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Vocord company profile

  1. 1. ABOUT VOCORDA leader developer and manufacturer of professional videosurveillance and audio registration systems All components of VOCORD systems are designed to solveCompany profile particular tasks, resulting in unique and often extremeVocord is a Russian engineering company specializing in technical features.design and development of professional video surveillance We support key open IT-standards for smooth integration withand audio registration systems. third-party applications and systems.The company was founded in 1999 by a group of graduates Vocord specialists have wide expertise and extensive projectfrom Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. experience that steadily grows thanks to co-working with ourFrom the very beginning we focused on designing systems partners on joint development and implementation projects.with technologically unique features optimizing all system Operative feedback from partners facilitates quick progress ofcomponents to particular technical tasks. Due to this our products and solutions.competitive advantage, VOCORD soon became a leading VOCORD possesses all official certificates required forvendor on the market of multichannel digital audio/video participation in mission-critical and complex projects withdata processing systems. strong requirements to system quality and reliability.Today the company staff is over 100 employees. We manufacture our systems from in-house components to ensure reasonable price/quality ratio.ActivitiesOur business covers three major sectors of video Products and solutionssurveillance market: panoramic video surveillance, traffic We develop and manufacture all hardware componentsenforcement systems and biometric identification systems needed for making the full line of VOCORD products - videobased on facial recognition. surveillance and audio registration systems.As for telecommunication market, Vocord delivers a All VOCORD systems are based on the unified hardware/family of products for phone call recording and channel software platform, which guarantees natural integration ofmonitoring, as well as solutions for call-centres, anti-fraud all VOCORD systems.systems for mobile network operators and more. The list of flagship VOCORD products includes following:Moreover, Vocord executes a lot of R&D and customdevelopment projects. VOCORD Tahion – geographically distributed panoramic video surveillance system ensuring high-quality video recording. VOCORD Tahion offers smart video analysis toolsBenefits to work with Vocord (motion detectors, detection of appearing/disappearingAll products, including hardware, algorithms and software, are objects, detection of motion within zones of interest,entirely developed in-house, so we are very flexible in product smoke/fire detection) and advanced video data archivingdesign, system update and customization. capabilities.VOCORD Phone: +7 (495) 787 2626, e-mail: info@vocord.com, www.vocord.com
  2. 2. VOCORD Traffic is a Traffic Enforcement System. The When offering «end-to-end» solutions, we provide oursystem functionality includes traffic violation registration, customers with all required components, including «streetlicense plate capturing, and vehicle search against «hot servers» optimized for working in outdoor conditions, IR-lists», issuing tickets, traffic data collection, traffic monitoring illuminators, power units, connector cables, and mounting.and video recording from overview cameras. Today VOCORD product catalogue includes more than 100VOCORD FaceControl is a facial recognition/ proprietary products.identification system based on non-cooperative biometricidentification technology. The system is targeted for use inplaces of mass stay of people, such as airports, stadiums, Partnershiprailroad terminals, border security checkpoints, community Our business is based on vendor-partner model. We do notinstitutions. The system offers functionality of capturing run projects with customers directly, but deliver our solutionsand tracking human faces appearing in camera’s field of through a branched business partner network. Generally,view, storing images info in database, facial identification our partner is IT-integrator company implementing tailoredby matching photo with «watch list database», transfer solutions based on VOCORD products for end-users.images to situational centres over IP-networks. This partner model is guided by «Partner Program» coveringVOCORD NetCam – unique video cameras custom- common rules and guidelines, and «Partner Agreement»designed for VOCORD Traffic and VOCORD FaceControl specifying details like parties banking information, discountsystems. The cameras have 1 to 11 Mpix resolution, high models, etc.light sensitivity and low inherent noise, ensuring reliableoperation under poor lighting conditions. VOCORD NetCam As of today, Vocord partnership ecosystem includes overcameras can transmit up to 3 video streams simultaneously 100 IT-companies across Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.- RAW, JPEG, H.264, at maximum resolution and frame rate.To ensure data transmission without losses, the camerasare equipped with 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with total Manufacturingthroughput of 2 Gbit/s. Research, design, development and support are centered in Moscow office. Production is outsourced to Russian andVOCORD Phobos Audio is a multichannel system for re- Chinese manufacturers. The final testing, tuning and qualitycording and archiving audio data coming from any type of assurance is also performed in Moscow.communication channels and sources. Vocord was certified that company’s quality managementThe family of audio products also includes other products: system is in full compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standard.VOCORD IPtel (registration, storage, and analysis of IP- All VOCORD products are compliant with open industrytelephony calls), VOCORD ANS (automatic notification standards, as proven by variety of licenses and certificates.over any communication channels), VOCORD AntiFraud(security against fraud in mobile networks), VOCORD ETAP(non-destructive signal coupler) and more. ServicesWe also offer ready-to-use industry solutions. In particular, We offer a full list of services for efficient and mutuallyVOCORD Transport (in-car video surveillance), VOCORD profitable cooperation with our partners:SmokeDetector (smoke/fire detection based on video Hardware and software delivery – we supply partnerssurveillance techniques), VOCORD CTI (integrated solution with hardware and software on partners requests and infor call-centres), etc. accordance with technical specifications. In complicated projects we analyze initial specifications and makeVOCORD Phone: +7 (495) 787 2626, e-mail: info@vocord.com, www.vocord.com Phone: +7 (495) 787 2626, e-mail: info@vocord.com, www.vocord.com
