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Destination Management Assignment
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Destination Management Assignment


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  • 1. Star Destinations APEX Incentive Travel Program | September 9 – 13, 2012 DESTINATION: VANCOUVER “BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA”
  • 2. 2 Star Destinations Star Destinations Company Description As a companywe are committedtoa strict setof industryleadingstandardsinbusinessethicsand operational expertise.Asourprofessionalguidelines,these standardsfocusonachievingclient satisfaction,riskmanagement,financialstability,andprofessionalleadership.OurPurpose istoprovide our clientswithapre-screenedcollectionof leadingdestinationvacationsormeetinglocationswhich consistentlymeetyourexpectationsandcanbe remembered.StarDestinationscreatesavarietyof activitypackagestosuiteveryindividualsneeds.Whetheryouplantoenjoyfine winesinthe beautiful Vancouver,golf inWhistler,orexplore the mountainsof BritishColumbia,StarDestinationsguarantees to take you onan unforgettable adventure throughoutdowntownVancouverandWhistler.We’ve partneredwithtwohotelsandtwodestinationsinbeautiful BritishColumbia,Canadatocreate an exceptionalgetaway.The tripwillofferaway to explore boththe flavorsof local wineriesandbeautiful, sceniclandscapes;golfingactivitiesinWhistlerframedbya stunningmountainbackdropanddays downtownshoppingforthe latesttrend. Staff Biographies Nicole Tidey Nicole is a detailed, passionate, up-and-coming event manager in the Vancouver area specializing in destination management and special events. Having taken the Event Management Program at the Art Institute of Vancouver, Nicole has a very diverse and well rounded education as well as many hours of volunteer work. She has also been involved in the customer service and nightclub industryfor over five years. Events have always been a passion in Nicole’s life, which have led her to travel around the world and experience what each country has to offer. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of what are considered ordinary events. Elizabeth O’Brien ElizabethO’Brienmovedto Vancouver from Zimbabwe seven years ago for a new challenge in life. As a new graduate from the Event Management Program at the Art Institute of Vancouver, she has shown great progress in the eventindustry. UponpartneringwithStarDestinations,she has come to create only the most elaborate destination events. Her background in modeling since the age of six has given Elizabeth a good backbone in the fashionindustryandlookatall the differentopportunities the various cities have to offer. Being a part of Event Management Program has created a window for Elizabeth to collect contacts and gain experience with other industry professionals. As a young event planner, model and coordinator Elizabeth knows firsthand, the individuality of each client’s request.
  • 3. 3 Jennifer Amiabel Jenniferfirstrealizedthatshe had an interestineventswhenshe was selected to be on a high school committee where she had a hand in planning various school functions and fashion shows. She then went on to take the Event Management Program at the Art Institute of Vancouver, where she gained important background knowledge aboutthe event industry. With added knowledge from her studies, she now had a passion and desire to enter the industry. Since joining Star Destinations she has become a vital asset to the company because of her great organizational skills,outgoingpersonalityandeye fordetail.Although Jennifer is new to the event industry, her previous experience and passion for the industry shows through in every event she works on and it allows our events be unlike any other events to date. About the Event: Event Dates: September9– 13, 2012 Numberof Nights: Four Program Type:Deluxe Incentive Numberof Attendees:280 Hotels:Shangri-LaHotel,Vancouver & The FairmontChateauWhistler Tours / Activities:Group& Individual Upon arrivinginVancouver,the APEXgroupwill gettoexperience firsthandwhatthiscityhasto offer. We propose a“Beautiful BritishColumbia”theme,showcasingall of the natural wondersthatthis province isbestknownfor.The attendeeswill notonlygettoenjoyVancouver’ssights,buttheywillalso getto personallyexperiencewhatthe worldsaw inWhistler –the site of the 2010 WinterOlympic Games.Thisgetawaywill consistof groupactivitiesaswell asindividual activities - manylocal hotspots as well assome unique hiddengemsoff the beatentrack. In Vancouver,yourguestswill be transportedtoone of the mostluxuryhotelsinthe country,The Shangri-La.Overthe nexttwodays,the guestswill have the opportunityto:relax inthe rejuvenatingday spa – CHI, golf at one of the mostprestige golf coursesinthe LowerMainland,see the historicsitesof DowntownVancouver,andexplore throughScience World,Grouse Mountainandthe worldfamous CapilanoSuspensionBridge. Followingthe Vancouverstay,yourguestswillbe whiskedawayonthe retreatof a lifetime inWhistler/ Blackcomb.Theywill be treatedlike V.I.P.’swhile enjoyingtheirstayata five starhotel,The Fairmont ChateauWhistler.Onthe lasttwodays of the journey,the guestswill enjoyactivitiessuchasa bicycle tours aroundthe village,ariverraftingadventures,ATV adventuresaswell asaWest CoastSite Seeing Tour. All of these venturesare surroundedbythe breathtakingsceneryof the WhistlerandBlackcomb Mountains.
