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NTCities - NTBristol

  1. 1. Bristol in context: the suburbs of the City of Bristol spill over into adjacent local authority areas.The City also has a wider relationship with nearby towns and cities. For example 21% of thepeople who work in Bristol live in South Gloucestershire. Just under 9% of Bristol’s workforcelives in North Somerset. There are significant flows in the reverse direction out of Bristol.
  2. 2. Bristol Portfolio Clevedon Court Redcliffe Bay Leigh Woods Cadbury Camp Frenchay Common Shirehampton Failand Estate Blaise Hamlet Westbury College Gatehouse … Tyntesfield
  3. 3. Starts withTyntesfield
  4. 4. 6 Years Capital Works Programme£16.4 millionPublic Benefit 6 years Learning Audience Development Access Interpretation
  5. 5. 56% visitorscome to seeconservationin action
  6. 6. SawmillCentre
  7. 7. 65 % of visitors come fromwithin 25 miles
  8. 8. 800 volunteers
  9. 9. Reaching 220,000visitors 2011/12
  10. 10. Building onlegacy ofTyntesfield…
  11. 11. Bristol Vision 2012 - 2020 By 2020 everyone in Bristol will have visited or feel connected to their local NT place
  12. 12. Bristol’s unique brand?Destination Bristol, has been developing aplace-making and marketing strategy forthe City of Bristol. Their analysis points toBristol as having defining characteristics ofinnovative, creative and unorthodox.
  13. 13. Bristol has a large and diverse voluntary sector. VOSCUR, the umbrella body in the City has more 450 member organisations, spanning everything from the 1st Bristol Muslim Scout to the Character of the voluntary sector Churches Conservation Trust, and the Furniture Reuse Project to the Easton Jubilee Trust. There also appears to be a fairly strong interest in volunteering. Volunteering Bristol responded to 14,800 volunteer enquiries in 2008/9. Below is a snapshot of this varied sector: Bristol Musicspace provides music Easton & Lawrence Hill Firebird Theatre Horfield Organic therapy services fro children, young Neighbourhood Management is a Company of Commuity Orchard – a people and adults in Bristol and the - A resident-led organisation to sixteen disabled small group who created Surrounding area make positive changes in actors. an orchard on overgrown Easton and Lawrence Hill allotment plotsThe People’s Republic of StokesCroft is working to support the Young Bristol works withdevelopment of Stokes Croft as a young people across theCultural Quarter Saxon Road Green Space Windmill Hill City Greater Bristol area running – a community group in St Farm is an projects that build young Werburghs working to independent people’s confidence, give conserve a local community project them new practical skills and greenspace for people and half a mile to the a sense of purpose and self- wildlife south of Bristol City worth Centre
  14. 14. Bristol MosaicArea Bristol Urban Area Members TOP 3 MOSAIC Groups Members TOP 3 M OSAIC Groups 11,626 Liberal Opinions 34,226 1 Ex-Council Com munity 46 Non FIT Non Members Industrial Heritage 28,356 Non M embers #N/A #N/A 194,611 Suburban Mindsets 24,482 46 #N/A #N/A Penetration Penetration 6.0% Top 3 P roportion of box 45% 2.2% Top 3 Proportion of box #N/A Members TOP 3 MOSAIC Groups Members TOP 3 M OSAIC Groups 9,059 Liberal Opinions (Fit) 14,039 0 #N/A #N/A Non Members Professional Rewards 6,009 Non M embers #N/A #N/A Fit 37,458 Suburban Mindsets (Fit) 5,235 0 #N/A #N/A Penetration Penetration 24.2% Top 3 P roportion of box 67% #DIV/0! Top 3 Proportion of box #N/A Reach Non Reac h
  15. 15. Bristol MOSAIC Profilewithin 40 minutes Drivetime Suburban Mindsets – Married, middle aged with kids. Typically this group are middle class or skilled working class; with aspirations to owning their own house and a decent standard of living and lifestyles in which to bring up their children. One of the groups least likely to get involved with local society; simply because they have ‘busy lives’. They are unpretentious in their tastes, and often working within a budget. Would include some of our explorer families who might find a more local NT offer appealing from a value and ‘connecting / learning with their children’ perspective. Liberal opinions – Young upwardly mobile, cosmopolitan professional. Well educated and likely to be in good jobs which would include journalists, politics or the arts. This group would be a strong target for NT, as much of their leisure time is spent in museums, exhibitions, cinema and theatres. Industrial Heritage – Traditional and conservative this group are mostly married and are approaching retirement. Their children have left home leaving them in a larger home than they need; mortgages are virtually paid off as they save carefully and avoid debt. They are socially responsible people who generally live in the same community as where they have grown up. Neighbourhoods are concentrated where there was growth in the industrial revolution; South Wales, East Midlands, South Yorkshire and the Pennines. This group are more responsive to traditional sales approaches that emphasize value for money.
  16. 16. 2011 – 12We’ve been doing a lot of talking Bristol Natural History Consortium Home Farm Frolic Bristol Spirit of Place Debate Forum for Future Kings Weston Volunteer Partnership Bristol City Council
  17. 17. And doing a fewthings …Bioblitz 2011
  18. 18. Now we’ve got to do something!What next? Currently in planning phase for programme of work 2012 – 2017 Three streams: • Animating Urban • Outdoors • Perception busting
  19. 19. Animating urban environment Bear Pit improvement group Happy City Initiative Reconnecting People to Food pilot (Morrisons/Forum for Future/NT/BCC) ISHED digital technologies Place making projects
  20. 20. Outdoors – 83% of Bristol Peopleuse local green space Kings Weston Volunteers New Portfolio Outdoors Manager – Focus on Partnership Brislington Victory Park
  21. 21. Perception Busting activity… Exciting digital engagement projects with ISHED Events e.g. Aardman partnership Creative Economy partnership International Games Festival Home Farm Frolic
  22. 22. Success dependent on … Sufficient team capacity and good range of skills Clear plan of action Ability to source funding Partnership Sharing learning & knowledge
  23. 23. Exciting timesFor ever foreveryone