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Landscape design

  1. 1. Renovating anEstablished Landscape
  2. 2. Benefits of Buying an Older Home Charm and Character Quality Construction Established Landscaping
  3. 3. But Mature Landscaping Can Have Problems Disease or Decline
  4. 4. Mature LandscapingCan Have Problems Too much shade for turf.
  5. 5. Mature LandscapingCan Have Problems Overgrowth
  6. 6. Mature LandscapingCan Have Problems Or Not to Your Taste
  7. 7. If your yard makesyou feel like this…
  8. 8. …but you want to feel like THIS…
  9. 9. It’s Time to Make a Change
  10. 10. It May Take Some Work, But It Can Be Done“There must be something we can do”
  11. 11. “ Where Should I Start???”
  12. 12. Take ActionThe Action Begins with You, the Homeowner
  13. 13. Began to Get Your Landscape Thinking going Determine what you want by using a Landscape Design Planning Questionnaire. Don’t worry…we’ll give you one at the end of the presentation!!
  14. 14. Begin to Arm Yourself With Knowledge• Ask your local Clemson University Extension Office for a listing of Publications on landscaping. They will be glad to help you.• Purchase “how to do it” books from the book stores. These books are used as a guide, most are not for the Southeast.• Enroll in the courses “Landscape Design” and “Landscape Construction” taught as evening classes at Midland’s Technical College, southeast campus.
  15. 15. Arm Yourself with Knowledge Collect ideas and make a Landscape Notebook.
  16. 16. Get Ideas from Online Check out
  17. 17. Observe Your Yard Over time Live with your existing landscape for one full year to evaluate what you have through all four seasons.
  18. 18. Step 1 : Site Inventory & Analysis Identify General Details of Existing Property Including:Pleasant Views to Enhance Structural Features Problems that to Camouflage Require Correction Style of Home and Neighborhood
  19. 19. Step 1 : Site Inventory and AnalysisPrivacy Screening
  20. 20. Step 1: Site Inventory & Analysis Identify General Details of Your Existing Property Including: Shady AreasSunny Areas Sloping Areas
  21. 21. Step 1 : Site Inventory and Analysis “Neighbor’s”Identify and Note Neighbor’s Unsightly Views, If any.
  22. 22. Step 2 : Yard Functions How is the Yard to Be Used? And by Whom?
  23. 23. 2nd Step: Yard Functions Personalized for you and your family.
  24. 24. Step 3 : The Design Process by the Homeowner Map Your Yard Inventory and Analyze Your Yard Design a Suitable Design
  25. 25. Landscape Design based upon Your Knowledge and Ideas
  26. 26. Beginning the Work Process Options Option 1. Hire a landscape contractor Option 2. Do it yourself Option 3. Do it yourself and help of a contractor
  27. 27. Step 3 : Work Process Options Hire a contractor Deep Pockets Just hire someone!!
  28. 28. Step 3 : Work Process Options Do it Yourself Less than Shallow Pockets Consider DIY
  29. 29. Step 3 : Work Process OptionsDo it yourself with the Help of a Contractor
  30. 30. 3rd Step: Reality Check Consider doing the work in stages Priority 1Pruning and Removing trees Clean-out Plant Beds Priority 2 Install Hardscaping Irrigation System Priority 3Foundation Plants & Perennial Turf Beds
  31. 31. Landscape Phases Complete Landscaping Section Landscaping Piece Meal Landscaping
  32. 32. 3rd Step: Reality Check Another option: By part of the yard.Front Yard Back Yard Side Yard
  33. 33. Getting Down to work Do Things in the Right Order !LANDSCAPE PREPARATION• Pruning up Trees• Removing Trees• Removing Unwanted Structures• Clean-out Plant Beds
  34. 34. Getting Down To Work Do Things in the Right Order!
  35. 35. Limbing-up Remove over hanging Limbs or remove Tree
  36. 36. Getting Down to Work Landscape PreparationGetting Rid of Unwanted Structures
  37. 37. Getting Down to Work Landscape PreparationGetting Rid of Unwanted Objects
  38. 38. Getting Down to Work Landscape PreparationClean out Plant Beds
  39. 39. Getting Down To Work Do Things in the Right Order!
  40. 40. Getting Down To Work Hardscape ConstructionBuild a Patio
  41. 41. Getting down to work Hardscape ConstructionBuild a koi Pond
  42. 42. Getting Down to Work Hardscape ConstructionBuild an Outdoor Kitchen
  43. 43. Getting Down To Work Hardscape Construction
  44. 44. Getting Down To Work Do Things in the Right Order!
  45. 45. Getting Down To Work Do Things in the Right Order!
  46. 46. Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor! Relax! You did it!