  • 4. 4 About Vancouver: Vancouver isthe largestcityin WesternCanada,locatedatthe south-westerncornerof the province of BritishColumbia.Situatedbetweenthe NorthShore andcoastal mountainsandthe edge of the Pacific Ocean,Vancouverisone of NorthAmerica'smostbeautiful cities,andwasrecentlyrankedas "The World'sMostDesirable Place to Live" ina surveyof 127 citiesperformed.In2010, the city hostedthe world,asthe 2010 OlympicandParalympicGamescame to Vancouver/Whistler-Blackcomb.Vancouver isa dynamic,multicultural, worldcitysetin a spectacularnatural setting surroundedbywaterand mountains. The vibrant downtowncore offersall of the amenitiesof an international destination. Vancouver'snatural surroundingsofferlimitless opportunitiesforoutdoorpursuits,suchashikingandmountainbikinginthe springandsummer,and skiingatnearbyWhistler-Blackcombresortinwinterandthe newlyrenovated,award-winning VancouverConventionCentre isagreen-designed,state-of-the-artfacilityonthe waterfrontinbeautiful downtownVancouverwitheverythingmeetingprofessionalswouldwant. The mildclimate of the cityand close proximitytoocean,mountains,riversandlakesmake the areaa populardestinationforoutdoorrecreation.Vancouverhasover1,298 hectaresof parks,of which, StanleyPark,at 404 hectaresisthe largest.The cityhas several large beaches,manyadjacenttoone another,extendingfromthe shorelineof StanleyParkaroundFalse Creektothe southside of English Bay, The coastline providesformanytypesof watersport,and the cityis a populardestinationfor boatingenthusiasts. Withina 20-to-30-minute drive fromdowntownVancouverare the NorthShore Mountains,withthree ski areas: CypressMountain,Grouse Mountain,andMountSeymour.Mountainbikershave created world-renownedtrailsacrossthe NorthShore.The CapilanoRiver,LynnCreekandSeymourRiver,also on the NorthShore,provide opportunitiestowhite waterenthusiastsduringperiodsof rainandspring melt,thoughthe canyonsof those riversare more utilizedforhikingandswimmingthanwhite water. Star Destinationsinvitesyouto explore Vancouverand the province of British Columbiaby bringingyour professionalshere.
  • 5. 5 About Whistler /Blackcomb: Locatedin the spectacularCoastMountainsof British Columbia,andjusttwohoursnorth of Vancouver, WhistlerisCanada’spremier,year-rounddestination. Whistlerwasthe Host MountainResortof the Vancouver2010 WinterOlympicandParalympic Games,the firsttime the International Olympic Committee hasbestowedthisdesignationona community.Whistlerhostedthe alpine technical and speedevents,the slidingeventsatFitzsimmonsCreek, the Nordiceventsinthe nearbyCallaghanValleyandall the Paralympiceventsexceptthe openingceremonies, sledge hockeyandwheelchaircurling. Consistentlyrankedas the numberone mountain resortin NorthAmerica,Whistlerfeaturestwomajestic mountains,epicskiingandsnowboardingconditions, fourchampionshipgolf courses,more than200 shops, 90 restaurantsand bars,accommodationsgalore,hikingtrails,spasandarguablythe bestmountainbike park inthe world.In short,Whistlerhaseverythingyouwill everneedtohave the time of yourlife - and so muchmore. Hotel Information: Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver The Shangri-LaHotel Vancouverisa new full-service hotelthatis part of the building.Itisamemberof the Shangri-LaHotelsand Resortschain,and isShangri-La'sfirstNorthAmerican property.The hotel occupiesfloorsGroundto15, and119 rooms(includinga Presidential Suiteonthe 15th floor) fromthe groundto the 15th floor.There isno 4th or 13th floor.The hotel includes5-star servicessuchasrestaurants,shops,andCHI The Spaat Shangri-La. The Shangri-laisa mixed-use skyscraperin Downtown Vancouverandisthe tallestbuildingin MetroVancouver.The new 62-storey"Shangri-La"towercontainsa5-star hotel and itsoffices on the first15-floors,with condominiumapartmentunitsoccupying the rest of the tower. The building'spodiumcomplex alsoincludesa spa, Urban Fare specialtygrocerystore,aVancouverArt
