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Bling Rubric2

Bling Rubric2



Step by Step Completion Document

Step by Step Completion Document



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    Bling Rubric2 Bling Rubric2 Document Transcript

    • Name__________________________________________Completion Chart for BLING Project Go to My Portal, d) Art Stuff, and click on the My Slideshares link. Open up the Bling Tutorial and keep it open. Open Gimp. Go to the File Menu and choose New. Make your Image Size 640 x 240 pixels. Save as BlingName.psd (Remember in Gimp we must type in the file type)1 Make sure you save your files to: Your folder in the 1st Hour Digital Graphics folder in the N.strehlow.s folder on the Student drive Go to Windows/Dockable Dialogs/Layers to make sure you have your layers showing. Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the image with black.2 Use the Text Tool and pick a nice THICK font in white and in a large size, type your name in the Text Editor Box. (Choose a short version of your name for this exercise) Introduction to Vocabulary Words: Gradient & Contiguous Using the Fuzzy Select/Magic Wand Tool, you will select each of the letters in your word.3 You will need to hold down the SHIFT key to continue selecting till you have them all. Choose Brushed Aluminum as your gradient Use the Gradient Tool to click near the top of your word. Hold the SHIFT and drag your mouse to the bottom of the word.4 When done the gradient should fill your letters. If the gradient fills the background instead you selected the area outside the letters. Go to the Colors Menu and choose Colorize. Play around with the Hue and Saturation till you get the color you like. Make sure to click on OK. (Gold is 41-44 with Saturation 100)5 If you choose a color other than gold, then make sure it isn’t too dark or there won’t be enough contrast between the black background and the letters. Go to the Select Menu. Choose Shrink. Shrink the selection about 8 pixels. Go to the Edit Menu and Fill the shrunken selection with white. (White should be the background/BG6 color) Go to the Filters Menu and choose Noise and then RGB Noise. Slide all the sliders to the right. Uncheck Independent RGB.7 Make sure Correlated noise is checked and then click on OK. Repeat this step Go to the Filters Menu and choose Décor and then Add Bevel. Choose 30 as your bevel depth & repeat this step8 Go to the Image Menu. Choose Flatten Image. Go to the Filters Menu. Choose Light & Shadow. Then choose Gradient Flare and explore9 the settings. Try not to overdo but have at least 3 light effects. Click on OK after each. You can only do one at a time. Save one last time as BlingName.jpg (this will be a separate file from the BlingName.psd)10