English Study for Kids & Teens in Malta at NSTS - 2012


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NSTS was the first English language school in Malta. Today it a leading school that partners education with a great time.

NSTS fosters intercultural lifestyle, learning and travel opportunities for students and young adults to create life-time prospects for their holistic development in a multi-cultural society. NSTS is
committed to affordable, quality international education, hospitality programmes of value, and the exchange of knowledge among peoples, supported by a friendly customer-centric philosophy.

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English Study for Kids & Teens in Malta at NSTS - 2012

  2. 2. Welcome Welcome to the heart and soul of the Mediterranean, Malta . A sunny island offering all the perks of blissful beach life coupled with the solid authenticity of the English Language. NSTS is here to guide you through this unique sensation of what we like to call a “learning holiday”. We are here to ensure that you strike the right balance between practising and improving your English language skills and enjoying the culturally rich, vibrant atmosphere this fun loving archipelago proposes. With a population of around 400,000 people, Malta can be seen as one big family. Friendly people, hearty food and picturesque scenery are but a few of what you will be able to enjoy during your visit. Let us tempt you with a few more fun facts about this precious island: • 300 Days of sunshine and warm seas – Malta may be the smallest nation within the European Union, but that only continues to accentuate its attribute of having the best climate in the world. This means that it acts as an idyllic background setting for swimming, sunbathing, exciting water sports, entertaining beach parties and innovative cultural tours. Being so practically sized as an island Malta, provides you with the opportunity to have a two in one holiday- learning English and soaking up the sun. Malta’s warm climate extends itself to the rest of the year, offering you enjoyable outdoor life with cool bars and cafes for you to hang about and practise your English with friends. • We speak English – You will find that in Malta everyone speaks English, starting from the more obvious ones like teachers and hosts to the man in the corner shop and even the bus drivers! English being Malta’s official language alongside Maltese makes Malta an excellent choice for you to improve your English language fluency. • Fascinating evening lifestyle – The islands offer you an infinite number of street parties, traditional village festas, live music gigs, mega concerts, discos, jamming sessions, open-air theatre and buzzing entertainment. If anything, you will certainly feel spoilt for choice. • 7 millennia of history – Malta is described as an open-air museum sharing with its guests 7000 years of history and 8 UNESCO heritage sites. Interactive attractions and lively Malta allows you travel back to the past and to relive exciting moments which have shaped the Mediterranean lifestyle as we know it today. • Keeping in shape – Since it is a given fact that you will be greatly enjoying your food in Malta, we thought it fit to inform you that the island is equipped with sports grounds, gymnasia, swimming pools, sea, countryside and fitness centres to keep you smiling and in good health. • Smart Island – Malta may be a standalone island, but the extensive number of Wi-Fi spots and internet cafes will keep you connected to your friends and loved ones back home. You can almost say that they can be virtually on holiday with you.
  3. 3. CONTENTS Welcome to NSTS English Language Institute 7 The Educational Dimension 8 The NSTS Learning Philosophy 10 Our Quality Credentials 11 Teens English Adventure 13 Kids English Camp 14 One-to-One Beginner Lessons 15 School Groups 16 English for my First Job & Work Training 16 English & Cultural Immersion 17 General English Speaking Practice 18 Project English Speaking Practice 18 High School Year 19 Senior High School Year 20 International Baccalaureate 21 We are One Family 22 Student Residences 23 Other Accommodation, Homestay & Hotel Resort 24LEGEND OF NSTS ENGLISH PROGRAMMES Lifestyle Excursions & Leisure Activities 26 Terms & Conditions 27 ADVENTURE SPECIALISATION EXAM PREPARATION
  4. 4. WELCOmE Welcome to NStS English language Institute where our priority is to make every young student’s learning experience as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible! This is reflected in our Mission statement that states: “NSTS fosters intercultural lifestyle, learning and travel opportunities for students and young adults to create life-time prospects for their holistic development in a multi-cultural society. NSTS is committed to affordable, quality international education, hospitality programmes of value, and the exchange of knowledge among peoples, supported by a friendly customer-centric philosophy.” NSTS English Language Institute offers: • a fantastic study destination which is safe, friendly and most importantly a proficient English speaking environment. • An extensive portfolio of English Language Programmes with exciting, interactive educational activities. • Exciting activites, sports events, parties and a networking programme which is the foundation stone of Learning through Fun philosophy. We welcome both individual students and school groups. At NSTS, we are all committed towards offering the highest standards in quality and care both through our local and international affiliations.6 7 We invite you to sit back, relax and get to know us and our language programmes better. The NSTS academic team is trained to offer dedicated attention to each individual student and, together with our varied language programmes to suit all needs, we guarantee that this will be the experience of a lifetime! Students have been coming to the English Language Institute for 48 years and have consistently recommended our Language School to their school friends and family members because of our academic integrity, multicultural diversity and fantastic social activity programme. The NSTS English Language Institute offers courses at all tuition levels. Based on the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages of the Council of Europe, our courses are guaranteed to suit your requirement. NSTS staff members are the most important factor for the success of our programmes as they are directly responsible for your welfare and happiness. Therefore, we have established a very rigorous selection, preparation and orientation procedures for our staff to offer the best caring and quality service to you. We also assure that juniors and teens are constantly supervised. Our representatives and sales agents will help you choose the right study plan designed for your personal needs, whilst also taking care of your accommodation, welfare and social life in Malta. NSTS prides itself in understanding the importance of Learning through Fun and interactive activities especially when it comes to younger students and teens.