  • 6. 6 Gallery publicdisplay,andapublicsculpture garden.The high-risestands201 m (659 ft) tall andthere is a private roof gardenon floor61. It isthe 14th tallestbuildinginCanada.GuestsatShangri-LaHotel, Vancouverwill findluxuriousguestroomsandsuitesdecoratedinacontemporaryAsianstyle,with manyrooms featuringprivate balconiesandstunningviewsof the city.Visitorscanenjoypersonalized spa treatmentsatCHI, The Spa at Shangri-La,or experience Vancouverfine diningwithregionally inspireddishesatMARKET byJean-Georges. CHI – The Spa at Shangri-La CHI, The Spa at Shangri-Ladrawsinspirationfromthe originsof the Shangri-Lalegend,aplace of personal peace,enchantmentandwell-being. ItsNorthAmericandebutatShangri-LaHotel,Vancouver in2009, creatinga "spa withinaspa" environmentwith five 42 square metresindividual treatmentsuites and one 79 square metrescouple'ssuite,eachwiththeir ownfireplace,privatebath,shower,relaxationlounge, changingand vanityareas,where guestsremainforthe durationof all treatments. ThisVancouverdayspais alsoproudto offerthe city's onlywheelchairaccessible treatmentsuite. Guestsreceivecomplimentaryvalet parkingwithanyCHI JourneyTreatmentbooked. The Fairmont Chateau Whistler Fairmontisa leaderinthe global hospitalityindustry,withadistinctive collectionandaworldwide reputationforexcellence.Theirdiverseportfolioincludeshistoricicons,elegantresortsandmoderncity centerproperties.Fromthe beachesof Hawaii andBermudatothe heart of New York Cityand Vancouver,all of theirhotelsofferasuperiorguestexperience thatisuniquely''Fairmont.'' Hotelsunderthe Fairmontbannerofferguestsan extraordinaryplace thatiscreatedbycombining unique architecture andstructure,expressive decorand artistry,and magnificentfeaturesall in one great location.Addgreatservice tothisand the resultisan extraordinaryexperience that wouldmake yourmemoryof FairmontHotels& Resortsa longand lastingone.Mostof their hotelswere amongthe firstbuildingstobe erectedinyoungcitiesacrossNorthAmerica.Few hotelscanboast that theircommunitiesliterally grewup aroundthem.Today,theyhave addedmoderncitycenterpropertiestotheircollection,with core locationsthatallowyoutojointhe hustle andbustle of the city,take part in the actionof the businessdistrict,andenjoythe culture,the lightsandsoundsof streetlife.Whenitcomestospectacular and breathtakingmountainresorts,the bestcanbe foundat The FairmontChateauWhistler.Nestledat
  • 7. 7 the footof BlackcombMountain,the Fairmontisdefinedbyimpeccable service,outstandingcuisine and luxuriousaccommodation.Exceptional service,comfortandelegantsurroundingsare whatyoucan expectthe momentyouarrive.Make a splashinthe outdoorpools,take a nature hike,playa roundof golf,relax onthe patiossurrounded bysoaringpeaksorrejuvenate atthe spa. Adventures &Activities: VANCOUVER - Group Activities VANCOUVER - Individual Activities  Golfing  Bicycle Rental &Tour  Big BusSightseeingTour  Science World  Grouse Mountain  CapilanoSuspensionBridge  Spa Day  SpanishBanks/ KitsilanoBeach WHISTLER - Group Activities WHISTLER - Individual Activities  Golfing  Ziptreking  ATV Tour  RiverRafting  WestCoast SightseeingTour  BritanniaBeach  ShannonFalls  Brandywine Falls  WhistlerVillage  PEAK2 PEAKGondola  Dininginthe Alpine  HorsebackTrail Riding  Spa Day  BlackcombHelicopterTour  Shoppinginthe Village Whistler: Golfing:Whistleris RatedCanada’snumberone golf destinationby Golf Digest,Whistler’sfour championship,designercoursesprovide anunparalleledmountaingolf experience.Playatthe base of majesticMountCurrie on RobertCupp’s BigSkyGolf and CountryClub,experience JackNicklaus’ signature designat NicklausNorthGolf Course,ArnoldPalmer’sfirsteverCanadiandesignatthe WhistlerGolf Club,orRobertTrentJones Jr.’spre-eminentmountaindesignatthe FairmontChateau WhistlerGolf Club. Ziptreking:The original tourthatmade Whistlerfamous,withfiveziplinesthatare joinedbyanetwork of suspensionbridges,boardwalksandforesttrails.Experience the stunningvistasof Whistler’s legendaryFitzsimmonsCreek.
