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Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!
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Social Network Marketing, Be in to be In!


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presentation on social network marketing.

presentation on social network marketing.

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  • Bullet 1-WATRD example - bullet 2- Graco Blog Heart to Heart blog - Viral – british sensation singer WATRD example for awareness/credibility and authority Zappos example for creating community- Zappos is a perfect example of a company that thinks holistically and has demonstrated over the past two years the power of a true social mentality. Since June 2007, when Zappos joined Twitter, they have pushed their employees to embrace new media technologies and become active on those platforms. It is not a coincidence that Zappos has turned its link acquisition into overdrive since doing so.
  • 2010 Pepsi's decision to choose social media over Super Bowl ads
  • Transcript

    • 1. Be in to be IN! The buzz of Social Media Marketing
    • 2. The Wapatoos
      • Team of experienced and uniquely skilled business owners
        • Marketing & Communication Executives
        • Web Architects, Developers & Designers
        • Software & Technology Engineers
        • Interactive Marketing & Media Consultants
        • Writers, Editors, Bloggers & more
      • Wapatoome did not become Social Media experts overnight – the evolution began in 2006 !
    • 3. What’s Social Media Networking?
      • Communication forum
      • Discover, Research, Read & Share
      • Monologues into Dialogues
      • Readers into Publishers
    • 4.
      • Wikipedia 2009
        • 684,000,000 – visitors
        • 75,000 - active contributors
      • Facebook
        • 200,000,000 – active users
        • 100,000,000 - log on at least once each day
      • YouTube (March 2008)
        • 70,000,000 – total videos
        • 200,000 – total video publishers
      • Blogosphere
        • 346,000,000 – globally reading blogs (comScore March 2008)
        • 77% - active Internet users who read blogs
      The Stats and Sites.
    • 5. What Does It Do?
      • Increases awareness and credibility
        • establishes you as an authority
      • Receive valuable public opinion &/or feedback
      • Creates a community of unified spirits & expands your reach
        • Viral (Susan Boyle and ‘Britain's Got Talent’ with YouTube video - 100M hits in 2 weeks)
        • Evangelists
      • Maintains & solidifies loyalty
    • 6. Are You Paying Attention?
      • 93% of American’s expect companies to have social media presence
      • Nearly 20% of social consumers use social networks as their “core navigation” tool (less on Microsoft or Yahoo)
      • Facebook beats out Yahoo
        • 134M unique visitors vs 132M
        • 7 hours vs 2.5 hours per month
    • 7. Is It Really Necessary?
      • Social media outreach, can be much more influential on consumer behavior than ads or other promotional devices
        • 67% Likely to pass this information on
        • 63% Likely to share their opinions
        • 62% Value information more than ads
        • 57% Likely to take action
    • 8. Facebook Study Harvard Business School
      • Dessert Gallery (DG), Houston based bakery and café chain, social network study experiment over a 3 month period to measure the effect on customer behavior
        • Emailed 13,000 customers from mailing list for store evaluations, information on shopping behavior
        • Launched the fan page and invite to mailing list
        • Implemented updates several times a week- pictures of goodies, news about contests & promotions, links to favorable reviews & introductions to DG employees
    • 9. The Results?
      • DG store visits increased per month after people became fans
      • Fans generated more word of mouth than nonfans
      • Fans visited DG store 20% more than nonfans
      • Fans gave store highest share of overall dining out dollars
      • Fans most like to recommend DG to friends
      • DG fans had greater emotional attachment of 3.4 out of 4 than other nonfans of only 3
      • Fans most likely say they chose DG over other establishments
      • * Only 5% of total mailing list became fans
    • 10. The Change Is Here!
      • Budgets for social media expected to rise 34% annually btw 2009 – 2014
        • 60% for internal staff & 20% for outside agencies, consultants and service providers
      • Synergy for Success
        • In house champion
        • External specific talent & resources only when needed
    • 11. Do It Right Or Not At All!
      • Be where your customers are & listen more, talk less
      • Look for conversations on related topics, contribute to add value
      • Be genuine - social media participants expect real people, real responses
      • Share expertise, not marketing offers
      • Inactivity, unsupported or lack of response can turn away or offend your audience
    • 12.
      • Consumers will give opinions,
      • offer suggestions, ask for help & share their experiences with everyone they know.
      • Shouldn’t you be there to create the experience worth sharing?
    • 13.
      • Using the power & outreach of social media tools from Twitter,
      • Facebook, blogging and more…
      • Goals
        • 12 months
        • 12 charities, 1 every month
        • $12,000 per charity
      • Results
        • Twitter- 3,600 followers @12for12k
        • Blog- 3,000 subscribers
        • Facebook - 700 fans
        • A 12-hour Tweet-a-Thon raised $15,500 for Share Our Strength
        • Traffic at increased 4000% during Tweet-a-Thon
        • A Twitter avatar “frame” helped bring in 3,600 followers
        • Raised $91,275 for charities in 2009—all with volunteers
      • Blog of body image activists creating a forum
      • with discussions between dieters & fat
      • acceptance activists
      • Results:
      • Wordpress #1 Growing Blog day of launch
        • 50K uniques due to viral marketing by contributors
      • 250-500K visitors monthly
      • Host touted a leader after 6 months live
      • Featured on,,
      • and
      • Sponsored by Dove Self Esteem Fund
    • 15. Sweet Tomatoes Souplantation
      • Monthly promotions create the buzz and fun for all!
      • Show your Pucker Face – April, lemon focus, the promotion brought in a 400% increase in Facebook fans and pics of lemon-inspired facial contortions
      • Guess How Many Strawberries – May strawberry month, customers were asked to guess the number of strawberries in a jar or basket (4X) which generating more than 700 fan comments each time
      • Where’s Sweetie? – September, Sweetie saw the Mona Lisa, Machu Picchu, Venice, and the Galapagos Islands, as well as hiked Mexico City’s Pyramid of the Sun, water skiied, rode a roller coaster, snorkeled and swam with giant turtles – all documented on Facebook.
      • Facebook – 30,000 fans
      • Twitter – 8,500 followers
    • 16. IBM
      • IBM took a decentralized social media approach of openly
      • engaging the large & diverse culture of employees to collaborate
      • with each other, clients, partners and friends fostering creative,
      • powerful idea-sharing without IBM regulating employee social
      • media activity
      • employee-created guidelines
      • 2006 - employees, friends, family and clients collectively discussed more than 50 research projects within the company
      • 200K - LinkedIn
      • 100K - internal blogs
      • Crowd-sourcing identified 10 best incubator businesses, which IBM funded with $100 million
      • $100 billion in total revenue with a 44.1% gross profit margin in 2008
    • 17. Wapa What?
      • Are You A Wapatoo?
        • An individual with an inquisitive disposition who displays an extraordinary ability to attract, is open and expressive in speech, commands authority and influence, is intelligent and resourceful, self-reliant with a thirst for social interaction and attention.
      • Are you Wapatooing?
        • The act of communicating and engaging in conversations, expressing opinions, stating facts and relating stories for the purpose of creating a growing community that is unified, aware, informed and committed to sharing and inviting others to participate for further enlightenment.