  3. 3. corrections if necessary, to guarantee our delivery forparticular project contains optimal set of components. Technologies Vocords technical policy is focused on developingTraining – high level of skills of technical staff is solutions with unique technical features, implementingrequired for efficient project design, setting, using and cutting-edge technologies in computer science, telecom,maintenance of our systems. Our Training Centre offers a security and supporting open IT-standards combined withbest way to obtain the required skills. We provide training proprietary know-how.courses - from basic to highly advanced – dedicated toall key VOCORD products. JPEG2000 – recently introduced format for image and video compression. As of today, JPEG2000 is the optimalTo confirm your qualification, you have to pass exams image format for digital security systems based on videoand get certificate as a qualified VOCORD User. surveillance.Consulting services – we are naturally interested in StreamLogic – specialized video data compressionsuccess of every project based on VOCORD products. algorithm for high-resolution video.Therefore, we are ready to provide project assistance toour partners. In particular, we offer architectural design NetScale – technology for intellectual video streamsand project expertise, supervision services during system routing and scaling in digital networks.installation, configuration, testing and integration with RemoteDrive –tunneling of peripheral device controlexternal software and equipment. protocols in digital networks.Technical support – in IT-world, system implementation StreamBuffer – hardware video data buffering on videois just one part of the system lifecycle. You need to be input boards.sure the implemented system operates smoothly andwhen needed could be easily modified and extended. DualStream – parallel transfer of compressed and raw video streams. Intellectual analysis and monitoring of raw video,We offer free hot-line technical support via phone or improves operation of video surveillance systems.email. StreamBoost – hardware compression/decompression ofThe minor software version updates are free of charge as video data.well. Upgrade to the next major software versions (havingkey extended functionality) is usually performed at a Video detectors – software algorithms for automaticsmall cost based on the cost of the currently installed detection in camera’s field view of motion, appearing orversion. disappearing objects, smoke, fire etc.Services (system fine-tuning, performance optimization, Intellectual audio data processing – digital audiosoftware customization, etc.) that require visiting processing for better perception and more efficient analysiscustomers facilities are paying extra. (noise suppression, audio acceleration/slowdown with no tone changes, band-pass filtering and synthesis of filters).Co-marketing – we actively support promotion ofindustry solutions developed by our partners and Enhanced video output – improved image qualitywidely inform the professional community about each achieved by digital video processing (ensure user- specifiedsuccessful project. For this end, we practice joint brightness/contrast level, brightness equalization, noisemarketing activities: issuing bilateral press-releases, suppression, enhanced sharpness, deinterlacing).participation in industry exhibitions, joint workshops, Computer stereoscopic vision – reconstruction ofpress-conferences, etc. 3D-models of various object types based on series of stereo images with no usage of structured lightning.VOCORD Phone: +7 (495) 787 2626, e-mail: info@vocord.com, www.vocord.com
  4. 4. Key implemented projectsCurrently, VOCORD products and solutions are implemented • Kaluga Traffic Safety Department – Trafficin a long list of projects. Most systems implemented in the Enforcement Systemscope of these projects are running in an production phase. • Vladimir Traffic Safety Department - TrafficIn particular, over 30% of «Safe City» projects are powered by Enforcement System as a part of «Safe City» projectVOCORD products.The list of major successful VOCORD projects includes • Ryazan Department of Internal Affairs – «Safe Cityfollowing: Ryazan» project integrating Traffic Enforcement and panoramic video surveillance systems. • OJSC «MegaFon» - distributed audio registration • Cherepovets Traffic Safety Department - Traffic network for call centres Enforcement System • LLC «Golden Telecom» - deployment of VOCORD CTI • «Efes Pilsner» - video surveillance system for solution for call centres industrial enterprise • City transport service of the Ministry of Internal • Delhi subway - video surveillance system Affairs - comprehensive deployment of equipment for • Border police of Russian Federation - «Safe City dispatcher centre Barnaul» project • Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Station - deployment of a • Murmansk Department of Internal Affairs - video multichannel digital audio registration system surveillance systems installed in patrol cars • Police of Tyumen city - deployment of an automatic • Khanty-Mansiysk Department of Internal Affairs multichannel notification system VOCORD ANS - video surveillance systems installed in convict transportation cars • JSC «Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company» - VOCORD Phobos was installed on board of «Sukhoi Superjet • Kirov Department of Internal Affairs - video 100» aircraft surveillance systems installed in police cars • Bashkir Department of Internal Affairs - «Safe City • Vladimir Department of Internal Affairs - video Ufa» project surveillance systems installed in patrol cars • Rostov-na-Donu Department of Internal Affairs - • OJSC «PenzaEnergo» - panoramic video surveillance «Safe City Rostov-na-Donu» project system for the local testing ground • City administration of Sochi - «Safe City Sochi» project • Penza Department of Internal Affairs - «Safe City Penza» project • Khabarovsk Department of Internal Affairs - «Safe City Khabarovsk» project • FGUP RIM Mytischi - «Safe City Mytischi» project (Moscow region) • Samara Department of Internal Affairs - «Safe City Samara» project • City administration of Dimitrovgrad - «Safe City Dimitrovgrad» project (Ulyanovsk region). • Abakan Traffic Safety Department – Traffic Enforcement SystemVOCORD Phone: +7 (495) 787 2626, e-mail: info@vocord.com, www.vocord.com