  • 8. 8 ATV Tours: Thisleisurelytourcombinesspectacularbackcountrysceneryongentlygradedforesttrails. River Rafting: Enjoyan adventure of alifetimethatwill leave yougrinningfromear-to-ear.Whistler’s adventure toursleadyoudownrollingrivers,throughpristinewilderness,andbeneathtowering mountainsthatwill take yourbreathaway.GuidedbyWhistler'smostenergeticandexperiencedteam, thisonce-in-a-lifetime opportunityisamustduringyour visittoWhistler. WestCoast SightseeingTour: Experiencethe mountainparadise.Feel the mistof the spectacular335- meterShannonFallsasyouwalkto the viewingdeck. InWhistlerthere isample time to dine,shop,ride a bike,or stroll the trails.Savourthe beautifulviewsyouwillexperienceoverlookingHowe Sound. WhistlerTastingTour: Thistour features fourdeliciouscoursesatfourawardwinningWhistler restaurants.Includedisavisittoan impressive 15,000-bottle winecellarwhere guestslearntosaber champagne. If you are lookingtotreat yourself toWhistler'sbestfine dining,thisisthe tourforyou. Horse Back Trail-Riding:Climbintothe saddle of strongandgentle mountain-bredhorsesandenjoya ride on throughthe Whistlermountains. Spa Day: Experience adeluxemanicure,pedicure,customizeddermalogical facial andmassage. Blackcomb HelicopterTour: Enjoya bird'seye view of WhistlerResort,BlackcombandWhistler Mountainsand the bestof Garibaldi Park.The view encompassesthe coastal range asfar as the eye can see,includingglacial flows,peaks,riversandglacierfedlakes. Diningin the Alpine: Enjoyaneveningatthe Roundhouse Lodge onWhistlerMountainforan incredible mountaintopBBQ experience withlive entertainment. Justride upthe WhistlerVillage Gondolaand enjoymouth-wateringBBQ,freshsaladsanddeliciousdessertsat6000 feet. Vancouver: Golfing:Some of the bestgolfinginthe countryisinVancouverandthe NorthShore. The best,interms of challenge, designandconditioning,are:FraserviewinVancouver,NorthlandsinNorthVancouver, and Riverway,inBurnaby,locatedjusteastof Vancouver. Bicycle Rental & Tour: Grab a bike andexperience Vancouver’sbeautiful scenicviewsasyouride along SeaWall. Big Bus SightseeingTour: See all Vancouverhighlights:StanleyPark,CanadaPlace,Chinatown,the new VancouverConventionCentre withitssix acre grassfieldonthe roof,EnglishBaybeaches,Granville Islandpublicmarket,shops,restaurantsandgalleries.VisitThe Lookouttotake the glasselevatortothe 360° views. Science World: Science World BritishColumbia,aself-supportingnon-profitorganization,stimulates positive attitudestowardsscience andtechnologyinafuninteractive environment,promotingthe developmentof a knowledge-basedsocietyinBritishColumbia. Science Worldhousesfive permanent galleriesandafeature exhibitiongalleryin4,275 square metresof exhibitspace.
  • 9. 9 Grouse Mountain:Tackle the 2.9-kilometre grousegrindtrail,dine atthe crownjewel resortrestaurant while experiencingaward-winningcuisinehighabove the cityorzipline highabove the alpine rainforest, careeningthroughthe airat top speedsof 80km/hour. CapilanoSuspensionBridge: Venture throughthe magnificentDouglasfirtreesandseriesof elevated suspensionbridges,somereachingashighas 100 feet(30m) above the forestfloor,offeringasquirrels viewof a thrivingcoastal forest. Spa Day: Vancouverhousessome of the mostprestige spasforrelaxationandrejuvenation. Spanish Banks: Namedbythe earliestEuropeanSpanishexplorersin the 1770s. SpanishBankis home to three of Vancouver'ssuperiorbeaches,farfromthe maddingcrowd.Here youcan feel truly"away"as youscan the openwaterfronttothe westor turnyour glance back to one of the mostbeautiful city skylinesanywhere. Transportation: Pacific Coach Lines – Charter Bus Service Pacific Coach Line’s has over 50 years of transportation service experience and a 5 star service standard. All of their 56 passenger buses come equipped with air conditioning, fully furnished washrooms and multiple TV’s for the ultimate experience in transportation. Pacific Coach Lines provides excellent customer service and they always exceed expectations. They are dedicated to making sure you arrive at your destination and on time. We have used Pacific Coach Lines for many of our events and have made a great rapport with them. Because of our relationship, they offer us reasonable prices and flexible contracts. They will work with us to put together a custom package specifically for your group’s needs.