  5. 5. one-To-one beginner lessons ThE EDUCATIONAL DImENSION A kid or young teenager may start learning English through this private tuition one-to-one programme together with a tutor who is dedicated to teach very young students. The NSTS English Language Institute provides you with English language programmes that combine English tuition within the classroom with ENtry lEvEl: from A1/ Beginner enjoyable opportunities of non-formal English practice. These take the form of twice daily 3 to 4 hour sessions of leisure, entertainment, StuDENt typE: Committed to Learn partying, music and water sports that exploit Malta’s Mediterranean fun, cultural richness and sports activities. This page presents you with our ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 20 course range designed to help you choose the right programme that suits your particular language and holiday needs. MaxIMuM ClaSS SIzE: 1, 2, 3 according to clients’ concurrent bookings Teens english AdvenTure Kids english cAMP high school yeAr NSTS brand new formula for exciting and motivating Our rebranded programme for kids from 10 to 13 years You will join the high school class appropriate to your age where interactive lessons and a full programme of leisure time fun with lots of healthy and creative activities under our leaders you will study English language and all subjects common to activities that keep you going all day long throughout your watchful eyes plus English lessons filled with language games the British High School system alongside Maltese students school summer and winter holidays. and movement. of similar age. You will participate in various sport and cultural activities to further develop your personality. ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate StuDENt typE: Active, Fun loving & Eager to Learn StuDENt typE: Wonderful Active Kids ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 20 ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 20 StuDENt typE: Keen to Study Abroad (11-16 years) avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 8, maximum 15 avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 12, maximum 15 ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: Day school avEragE ClaSS SIzE: Maximum 25 generAl english sPeAKing ProJecT english sPeAKing PrAcTice8 9 PrAcTice (school grouP) (school grouP) senior high school yeAr We have rebranded our School Group Classical English An opportunity for teachers to propose a school theme so as You will join a local Senior High School to study 6 subjects courses into General English Conversation Practice to sharpen to integrate the English lessons in Malta with those back home including English at A level standard, interact with students student speaking skills and build upon the strong grammar and and present a final researched project upon the groups’s return. your age and participate in extra-curricular and sport activities vocabulary foundation they receive from their own school. to make the best out of your experience. ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate StuDENt typE: Motivated to Make English Presentations ENtry lEvEl: from B1/ Intermediate StuDENt typE: Motivated to Speak English ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 16, 20 StuDENt typE: Success Seeker (16-18 years) ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 12, 16, 20 avEragE ClaSS SIzE: According to school group size ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: Day School avEragE ClaSS SIzE: According to school group size avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 40 english for My firsT Job And WorK english & culTurAl iMMersion TrAining (school grouP) (school grouP) inTernATionAl bAccAlAuerATe A classical study tour immersed in English but updated and You will study 3 subjects at higher level and 3 subjects at A specialised training programme for job seekers covering remodelled to provide innovative interactions with the English standard level that must include English and mathematics practical job application issues – a version of “Business speaking Animateur and the sites visited. and 4 subjects selected from modern languages, the natural English” course for job beginners. On special request NSTS sciences, business & management, economics, philosophy and finds a work training placement to practice on-the-job and ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate environmental systems & societies, the visual arts. English skills. StuDENt typE: Motivated by Heritage and English ENtry lEvEl: from B2/ Intermediate ENtry lEvEl: from B1/ Intermediate Cultural IMMErSIoN prograMME: 4 full day cultural outings in Malta, optional entrance fees, optional Gozo StuDENt typE: Avid International Achiever StuDENt typE: International Job Seeker (16-19 years) avEragE ClaSS SIzE: According to school group size ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: Day School ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 20 avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 15 avEragE ClaSS SIzE: According to school group size
