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Slightly updated Tutorial. This lesson plan includes Arizona State Standards as well as special screens that can be printed out as vocabulary exemplars based on the Frayer model.

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Bling Tutorial

  1. 1. Go to the File Menu and choose New. Make your Image Size 640 x 240 pixels Pixel is a word that means picture element. A pixel is the smallest part of a digital picture. Pixels that make up the mouth
  2. 2. Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the image with black. Foreground is the color you paint on top of the background. If the foreground isn’t black, double click into the foreground square and choose black. Go to the Edit Menu Choose Fill with FG Color FG stands for foreground. Be sure you save your file to your hard drive or flash drive!
  3. 3. Absolutely Admirable Active Alive Ace Alert Agreeable Amazing Beautiful Bright Best Brilliant Care Cool Clean Charming Courteous Confident Dazzling Dependable Delightful Divine Distinctive Dreamy Dynamic Efficient Energetic Exceptional Essential Exciting Exquisite Effervescent Expert Excellent Famous Fair Fantastic Fashionable Fascinating Finest Free Friendly Gentle Generous Genius Glamorous Glorious Goodness Graceful Great Happy Healthy Heavenly Incredible Inspire Impressive Joyful Kindness Logical Lucky Memorable Mighty Miracle Outstanding Pride/Proud Pure Peaceful Priceless Powerful Precious Protect Quiet Quick Radiant Reliable Right Safety Sensitive Sensational Serene Share Silent Skillful Smiles Special Spectacular Sparkling Splendid Star Strong Success Superb Supersonic Supreme Sweet Terrific Totally Trust/Truth Treasure Ultimate Unbeatable Unique Valued/Valuable Versatile Victorious Winner Wise Wonderful
  4. 4. Use the Text Tool and pick a nice THICK font and type your name in the Text Editor box. Use a very largefont size. A skinny font will not work for this!
  5. 5. Using the Magic Wand tool, you will select each of the letters in your name. You will need to hold down the SHIFT key to continue selecting till you have them all. The Magic Wand tool lets you select all of the same color pixels at once. Contiguous means they are connected Since these letters are not connected, we have to make multiple selections.
  6. 6. Hold SHIFT and drag your mouse to the bottom of the area. When done correctly it should look like the image below. The Gradient Tool lets you fill a selected area with one of many color combinations. One of the meanings of gradient is a change in the value of a quantity (in this case color) Choose the Brushed Aluminum Gradient. Use the Gradient Tool to click near the top of your word.
  7. 7. Go to the Colors Menu and choose Colorize Play around with the Hue and Saturation till you get the color you like. Hue is the name of the color like RED Saturation is how much color
  8. 8. Go to the Select Menu Choose Shrink Shrink the selection 8 pixels Go to the Edit Menu and Fill the shrunken selection with white Most of the time, white is the background or BG Color
  9. 9. Go to the Filters Menu and choose Noise and then RGB Noise Slide all the sliders to the right Uncheck Independent RGB Make sure Correlated noise is checked and then click on OK We’re almost done now!
  10. 10. Go to Filters and choose Decor and then Add Bevel This will make the inside part of the letters look deeper Go to the Image Menu Choose Flatten Image Make sure you have the correct layer selected The bevel below is 30 pixels deep
  11. 11. Now for the finishing touch we will add a Lighting Effect found under Filters Go to the Filters Menu Choose Light & Shadow Then choose Gradient Flare • Choose one of the styles • Explore the Settings • Place it wherever you like • Click on OK • Use at least 3 lighting effects Don’t over do it! Use Good Craftsmanship! Sub-Menu
  12. 12. Lighting effects can make a simple word look many different ways!
  13. 13. And now you have your very own Bling! Craftsmanship is the skill with which an artwork is made.
  14. 14. Create your own look using various colors and lighting effects in coordinating colors
  15. 15. Created by ACE Students Created by ACE Students