  • 10. 10 Schedule Breakdown: Day 1: September 9 Day 2: September 10 Day 3: September 11 Day 4: September 12 Day 5: September 13 Breakfast 8:30 am – 9:30 am Arrival Meet & Greet Catered breakfastat the Vancouver Convention Centre Meeting Room Catered breakfastat the Vancouver Convention Centre Meeting Room The Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s EmpressRoom– Deluxe Continental Breakfast Departure Activity 9:30 am – 11:30 am Welcome Reception at Convention Centre - Bicycle Tour - Spa Day - SpanishBanks/ KitsilanoBeach Travel to Whistler / Blackcomb WestCoast SightseeingTour Lunch 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm The Keg Yaletown The EnglishBay Boathouse Araxi Restaurant & Bar Lunch Tasting Tour - Palmer’s - Cultural Centre - 5280 Bistro Activity 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm - Big Bus SightseeingTour - Science World - Grouse Mountain - Capilano Suspension Bridge - Golfing - HorsebackTrail Riding - Ziptreking - ATV Tour - Blackcomb HelicopterTour - Spa Day - RiverRafting Dinner 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm AquaRiva Joe Fortes Dininginthe Alpine FINAL PARTY Fire & Ice Activity 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm THEME PARTY Glitz & Glamour THEME PARTY Casino Night THEME PARTY Under the Sea FINAL PARTY Fire & Ice Vancouver Whistler / Blackcomb
  • 11. 11 Day 1: September 9, 2012 ARRIVAL ARRIVAL - 7:00 am Vancouver International Airport (YVR) – 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond Upon arrivinginVancouver,yourguestswill be greetedatthe airportbyour professionals atStar Destinations.Theirbelongingswillbe broughttothe busesforthem, andour staff will then escortthem to the awaitingbuses. Transportation from VancouverInternational Airport to Shangri-La Hotel: The bus will departat7:30 am fromthe VancouverInternationalAirportandarrive at the Shangri-La Hotel to dropoff your guest’sbelongings at8:00 am. The attendeeswill thenhave achance tocheck intotheirrooms,dropoff theirbelongingsandrelax before settingof ontheirfirstactivity. Activity - 9:30 am – 11:30 am Welcome Reception at VancouverConvention Centre – 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC Guestswill enjoybeingwelcomedinto Vancouverbysignature beverages,greatfoodandfriendly service. Theywill be whiskedoff tothe brandnew VancouverConventionCentre foran“Opening Ceremonies”Welcome Reception.Guestswill getthe opportunitytosee whatVancouveristrulyabout surroundedby Aboriginal dancers,authenticCanadiantotempoles, andanelaborate WestCoastfeel. Included will be ashort15 minute videopresentationoutliningwhatthe guests willgettoenjoyontheir stay,and the highlightsof comingtoVancouver. Lunch - 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm The Keg Yaletown – 1011 Mainland Street, Vancouver Quality,comfortandvalue are three keyingredientsthatmake The KegSteakhouse &Bar experience like noother. The menufeaturestender,juicysteaks,slow roastedprime rib,succulentshellfish,the freshestof salads,irresistibledesserts…andan outstandingwine list. Whenit comesto steak,The Kegservesonlythe finest cuts. Theyare aged fortenderness.Then,averyspecial blendof seasoningsisaddedtolenduniqueflavorwhile still allowingthe natural propertiesof the highquality, well agedbeef tobe enjoyedtoitsfullest.Thisensures that a tender,succulent,flavorfulsteakisguaranteedoff the grill everytime.
  • 12. 12 The Keg’s invitingculture will alwayswelcome youwithasmile. The staff isoutgoing,knowledgeable and friendly,withagenuine desire toplease.The KegSteakhouse &Bar providesanatmosphere that encouragesyoutoenjoy,relax andbe yourself. Activity - 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm Big Bus Sightseeing Tour – Vancouver Big Busoffersthe mostunique VancouverCityTour – withtheirvintage convertible double-deckerbuses,youwill gettoexperience andexplore the natural and urban landscapesof thisbeautiful city.Fromthe sandy beachesof EnglishBayto the snow-cappedmountainsnestledagainstthe shore,visitorsare boundtobe impressedbythe sightsandsoundsof this one-of-a-kindcitytour. Science World – 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver Science WorldBritishColumbiaisa non-profitorganizationwhichengagesBritishColumbiansinscience and inspires future science andtechnologyleadership. Itisa science centre whichcontainsanIMAX, exhibitgalleries,aplanetarium, hands-onactivitiesandlive shows. Dinner - 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Aqua Riva – 200 Granville Street, Vancouver Vancouver’sBestWood-FiredRotisserie &SeafoodGrill. AquaRiva’swindow-wrappeddiningroom&bar offer sweepingharbourfrontviewsof Burrardinlet,visitingcruise ships& the NorthShore skyline.Adornedwithluminous muralsand nautical accents,AquaRivaisthe perfectplace for businesslunches,groupcelebrationsandelegant dinners.Experience Chef MarioFortin’scontemporaryWest Coast cuisine alongwithaselectionfromthe B.C.focused wine listinthisequallyinspiringsetting.
  • 13. 13 Activity - 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm THEME PARTY – Glitz & Glamour Tonightisto be an eveningof splendorandluxury.Guestswill be amazedatthe transformationthathas takenplace inan otherwise veryordinarylookingdiningroom.Walkingdownthe twinkling fiberoptic star carpet withlitstanchionsandredsilkropes,guestsalreadystarttofeel glamorous.Enteringinto the mainroom glitzandglamouris all around.Table centresare elegantlily vase centre pieceswithtwinkle twigs whichsiton a mirroredbox.The centre piece isilluminatedfrombelow usinga colour-fade LEDlightwhichslowlyfades throughoutthe evening.A twinklingLED Star clothsetsoff the stage area ready for the evening’sentertainment. Delicatelylitcocktail tablesare placed around the roomfor gueststogather by and have a few drinks.Mirrorball sculpturesare inabundance givingabeautiful effectonthe ceilingandwallsaslightbouncesoff to create a starryeffect.Asthe eveningprogressesandpeople nearcoffeeanddessertsthe entertainment, a local band will play.People canmake theirwaytothe dance flooranddance to the hitsplayedbythe 10 SoldiersBandall nightlong. Day 2: September 10, 2012 Breakfast - 8:30 am – 9:30 am Vancouver Convention Centre– 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC Executive Chef BlairRasmussen will provide the breakfastforyourguestsinthe VancouverConventionCentre.BornandraisedinVancouver,Blairisa leading figure inthe developmentof Canada’snew WestCoastCuisine –a unique combinationof freshlocal ingredients,Asianinfluencesandinnovativefood pairings.Histeamproudlyoperatesa“scratch” kitchenusingonlythe finestand freshestingredients –fromfresh-caughtseafoodtoproduce fromnearbyfarms and freshpastries. Thiswouldbe the bestwaytoexperience breakfastfromone of Vancouver’sbestleadingmeetingprofessional eventspacesandbreakfast made fromscratch fromonlythe best.