  6. 6. ThE NSTS LEArNINg PhILOSOPhy OUr QUALITy CrEDENTIALS At NSTS you will make meaningful progress towards reaching your English Language goals. Our academic team uses the latest teaching methods to help NSTS is the pioneer of English Language Training in Malta and we continue to maintain our academic leadership through research, professional you achieve full potential at the end of your Language Programme. Our Philosophy is based on: development seminars and by continuously listening to your needs and requirements and reviewing our teaching methodologies to suit them. CLASSrOOm ATTITUDE TAKINg CENTrE STAgE OUr SChOOL OUr TEAChINg STAff Our teaching team will source and use a varied range of fun and NSTS developed a unique style of interactive lessons that bring The NSTS school knows its origins through a joint initiative between NSTS prides itself for its formidable, loyal, highly qualified staff most interactive materials to bring out the best in you. Be it reading, movement, music, drama and film into your classroom. Alternatively the academic staff of the Faculty of English and the Student Council of which possessing the University of Cambridge ESOL, CELTA or writing, grammar, vocabulary or listening and speaking, our qualified we take you on fieldwork, quizzing, interviewing on one course day at the University of Malta. Today these two organisations are DELTA, University English Language Training degrees, long years of teachers are there to develop your abilities and encourage you to per week. You become the central actors of the lessons putting in represented on the autonomous governing body of NSTS English experience and annual refresher courses and continuous professional practice these skills among your new friends. We guarantee you will vibe and motivation to your own liking and enjoyment as you practice Language Institute. It is a fact that the school you choose to study development in ELT methodology. love it so much you will make the extra effort of speaking English even speech, intonation and pronounciation. at, shapes your life and experience. If you are looking for a reliable outside classroom hours! school with a proven track record that believes in providing you with OUr TEAChINg mEThODOLOgy PErSONAL SUPPOrT AND PrOgrESS mONITOrINg an invaluable lifetime experience, then we are right for you. Besides LEArNINg By DOINg the excellent student programmes we have on offer, our English One of our teaching staff’s many strengths is their ability to On arrival, you will be placed in a class according to your level of Language Institute also hosts Malta’s first established International encourage you to communicate in English giving you the opportunity Your training programme will not be complete without immersing English. Your progress will be monitored by our teaching staff. During Teacher Training Centre (ITTC). It prepares prospective teachers to develop and improve your skills. You will readily participate in yourself into our fantastic leisure activities. Learning at NSTS is not one-to-one meetings your teacher will help you identify the key areas for local qualifications, for the renowned international teaching dynamic teaching activities that are enhanced by the international just about sitting down in a class room but also about fun outings for improvement and how you can gain more confidence in your certificate of the University of Cambridge (CELTA), and also runs diversity of your class group and the rich cultural backdrop of our be they concerning Art, Culture, Nature or Sport. We ensure command of the English Language. refresher courses for the experienced teachers of English in high Mediterranean islands that our activities provide you with the opportunities to practise schools that are eligible for EU Comenius 2.2 funding. your newfound skills and motivate you to share and express your CONgrATULATIONS! OUr TEAChINg mATErIALS experiences with your new friends at ELI. Moreover the school is accredited to the Autonomous Accreditation At the end of your programme you will be awarded the NSTS English Council of the Malta Federation of Language Schools (FELTA). We At each lesson we provide you with a fresh approach of fun and Language Institute Certificate detailing the Training Programme associate ourselves with the leading local Christian and Private High stimulating materials. Our teaching staff is supported by authentic10 11 experienced at our school and the level of proficiency achieved. The Schools to offer you academic studies of superior quality. in-house materials on current topics that also feature the exciting Certificate can be used for your academic and professional profiles local Maltese touch. We equip you with set textbooks of international and it will provide proof of your achieved language skills. repute for our long-term and examination programmes.
