Kombucha, My Lord, Kombucha
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Kombucha, My Lord, Kombucha Kombucha, My Lord, Kombucha Presentation Transcript

  • Kombucha, My Lord, Kombucha @nthmost and its variable health claims
  • S.C.O.B.Y.
    • "symbiotic collection of bacteria and yeasts"
  • Ok, It is Many Things in a Pancake in a Jar Saccharomyces boulardii (tropical strain of yeast) produces alcohol Acetobacter aerobic (bacteria) produces acetic acid & gluconic acid & cellulose Brettanomyces aerobic or anaerobic  (bacteria) produces acetic acid OR alcohol Pediococcus anaerobic (bacteria) produces Lactic Acid and slime Lactobacillus  (bacteria) produces Lactic Acid and slime And a cast of about 3 dozen variable others.
  • TEA  +  WATER  +  SUGAR  +  TIME
  • What's in There?
    • Always contains:
      • Acetic Acid (vinegar)
      • Gluconic Acid
      • Lactic Acid
      • indigestibles
    • Variably contains:
      • Caffeine (dep. on tea)
      • B-vitamins including riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, thiamin
      • Pantothenic Acid
      • Hyaluronic Acid
      • Glucaric Acid
  • Kombucha Claim: Probiotic? Our body uses kombucha to boost “intestinal flora.” Doing so helps increase the absorption of nutrients. This translates into increased lifespan and the visual benefits of healthier skin and hair. --thepeopleschemist.com "Fermented foods can be good for your intestines," he said. "They can help the friendly bacteria thrive. These are all probiotic foods. Because they're byproducts of fermentation, they can help the friendly flora. … These little bugs we've been ignoring all these years — what we eat depends on whether the good guys or bad guys thrive." --Dr. Gerard Mullin, associate professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Kombucha Claim: Probiotic? Our body uses kombucha to boost “intestinal flora.” Doing so helps increase the absorption of nutrients. This translates into increased lifespan and the visual benefits of healthier skin and hair. --thepeopleschemist.com MAYBE ...but no reason to believe the longevity or youthfulness assertions.
  • Kombucha Claim: Liver Detoxification
    • Glucaronic acid is a known exobiotic binder in the liver.
    • THERE IS NO GLUCARONIC ACID IN KOMBUCHA (contrary to many claims), but . . .
    • Glucaric Acid is (variably) in kombucha.
    • and
    • Higher amounts of glucaronic acid waste products are often found in the urine of kombucha drinkers.
  • Glucaric Acid
  • Kombucha Claim: Skin and Joint Rejuvenation (supposedly) supports structure of elastin and collagen in the skin. There ARE some small, very variable amounts of hyaluronic acid in some kombucha brews .   Hyaluronic acid is a synovial fluid.
  • Have You Noticed the Word "Variable" a Lot?
  • Effects of Different Sugars on a 12-Day Brew (compared to black k-tea made w/ white sugar) from independent experiments carried out between Jan 2007 and Oct 2008 Turbinado Thick, opaque Fairly normal tasting Agave Syrup, Corn Syrup Thick, opaque Fizzy, a little sour Sucanat, Rapadura, Brown Sugar Thick, opaque Fizzy, sour Stevia, Splenda (indigestible) Thin, moldy Didn't risk tasting it Barley Malt Thick, pale Cloudy, sour vinegary, lots of sediment Xylitol (sugar alcohol) Very thin, opaque very mild, not much fermented, fizzy Fructose Thin, "anemic" Not much fermented, tasted like plain tea Honey Thin, pale Cloudy, lots of sediment
  • It's different and interesting. It's a connection to (possibly) 2000 years of fermentative culture. It might be refreshing and give you a feeling of health . It might get you buzzed. You get to make it how you like it . You can worry aloud about whether your "mother" is doing alright in the basement. Like Ross on the right, you could dry and tan the culture and make a lampshade out of it . OK, Then Why Brew Kombucha?
  • Fun Things People Say About Kombucha It’s like the Roquefort of tea. --commenter on skepticblog.org Bacteria really don't like sunlight. Think of a stinky gym bag. A warm, moist place is where they like to live. It's the intense funk that makes the magic happen. --Elise Maiberger, quoted from her kombucha workshop on tablematters.com You can’t go around saying you killed your mother.  It freaks people out. --Tim Anderson, quoted in the New York Times (5/25/2010)