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Lcsu3 training guide Lcsu3 training guide Presentation Transcript

  • Laerdal Compact Suction Unit Training Guide Greater Sydney HEMS ASNSW
  • LCSU 3● Battery powered portable suction unit, up to 45 mins constant use.● 300ml canister, single use.● Variable vacuum 50 – 500mmHg.● Rechargeable and removable battery.
  • LCSU 3 top Battery low indicatorSuction power mmHg Power on /off Charging (out when External fully charged) power
  • LCSU 3 Side Filter assembly Graduated 300mL canister. Disposable single use only Tubing attachment Suction control
  • USE1. Attach tubing and Yankauer to canister inlet.2. Turn on and check suction by occluding outlet – look for green light to 550mmHg.3. Leave off until suction actually needed – (conserve battery and lessen noise)4. Ensure unit is upright to avoid contact of fluid with filter.
  • StowagePrehospital Trauma Pack 2 (Red).The unit is self contained, including one canister,Yankauer Sucker and tubing length.
  • Cannister● Canister snaps into place.● Note, if filter becomes wet, the suction will cease to protect the internal motor.● Always use in upright position to maximise available volume
  • ● Use coin or similar to open Batteries housing.● Remove Battery and disconnect cable.● Replace with fully charged battery.● Battery can be charged within unit.● Device can run while being charged● Charge duration 5 hours max● Battery life – 45 mins maximum continuous use.
  • Important Notes● The suction will cease if the filter becomes wet, this protects the motor.● Avoid canister content from coming into contact with filter, eg by careless handling.● The low battery warning indicates < 5 mins power.● If suction fails consider moving to alternative, eg Vehicle, Aircraft, Bridge.● The catheter tip 60mL syringe is available in the intubation kit as a last resort.
  • Usage● This device is to be utilised on all RSI if vehicle suction is not practical or available.● The 300mL canister may fill rapidly, source alternate suction if likely, by moving patient to vehicle.● The canister cannot be emptied and re-used.● The device will be checked on daily level 3 checks.● The entire unit should be rotated and placed on charge, for level 1 checks and after use.
  • Specifications● Weight: 1.53 kg● Size: 18cmH x 26.7cmW x 7.4cmD● Disposable Canister Capacity: 300ml● Integrated Filter: Internal Bacterial Filter/ Fluid Shut-off● Patient Suction Tubing (non-sterile)● Length: 0.9m● Vacuum - Range: 50-550mmHg (6.7 - 73kPa)● (+/-27.5 mmHg)● Battery Operation Time: Up to 45 minutes● Noise Level: < 70 dB(A)● *Conditions may vary according to environmental factors, system configuration, power source, age/maintenance of battery, and/or state of charge.● Electrical Requirements: 100-240 V AC 47-63 Hz, 0.75A max; 12 V DC, 33 W max● Battery: High Capacity Rechargeable NiMH● Charging Time: Up to 5 hours● Operating● Temperature Range: 0 degrees C - 40 degrees C● Relative Humidity: 0-95%● Atmospheric Pressure: 10.2 Psi (70 kPA) - 15.4 Psi (106 kPA)● Storage and Transport● Temperature Range: -40 degrees C - 70 degrees C● Relative Humidity: 0-95%● Atmospheric Pressure: 7.3 Psi (50 kPA) - 15.4 Psi (106 kPA)