  7. 7. ENGLISH PROGRAMMES TEENS ENgLISh ADvENTUrE A comprehensive programme for teenage students during each school holiday period that provides for 7 full days a week of English lessons, leisure and sports activities and supervision, including a one day window for relaxing and lazing or opting for optional outings. ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate SEa aDvENturE Here at NSTS English Language Institute we love to encourage you StuDENt typE: Active, Fun Loving & Eager to Learn to make the most out of your summer vacation. So why not visit us in Malta and sign up for the Sea Adventure Programme? prograMME DuratIoN: Minimum 1 week commencing with fixed dates Our teaching staff use communicative teaching methodology composed of role-play, language games, research tasks, interviews, ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: Sea Adventure 16, 20 fieldwork and hands-on projects. These will enable you to practise Sun Adventure 20 English with your classmates in a fun, stimulating environment, which promotes lifelong learning. lESSoN DuratIoN: 45 minutes, morning/afternoon As part of our Learning through Fun philosophy you will swim, make 1312 avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 12, maximum 15 (in winter 8, 12) friends, enjoy daily games and activities, and challenge yourself during the exciting water sports games. You will party, entertain and lEISurE aCtIvItIES: 14 varied units of 3 to 4 hours each on amuse yourself and your friends at places of fun and popular cultural leisure, culture, sports, art, music, beach club, games, parties, interest. singing, dancing, drama, talent competitions, tournaments, nature walks and much more. SuN aDvENturE Why not escape the winter cold and get to warm and friendly Malta aCCoMMoDatIoN: Student Residence – 2/3 bedded to improve your English during the winter holiday breaks? rooms and 4/5 duplex bedrooms We provide you dynamic English lessons to complement your 4 star hotel resort – 2/3/4 bedded rooms school studies in a pleasant way and organise leisure, cultural and Host Family – 2/3 bedded rooms. sports activities to further add to your enjoyment in the attractive countryside in the sun. aIrport traNSFEr: To be booked additionally to programme and accommodation aCCoMMoDatIoN You may live in one of our two splendid residences, a lower-cost modern student residence in duplex rooms and a 4 star hotel resort shared residence. Both have rooms with private facilities and air conditioning and offer half-board and full board meal plans. The two residences are available to groups only on the Sun Adventure programme except during the 2 weeks before and 1 week after Easter Sunday and throughout the Sea Adventure period when individual students are welcome.
  8. 8. KIDS ONE-TO-ONE ENgLISh CAmP BEgINNEr LEvEL Dedicated to the tender ages of 10 to 13 years the Kids English Camp A kid or young teenager may start learning English through this is a supervised 7 day week English and activities programme. private tuition one-to-one programme together with a tutor who is dedicated to teach very young students. Two or three kids or your EaStEr aND SuMMEr CaMpS teenagers at beginner level may enrol together to receive common If you love the seaside and want to speak English, then look no lessons from the same tutor. ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate further. We dedicate particular attention to our kids and provide ENtry lEvEl: from A1/ Beginner special supervision and play programme. Our teachers are motivated StuDENt typE: Active & Eager to Learn (10-13 years old) by greater fun and a more liberal approach to keep the child’s StuDENt typE: Committed to Learn attention high throughout the dynamic teaching activities and prograMME DuratIoN: Minimum 1 week commencing language games that they organise. prograMME DuratIoN: Minimum 1 week commencing 26 March to 13 April (Easter) and 18 June to 24 August 2012 Monday (Summer) We ensure the extra fun factor by organising trips to popular beaches and play parks, go on boat rides and interact with popular exhibits ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 20 ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 20 and attractions. Moreover we will organise daily games, animation, painting, modelling, designing, entertainment and sports. lESSoN DuratIoN: 45 minutes, morning/afternoon lESSoN DuratIoN: 45 minutes, morning/afternoon The Easter and Summer accommodation is exclusively at the 4 star14 15 avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 1, 2, 3 according to clients’ concurrent avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 12, Maximum 15 resort shared residence with swimming pool in 2/3/4 bedded rooms bookings with private facilities on half-board or full-board (packed lunch). The lEISurE aCtIvItIES: Daily, day-long involvement in creative resort offers a kids leisure room for daily in-house activities. lEISurE aCtIvItIES: No design, painting, crafts, modelling, games, animation, kids drama, DVD watching, weekly outing to cultural sites, beach SuN aDvENturE CaMp aCCoMMoDatIoN: Together with parents or at host family club, swimming, water sports, entertainment, games of skill and During the quieter winter period kids join their counterpart Teens and during Easter and Summer Camp periods 4 star hotel all that which keeps kids active and enjoying themselves. on the Sun Adventure Programme. The Sun Adventure Camp is resort shared residence in 2 / 3 / 4 bedded rooms. specifically designed for the very young to start their confidence in aCCoMMoDatIoN: 4 star hotel resort in 2 / 3 / 4 bedded English. aIrport traNSFEr: To be booked additionally to rooms. programme and accommodation We present interactive English lessons designed to promote fun and aIrport traNSFErS: To be booked additionally to attention to learning among the young, making lessons different from programme and accommodation those at school in the students’ country of origin. We will provide language games, songs for listening sessions, opportunities to speak English with classmates to increase vocabulary and improve on grammar. Accommodation in the Sun Adventure periods is at host families on full board (packed lunch).