  • 14. 14 Activity - 9:30 am – 11:30 am Guests have the choice of one of three activities. 1. Vancouver Bicycle Tour 2. Spa Day 3. Relaxing day at the Spanish Banks / Kitsilano Beach Lunch - 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm The English Bay Boathouse – 1795 Beach Avenue, Vancouver The Boathouse WaterfrontRestauranthasbeenspecializinginfreshseafoodfromthe WestCoastof BritishColumbiaandaroundthe worldsince 1981. Theirteamof dedicatedchefsprepareeachdishwith a focus onfreshflavoursandfeature the finest ingredientsfromPacificNorthwestfarmers, fishermenandotherlocal producers. They take pride inservingseasonallyselectedfreshfish, premiumoystersandCertifiedAngussteaks, pairedwitha large wine selectionfeaturingBC VQA winesandworldwinestochoose from.With a commitmenttoservingonlywild&sustainable seafood,the Boathouse selectsall Oceanwisefish and supportsthe PacificSalmonFoundationin replenishingsalmonstocksinthe rivers&streams inBC. Withstunningoutdoorpatios,fabulousWestCoastdecorandspectacularviews,The Boathouse isa favourite forlocalsandtouristsforlunch,dinnerandweekendbrunch.The Boathouse hasbecome knownas one of the bestplacesinVancouverandonthe West Coastfor waterfrontdining.
  • 15. 15 Activity - 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm Grouse Mountain & the Capilano Suspension Bridge Steponboardthe famousGrouse MountainSkyride,andgetreadyto experience aone-mile journeylike noother. Highabove towering Douglasfirs,breathtakingviewsof the cityof Vancouver,sparklingPacific Ocean,Gulf Islands,andsnowypeaksunfoldasyoujourneyupthe mountainside.NorthAmerica'slargestaerial tramwayisyourgatewayto the majesticnature of the Peakof Vancouver,andanexperience initself. CapilanoSuspensionBridge isone of Vancouver,BritishColumbia'smost populartouristattractions.The reasonissimple,there are somany thingsto see anddo! Justminutesfromthe bustle of downtown Vancouver,CapilanoSuspensionBridgeoffersaunique mix of adventure, historyandculture makingthisVancouvertouristattractionacomplete BritishColumbiaexperience andanessential onyourlistof thingstodo inVancouver,BC. Dinner - 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Joe Fortes – 777 Thurlow Street, Vancouver Joe FortesSeafood&Chop House hasbeenspecializinginclassic,Americancuisine since1985. It is a tribute toExecutive Chef ScottPraticoandhiskitchenstaff thatJoe’shasmaintaineditsunparalleled popularitywithbothlocalsandtouristsalike formore than20 years – an astonishingfeatinthe restaurantbusiness. The Joe Forteskitchenprepareseachdishwithafocusonnatural flavoursandfeaturesthe finest ingredientscollectedfromPacificNorthwestfarmers,fishermenandfoodartisans.Servingmore than50 kindsof freshfish, includingthe legendary3-tieredSeafoodTower, premiumoystersandsucculent chops,Joe FortesSeafood&Chop House signature disheshave become afavorite of locals,celebrities and touristsalike. Accompanythese culinarydelightswithourclassiccocktailsorselectionsfromouraward-winningwine list,andyou’re infor an unforgettablediningexperience.
