or youtube or any social medium for their campaigns have lost in BMC 2012 election? How effective is to do the campaigning in social media than in any other Media ? How many politicians have their Facebook page? If Yes then how many subscribers are there? Active ?? How many politicians have twitter account ? If yes then how many are active ? Like press release , how many politician does blog release?
  17. 17. Future Of Politics & Social Media??? Enterprise Social Networking
  18. 18. Virtual Sampark – Features
  19. 19. Sample Screenshot
  20. 20.  THANK YOU