  9. 9. ENgLISh & SChOOL grOUPS CULTUrAL ImmErSION The group enhances its general understanding of the English language in a non-formal environment by simply listening to a We love being an active part of school group development and where the teacher recommends the desired cultural trips. This is why we have organised proficient speaker. Practice of the language is made possible through programmes geared towards them where language tuition, accommodation, three sessions of 3 to 4 hours duration of organised activities comprising interactive cultural and/or adventure outings where one can learn orientation walk, sports, games, animation and party all shared with other school groups, assistance and airport transfers are all included. NSTS believes ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate more about Malta’s heritage and traditions or experience Malta’s that by combining our language expertise with the importance of overseas study trips, we can encourage students to be active and responsible citizens natural environment. both at school and in their respective communities. StuDENt typE: School Group (10-19 years) The school teacher will pre-select the 4 outings at historical sites prograMME DuratIoN: Minimum 1 week commencing for the day activities and may opt for day visits all subject to good on request advance notice of 15 days to NSTS. Cultural IMMErSIoN prograMME: 4 day cultural outings in Malta, 1 optional day in Gozo ENgLISh fOr my fIrST JOB & WOrK TrAININg16 17 If you are preparing yourself to enter a competitive workforce, where English is needed for success, why not opt for this course? Topics include job interview preparation, preparing résumés and covering letters and useful language for the workplace. We recommend that ENtry lEvEl: B1/ Intermediate you first learn the language skills you need to get the job, then move on to learn the expressions you’ll need to keep your job and get StuDENt typE: International Job Seeker (16-19 years) promoted! prograMME DuratIoN: Minimum 1 week commencing This programme also includes complementary work training at Monday on request established private organisations pre-arranged by NSTS. ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 20 What’s more? You will get the chance to experience half-day placements in minor job roles to further practice your language in an lESSoN DuratIoN: 45 minutes, morning/afternoon actual work environment. avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 15 according to group size lEISurE aCtIvItIES: Yes aCCoMMoDatIoN: Student Residence – 2/3 bedded rooms and 4/5 duplex bedrooms; 4 star hotel resort – 2/3/4 bedded rooms; Host Family – 2/3 bedded rooms, minimum 2 students per family
  10. 10. hIgh SChOOL gENErAL ENgLISh SPEAKINg PrACTICE yEAr School group students come with a good foundation of grammar and Few know that Malta enjoys an English system of high school vocabulary. Our teachers motivate them to speak freely by eliciting education that was introduced during British rule. Moreover the their vocabulary and encouraging them to build sentences guiding fees are much lower than in the UK even though it is of a very ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate them throug their known grammatical structures. high standard. Give your 11-16 year old the opportunity to develop academically in a foreign, safe and caring environment where making StuDENt typE: School Group (10-17 years) This is done with the added benefit of being among school friends. At ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate friends is so easy. prograMME DuratIoN: Minimum 1 week commencing the end of this course the individual ability to use English as a second language will improve considerably. We also offer the possibility to StuDENt typE: Keen to Study Abroad (11-16 years old) The class you join on this course depends on your current school Monday on request individual students to request additional 1-to-1 lessons. certificates. We will choose your new school class according to prograMME DuratIoN: One scholastic year (Sep-Jun) your age and level and you will study English, modern languages, ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 12, 16, 20 mathematics, science, social and environmental studies and physical ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: Full day education as well as other optional subjects. You will participate in lESSoN DuratIoN: 45 minutes, morning/afternoon various sport, gym, art, theatre and class activities to further develop lESSoN DuratIoN: 45/55 minutes your personality. avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 15 according to group size avEragE ClaSS SIzE: Maximum 25 This programme starts with a 3 week English top-up course and lEISurE aCtIvItIES: Yes proceeds to a local selected high school for day attendance over one18 19 paStoral Support aND WElFarE: NSTS Customer scholastic year. A final certificate indicating the progress attained and Relationship Team will care for each High School student and attendance will be awarded. PrOJECT ENgLISh offer guidance and support. SPEAKINg PrACTICE aCCoMMoDatIoN: English speaking Maltese host families on full board (packed lunch on school days) Your school teacher has the opportunity to choose a theme on aIrport traNSFErS: to be booked separately upon which the you and your classmates will work on for the duration enrolment. ENtry lEvEl: from A2/ Pre-Intermediate of the course. We will prepare Project English lessons and design questionnaires for your fieldwork based around the selected theme. StuDENt typE: School Group (14-19 years) The leisure activities programme includes two interactive field trips. prograMME DuratIoN: Minimum 1 week commencing You will be improving your general understanding of the English on request language in a non-formal, fun environment by focusing on the four main language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: 16, 20 Together we will develop a related project for you to be able to present to your school friends and family back home. This involves lESSoN DuratIoN: 45 minutes research, out-of-class interviews as well as report writing. All this is complemented by after school hours information and fantastic avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 15 according to group size animation activities. lEISurE aCtIvItIES: Yes including airport transfers At the end of this course the group’s ability to use English as a second language will improve considerably.