  • 16. 16 Activity - 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm THEME PARTY – Casino Royale Your CasinoRoyale eveningwillbe a nightof excitement,glamour,andentertainmentthatstandshead and shouldersabove the rest!Notonlywillthe roombe transformedintoafullyfunctionalcasino,but to give ita unique andabsolutelystunningappearanceandtoenhance the mood,there will be stunning lightinganddécor.35 differentcasinotableswill grace the floor,includingPoker,Blackjack,Craps,Roulette andSlot Machinesalongwithfullytrained,personal dealerstomake the nightenjoyable forall of the guests.Waitresseswill be dressedheadtotoe in lavishcostumes,servingsignature cocktailsandcanapés all nightlongand we have createda unique “Millionaire Game”specificallyforyourgroup. Day 3: September 11, 2012 Breakfast - 8:30 am – 9:30 am Vancouver Convention Centre– 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC Executive Chef BlairRasmussen will provide the breakfastforyourguestsinthe VancouverConventionCentre.BornandraisedinVancouver,Blairisa leading figure inthe developmentof Canada’snew WestCoast Cuisine –a unique combinationof freshlocal ingredients,Asianinfluencesandinnovativefood pairings.Histeamproudlyoperatesa“scratch” kitchenusingonlythe finest and freshestingredients –fromfresh-caughtseafoodtoproduce fromnearby farmsand freshpastries. Thiswouldbe the bestwayto experience breakfast fromone of Vancouver’sbestleadingmeetingprofessional eventspacesand breakfastmade fromscratch fromonlythe best. Activity - 9:30 am – 11:30 am Guests will be travelling to Whistler / Blackcomb at this time. Lunch - 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Araxi Restaurant & Bar – 4222 Village Square RR 4, Whistler The culinarycornerstone inthe heartof WhistlerVillage,Araxi enjoysalong-heldinternational reputationforexcellence infood,wineandhospitality.
  • 17. 17 Executive Chef JamesWaltcelebratescarefullysourced local ingredientsfromnearbyPembertonValleyfarms, where he collaboratesfrequentlywithlocal growers. His seasonallyrotatingmenusalsofeaturethe freshest seafoodcatchesdirectfromthe PacificOcean.Walt's innovative andskillfullyexecuteddishesdeliver intelligentcompositionsanddelightfulflavours, carefullymarriedtoouraward-winningwine list.Chef’s tastingmenus,anda la carte selections,are popular withWhistlerresidentsandvisitorsalike. Araxi’sseamlessservice andhospitalityisledbyrestaurantdirectorSteve Edwards,aconsummate host dedicatedtoprovidinghisguestsWhistler’soptimaldiningexperience.The diningroomresonateswith livelyambianceenhancedwithfreshflowersandoriginal worksof art.The adjoiningBaristhe mountain’spopulargatheringplace forlocalsandvisitors,andinthe summerseasonthe patioisthe nexusof Whistler’svillagelife,wrappedbystunningmountainvistas. Activity - 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm Guests have a choice of either going golfing at one of the four prestige courses in Whistler, or going horseback riding and ziptreking through the mountain forests. 1. Horseback Riding Canadian Outback Events& Adventures Climbintothe saddle of strongand gentle mountain-bredhorsesandenjoyaride on throughthe Whistlermountains. Ziptreking Ziptrek Ecotours The original tourthat made Whistlerfamous, withfive ziplinesthatare joinedby anetwork of suspensionbridges,boardwalksandforest trails. 2. Whistler Golfing a. Big SkyGolf & CountryClub b. NicklausNorthGolf Course c. WhistlerGolf Club d. FairmontChateauWhistlerGolf Club
  • 18. 18 Dinner - 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Dining in the Alpine Your guests will enjoyaneveningatthe Roundhouse Lodge onWhistlerMountainfor an incredible mountaintopBBQexperience withlive entertainment. It’sjustashortride up the WhistlerVillage Gondola toenjoy mouth-wateringBBQ,freshsaladsand deliciousdessertsat6000 feet. Activity - 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm THEME PARTY – Under the Sea Enter the voyage of discovery intoWhistler’slittle city,but beware inthe underwater worldthingsare not the same as theyare onland. Aroundthe enchantedroomare an assortmentof beautifully coloured underwatercreatures and ripplingwatercanbe seen aroundthe ceilingandwallswithaccentedwithcolourfullighting.Underwaterremains are scattered here and there forgottenaboutoverthe years,watchoutfor creatureslurkingamongstthe shadows. The Lost Cityof Whistlerhasbeenahiddensecret foryears,plentywhogoinsearchof it neverreturnto dry landto tell theirtale.The treasureswillinclude acrobatsandcontortionistsdressedlike sea creaturesand beautifulpearlsplacedaroundinthe room. Day 4: September 12, 2012 Breakfast - 8:30 am – 9:30 am The Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s Empress Room – 4599 Chateau Boulevard, Whistler Guestswill enjoyadeluxe continental breakfastbefore embarkingontheiractivities.