  11. 11. SENIOr hIgh SChOOL INTErNATIONAL yEAr BACCALAUrEATE The perfect finishing to a High School career and preparation for an The highly sophisticated system of education in Malta provides you English speaking University Education. You will study subjects that with the opportunity of undertaking your College International lead to the English ‘A’ level examinations. You will select 2 subjects Baccalaureate Diploma Programme studies in a safe, British from one of three options: education environment set within a pleasant warm Mediterranean climate. ENtry lEvEl: from B1/ Intermediate • English and a European language or ENtry lEvEl: from B2/ Intermediate This is a holistic formation programme that practices creativity, • Accounting, economics, computing or pure mathematics or action, service through the many extra-curricular and sports StuDENt typE: Success Seeker (16-18 years old) • Pure mathematics, physics, computing, chemistry or biology. StuDENt typE: Avid International Achiever (16-19 years) activities in addition to formal learning. Moreover you will study four other subjects chosen from prograMME DuratIoN: One scholastic year (Sep-Jun) humanities, commerce and sciences to complement your prograMME DuratIoN: Two academic years (Sep-Jun) You will study 3 subjects at higher level and 3 subjects at standard university preparation studies. level that must include English and mathematics and 4 subjects ClaSS lESSoNS pEr WEEK: Full day ClaSS lESSSoNS pEr WEEK: Full day selected from modern languages, the natural sciences, business & You will work diligently on your assignments on your own or in a team. management, economics, philosophy and environmental systems & lESSoN DuratIoN: 45/55 minutes This will give you the opportunity to integrate with students of your ClaSS lESSoN DuratIoN: 55 minutes societies, the visual arts. age and participate in extra-curricular and sport activities designed to avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 40 provide you with a complete English speaking education and personal avEragE ClaSS SIzE: 10, maximum 20 The programme last for 2 academic years and requires a good formation.20 entry level of English which itself necessitates a 3 week intensive 21 paStoral Support aND WElFarE: NSTS Customer paStoral Support aND WElFarE: College and NSTS preparatory course during the month of September. Relationship Team will keep in regular contact and be available Prior to starting your studies you will attend an intensive 3 week Customer relations staff will keep in regular contact and be to provide guidance and support and invite you out to leisure course in English to attain a 5.5 score equivalent standard in the available to provide guidance and support and to invite you out activities and social events. language. The dates for the three-semester courses are September to leisure activities and social events. to June and for the 2-semester courses are September to March aCCoMMoDatIoN: English speaking Maltese host or December to June. Each semester programme starts off with an aCCoMMoDatIoN: Three options are available: families on full board (packed lunch on school days) or NSTS included 3-week intensive course of English. Boarding College sharing a twin room (bunk-beds) with Residence on bed and breakfast basis in self-catering studio common facilities on full board with supervised study hours and bedroom with private facilities, study area, kitchenette free time, Wi-Fi, games room, sports grounds aIrport traNSFErS: to be booked separately upon NSTS Student Residence in a self-catering single or twin enrolment sharing studio bedroom with en-suite facilities on bed and breakfast, with private kitchenette, study area, Wi-Fi, games room, networking lounge, swimming pool English speaking Maltese host families on full board (packed lunch on school days) aIrport traNSFErS: to be booked separately upon enrolment
  12. 12. WE ArE ONE fAmILy STUDENT rESIDENCES NSTS manages its own student residences and hostels that provide ENgLISh IS ThE COmmON LANgUAgE. SOCIALISINg IS ThE Here at NSTS we value the importance of the family and aim to As examples we highlight the following choices: a more responsive and adaptable environment to suit young student COmmON ThEmE. always recreate that same feeling with our members and students. needs. Here you will easily find friendships and a casual, leisurely We even go that one step further and create packages which cater CLOSE AND INDEPENDANT: The children aged 10-17 attend ambiance wrapped up in safety and security through extensive NSTS provides a 24/7 supervision assistance in residences to the Kids for families wanting to come on holiday to our beautiful island. the full residential camp or adventure programme in summer while surveillance systems for your own peace of mind. Camp and the Teens Sea Adventure stays. Upon arrival you pay a the parents follow group Intensive General and Business English or €50 refundable deposit against potential damages and misbehaviour We offer the possibility for adult members of the family to Career Individual English and live at a hotel or in an apartment. Moreover, at the residences you meet up in the lounges to network and a €25 refundable deposit if you withdraw a key and lock to a safe accompany their younger children to Malta! Family members can through your social media sites, share your experiences, watch a DvD deposit box. grab the opportunity to improve their English by enrolling on one of LIvINg TOgEThEr: All the family share a two or three bedroom or participate in one or other of the leisure activities organised by the the various English Language courses on offer. Both adult and junior self catering apartment. The children attend a winter course on the NSTS Customer Relations animateurs. timetable hours overlap and class times coincide giving enough room formal lessons and activities of the camp or adventure programme, to simultaneously enjoy an inviting and well-deserved mind-soothing, any child 3-10 years old attends kindergarten or One-to One fun holiday. Beginner Lessons. At the same time the parents can follow their preferred course as above or simply relax on holiday, renting a self We then invite you to spend the rest of the day participating in drive car to enjoy their time. NSTS will organise any other choice on activities of your choice among the cultural, adventurous, sport- request. oriented, water sports events we offer or creating your own schedule of visits. 2322 NSTS CAmPUS rESIDENCE NSTS hIBErNIA rESIDENCE This is the latest 2012 totally refurbished property designed Amenities include Wi-Fi, breakfast-room, 24/7 food and on modern minimalist lines with eye-catching functional drink dispensers, roof lounge, sun terrace, coin operated room layouts and facilities to render your stay comfortable laundry, morning receptionist, mini-market and post-box. offering you a range of options to certainly fall within your financial reach. The hostel comprises two 3 room wings within the Residence of 6 and 8 bunk-beds each with common showers, wash- Amenities include air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, breakfast-room, basins, toilets, kitchenette, dining and lounge. Each occupant 24/7 food and drink dispensers a dedicated games and receives a lockable cupboard and safe deposit box and enjoys meeting lounge, a projection room, swimming pool and sun a very low cost nightly rate. deck, coin operated laundry, morning receptionist. The hostel comprises an independent junior wing for under 18 year olds that sleeps 4 or 5 persons to each bedroom in an original arrangement of duplex beds, being a triple room at floor level and with twin beds on a raised higher level platform, with its private shower and toilet facilities. Single and twin rooms are available for group leaders.
  13. 13. OThEr ACCOmmODATION JOIN OUr ONLINE COmmUNITy, mEET OThEr NSTS STUDENTS AND fIND OUT WhAT’S gOINg ON ON AT NSTS ENgLISh LANgUAgE INSTITUTE: www.facebook.com/maltansts www.twitter.com/nstsmalta hOmESTAy hOTEL rESOrT An invaluable opportunity to absorb the Maltese way of We have partnered with Bella Vista Hotel, a comfortable 4 life and culture while enjoying English social contact. The star hotel in Qawra. It will serve as a resort accommodation Homestay programme is open to all persons who prefer to under the constant supervision of NSTS personnel. Our staff share their daily life experiences in the warmth of a Maltese resides at the hotel and offers 24 hour supervision so that home. help and assistance is always within reach. Host families are carefully interviewed and selected by NSTS Students will stay on half or full board accommodation. Each personnel for their reliability, security and values and are student must pay a deposit of Euro 50 against damages and generally chosen in close proximity to the school, only up to a as a deterrent to persistent lack of appropriate behaviour. short bus ride away. They love to extend their hospitality to all students and develop lasting friendships. The NSTS offer covers single or shared room occupancy and full-board accommodation. Learn hands-on about Malta’s culture, customs and traditions. Grab the opportunity to enhance your English by speaking the language on a day-to-day basis with your host family. Students would be required to respect the family life in all24 25 they do, so that their stay is an enjoyable experience even for our host families.
  14. 14. LIfESTyLE EXCUrSIONS & LEISUrE ACTIvITIES TErmS & CONDITIONS • Enrolments accompanied by credit card full payment details will be • NSTS reserves the right to alter any service, description and fee When joining one of our programmes we will welcome you as a treasured member of our extended NSTS family and invite you with open arms to our received by electronic means at reservations@nsts.orf or by fax on without prior notice and to provide substitute of at least comparable social, cultural, entertainment and sports events organised by our Customer Relations team. +356 255 88 200 up to 2 weeks before arrival (4 weeks for stays in standard and contents as originally. July and August) • NSTS may, without being liable in any manner whatsoever, exclude any CULTUrAL The beach club spells FUN and is considered to be home to • Payment by bank transfer to APS Bank Ltd, Valletta Malta (IBAN person from a service applied for, and demand his/her repatriation, Culture in Malta can be found nationwide. The island overflows with animation, beach games, tournaments, parties, music, cool drinks, MT38 APSB 7709 10006515 10 6515 400 10) must be effected 1 if in the opinion of Management, s/he appears likely to endanger or popular and historical culture, interactive attractions and shows that tasty food, sunshades, showers, facilities and an enviable international full week earlier. impair the health, safety or comfort of other persons using the same bring to life stunning moments of history for you to discover. Immerse chill-out atmosphere ideal for chatting to new friends from across the services, or the reputation of NSTS by his/her acts or omissions. yourself in Maltese culture and make your experience inspirational. globe. • Enrolments will only be accepted and confirmed subject to receipt of Getting to know about the island’s past challenges and achievements full payment, space availability and NSTS being exonorated