  • 19. 19 Activity - 9:30 am – 11:30 am West Coast Sightseeing Tour Experience the mountainparadise.Feelthe mistof the spectacular335-meterShannonFallsasyouwalk to the viewingdeck. InWhistlerthere isample timetodine,shop,ride abike, orstroll the trails.Savour the beautiful viewsyouwillexperience overlookingHowe Sound.  Britannia Beach - Lovely stop for coffee and unique shopping  Shannon Falls Park – Towering display of Mother Nature’s force  Brandywine Falls – Magnificent waterfall view point  Whistler Village – Shops, trails, lakes, sights, gondolas and much more Lunch - 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Whistler Tasting Tour The WhistlerTastingTour isa great wayto spendan afternooninWhistlerwithyourgroup.Thistourfeatures three fantasticvenuesandincludesanexperience atthe local cultural centre that will give guestsawindow into BC’s richheritage.Theywill finishthe leisurelyaffairona patioor indoorsat the Four SeasonsBistro.  Palmer’s  Cultural Centre  5280 Bistro Activity - 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm Guests have the option of choosing two out of the four activities. 1. ATV Tour WhistlerATV WhistlerATV hasbeenfamilyownedandoperatedsince 1992.As a boutique operation, theypride themselvesin providingthe ultimatebackcountryexperience.Asa family they caterto otherfamilies;asadrenalinejunkies and backcountryenthusiastswe catertoprovidingthe ultimate ATV experience. Shawn,KimandCody Wilson,alongwiththeirteamof qualifiedbackcountryguidesandfriendlyfrontdeskstaff worktogetherin takinga hands-onapproachto making everytoura memorable experience.
  • 20. 20 2. Blackcomb Helicopter Tour Blackcomb Aviation BlackcombAviationoffersadiverse range of yearroundsightseeingtoursin comfortable,fully-equippedtouring helicopters. Whistlertoursinclude abird’seye view of Whistler/Blackcombresortfollowedbya gorgeousscenictourof the mountains, alpine meadows,rivers,waterfallsand glacierfedlakesthatlie beyondthe highwaysandhikingtrailsof the area. 3. Spa Day Vida WellnessSpaat The Fairmont ChateauWhistler An escape fromrealityto natural elegance, Vida WellnessSpa,FairmontChateauWhistlerisan innovative dayspabrandemphasizinghealing and health. The philosophyof VidaWellnessSpaisstrongly rootedon the delicate balance of innercalm, outervitality,sensorypleasure andspiritual health. A holisticapproachthatblendsthe ancientIndianprinciplesof Ayurvedatogether withmodernpracticesensuresthateachguest receivesapersonalizedtreatmentthat meets theirindividual needs. 4. River Rafting WhistlerRiverAdventures Joinus onthe adventure of alifetimethatwill leave yougrinningfromear-to-ear. Whistler RiverAdventure toursleadyoudownrolling rivers,throughpristine wilderness,and beneathtoweringmountainsthatwill take your breathaway.GuidedbyWhistler'smost energeticandexperiencedteam, this once-in- a-lifetime opportunityisamustduringyour visittoWhistler.
  • 21. 21 Dinner & Activity - 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm FINAL PARTY – Fire & Ice Guestsmake theirwaythrougha chillingentrance area across a grand star carpet.There is a coldfeeling alreadyas theypassundera stone trellisarchwaywith an icy drape litwithblue uplighters,swishtanksalso add to the chill factor. Upon enteringthe roomguestsare surroundedbya spectacularice cave,frostylookingstalactiteshang fromthe ceiling.Tablesare decoratedwithFrostyice melttable centreswhichare litfrombelow givingoff a cool white lightand illuminatingthe tall vase that standsabove it.Towardsthe topof the vase,a giantice ball slowlymeltsthroughoutthe eveninganddripsover icicleswhichhave formedinside the vase.Thisis beautifullyfinishedoff withanice garlandwrapped roundthe vase. A gianticy mountainbackdropisonview addingtothe freezingcoldfeelof the eveningandsnowflake gobos housedwithinintelligentlightsslowlymoveoverthe wallsandceiling,betterwrapupwarm. Incontrast to the cold surroundingsflameburnersandfieryredbubblingtubesare ondisplayonstage,reduplighters add warmthand furtherintelligentlightsprojectawarmglow aroundthe room. The foodand beverage will alsocomplementthe theme –withthe martini ice sculpturesandice bar, and the hot andspicydishesbeingserved, tothe signature drinksbeingcreatedforyourguests thiswill be a nightto remember! Aerial dancersdressedinexoticredcostumeswillbe suspendedfromthe ceilingentertainingyour guestsforpart of the nightand appropriate themedmusicbyNearlyNeil Diamondwillfinishoff the overall package togive youthe perfectfire andice theme.
  • 22. 22 Day 5: September 13, 2012 DEPARTURE DEPARTURE - 8:30 am Vancouver International Airport (YVR) – 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond Guestswill departfromThe FairmontChateauWhistler andheadstraighttothe Vancouver International Airporttodepartback home.Luggage will be removedfromthe busesandtakenintothe airportfor more addedconvenienceforyourattendees. Transportation from The Fairmont Chateau Whistlerto the Vancouver International Airport: The bus will departat8:30 am fromThe FairmontChateauWhistlerandarrive atthe Vancouver International Airport at11:00 am. Contact Information: Star Destinations 3575 West Georgia Vancouver, BC, V3R 8L6 Telephone: 604.590.8746 Fax: 604.590.8747