for any • In enrolling with NSTS the applicant consents and authorises NSTS to is not only good fun but also enriching. Walk through the silent narrow SPOrTS and all liability process any personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act winding streets of Mdina, peep into the grotto of Rabat where legend There is a wide variety of land and sea sport facilities available on of Malta and to transfer/disclose such data to other companies within claims St Paul lived 2000 years ago, delve underground into the war the Island. Malta’s largest sports centre (The Marsa Sports Club) is • Cancellations, curtailments or changes notified or effected within the NSTS group of companies as deemed necessary for the provision shelters and experience life under siege in Vittoriosa or spend some about 4 km (2.5 miles) south of Valletta and lists among its numerous 10 days prior to arrival are subject to EUR50 late rebooking fee. No of the services enrolled for and for the purposes associated thereto. quality time at the Great Siege Bell and gardens, perched on the features an 18-hole golf course, miniature golf, 18 tennis courts, 5 refunds are permitted for failure to utilise part or all of the services. Applicant consents to be being photographerd for promotional fortifications of Valletta, taking in the view. squash courts, cricket grounds and a swimming pool. You can join purposes and to receiving marketing materials from NSTS and shall be the club on a weekly basis while in Malta. For golf, non-members are • Fees include all that specified as incorporated in the selected given the opportunity to opt from this consent according to law. ADvENTUrE welcome and clubs can be rented at the facility. service described in this brochure and NSTS is not liable for that not Improve your skills and confidence and try a new adventure activity. contained herein. • This brochure and all commercial relations arising here from are Our animateurs will co-ordinate a series of exciting activities for ENvIrONmENTAL deemed to be executed through the brand NSTS of company you. Get in touch with your wild side and quench your thirst for the It has often been said that children of today will inherit the Earth of registration C4425 of 220 St. Paul Street, Valletta, VLT 1217, Malta. outdoors. Horse riding, abseiling, wall climbing are amongst the long tomorrow. Learn more about your greener surroundings with fun, list of adventure activities on offer. For more information log on to our environmental projects and activities. You will explore the natural website: www.nsts.org world, understand and satisfy your curiosity. This will enhance your ethic of caring for the Earth and each other whilst having fun doing it!26 TEAm-BUILDINg Get better acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses. Team- INDUSTrIAL building activities are a range of challenging tasks, which are designed How is beer made? How does reverse osmosis work? What story lies to tackle some of the issues that you face on a day-to-day basis behind the Malta Freeport? Our activity animateurs will take you on such as time management, delegation, communication and much an unparalleled educational experience around the Maltese islands. more. These challenges will help you become more aware of your Fuel your curiosity regarding the subject and its application, learn individual strengths. You will also become more tuned with what your more from the places visited, expose yourself to the culture of local weaknesses entail and this will give you the opportunity to work on institutions and industries and get accustomed to the changing trends them and develop them into strengths. in today’s dynamic lifestyle. You will get the chance to interact with Challenges could be combined with other social activities to provide experts in the respective specialisations and pack up a lot of stories to the perfect, fun team building experience. share with your friends and family back home. INTErACTIvE ThE ArTS You will be an active learner in the centre of a dynamic enjoyable class Explore your creative side and capture the essence of a culture. The of international students. Through the use of communicative teaching Arts give you the opportunity to hone your improvisation skills. Life methodology, you will role-play, do research, interviews, fieldwork and is improvisation after all. We respond in new ways when spontaneous projects. You will be practising your English both in class as well as on and unexpected things occur to us. It helps with building self- the many English-speaking situations outside the four walls of your confidence, speaking in public, and developing interpersonal skills to classroom to show you the fun side of the language. become more aware of how your physical presentation can affect the way people see you. So make sure to exploit Malta’s arts scene which NSTS BEACh CLUB has an array of events ready for you to experience and enjoy! The Mediterranean Sea is undoubtedly Malta’s best natural asset. NSTS has its own beach club offering you various exciting water sports to choose from. It is the perfect place for you to relax, enjoy a refreshing swim, laze under the glorious sun and eat a tasty snack or sip a cool drink from one of the bars. At sea you can ride the waves and show off your best tricks on wake boards, water-skis, towable tubes, water-sledges and speedboats. If on the other hand you would rather kick back and relax a little while whilst soaking up some rays then why not hire a paddleboat or canoe?!
  15. 15. WWW.NSTS.Org NSTS English Language Institute, 220 St. Paul Street, Valletta VLT1217 Malta T : (+356) 2558 8000 F: (+356) 2558 8200 E: nsts@nsts.org