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Privacy Protection and Negotiation Strengths for  Jamaican Owned Florida Trust
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Privacy Protection and Negotiation Strengths for Jamaican Owned Florida Trust


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You can see the video versions at either or on youtube at These are original documents we\'ve been developing over the past year to educate …

You can see the video versions at either or on youtube at These are original documents we\'ve been developing over the past year to educate Realtors, US Investors, Foreign Investors, distressed home owners and Retiring Baby Boomers

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  • The State of Florida has one of the most significant controls on how much the state can charge property owners to cover public expenses. Residents of Florida also benefit from a liberal tax discount. How you begin ownership of property starts with the name on the Title. If you are married, a corporate entity or a foreign national that name on the Title can be held completely in privacy or required on the public record depending on the Title. Let’s look at the options.
  • Unlike investors however, Property owners who reside in the their property, can claim a $50,000 write off from the property value before they are charged property tax. In order to get that deduction, the property owner must be a Florida resident and must claim it with the county tax assessor. That claim at the assessor office becomes a public record.As a Homestead Deduction Claimer your property information is placed on the Public Record. Public exposure of who you are is the price you pay for that exemption. As a Homesteader you can still have the benefits of the Florida Land Trusts protections against liability and benefits of sale, transfer or succession. If you are not a resident of Florida or if you don’t want to claim the exemption because it is investment property the Florida Land Trust Act offers a myriad of asset protection and privacy benefits for you to consider..
  • Just as the Land trust came down to us from British Common Law, the ‘arcane’ terminologies and words we use in talking and writing about property ownership come down to us from Britain, words like Landlord, Tenant, Title and Trust. Contract terms like, “Witnesseth, Heretofor, wherefor, and whereof. Don’t let history deprive you of opportunity and protection. The fact is that a “Trust” simply means a “Contract” between two knowing parties TO DO something they agree ON. Most of the contracts we make are instant, whether it’s a child’s trust for a parent, grandparent or teacher. Some are personal choices like the purchase of gasoline at the pump, a coffee at the café, or groceries at the store. Other contracts, usually because taxes, government regulations, community rules and the the amount of money involved, are more formal, like the title to a car, or the deed to a property.
  • Because property ownership is often a financial investment, concurrent ownership, or partnerships are often involved in ownership. Florida has three types of concurrent ownership, or ownership of property by two or more persons: tenancy by the entirety, Joint Tenancy, and Tenancy in Common. A tenancy by the entirety can be created only by married persons. A married couple may choose to create a joint tenancy or a tenancy in common. In Florida a couple is presumed to take title to property as tenants by the entirety, unless the deed or conveyancing document states otherwise.The most important difference between a tenancy by the entirety and the other two is that a tenant by the entirety may not sell or give away his interest in the property without the consent of the other tenant. So in Florida the law is that upon the death of one of the spouses, the deceased spouse's interest in the property devolves to the surviving spouse, and not to other heirs of the deceased spouse. This is called the right of survivorship. While important to understand as an investor, the partnership of a married couple in florida is not what we want to focus on here.
  • While partnerships stand to amplify mutual interests and success, some are considered ethically problematic. Suppose a politicianpartners with a corporation to advance the corporation's interest in exchange for some benefit, a conflict of interest results. Outcomes for the public good may suffer.Investment Partnerships are extremely difficult investment situations in the United States. Partnerships present the involved parties with special challenges that must be navigated Into agreement. Government Regulations, Differing goals, levels of give-and-take, areas of responsibility, and often a variety of other factors must all be negotiated. The Florida Land Trust Act is in no way considered a partnership because of its unique status even though it can have multiple investors as beneficial interest holders.
  • The Florida Land Trust Act is in no way considered a partnership because of its unique status in Florida Law. Here’s why:A properly written Land Trust Agreement can defeat “Tenancy by the Entireties” inheritance law.Unlike a partnership, Land Trust beneficiaries need no one’s permission to sell their portion of property to an outside party.That’s because under a Land Trust Agreement Florida Law, just like the British laws of 1536 legally turns real estate, “real property” into personal property, “an interest written on a piece of paper”. That also means that neither, attorney, accountant nor Realtor is necessary for the transactions involving the buying, selling, trading or renting of the holdings of a land trust. It takes the ownership interest off the public records, protects owners from liability and facilities quick and easy transfer of ownership thereafter through succession or sale. Now lets look at the alternatives you might consider for your investment dollars.
  • Since both Jamaica and the US are sovereign countries with their own currency our first concern with investment is always the exchange rate, and the basic interest earned at the most conservative of levels, the savings account. Jamaican Banks and US Banks are holding Trillions of Dollars in profits while paying out a pittance in interest. here were interest rates for Jamaican banks at the end of November.
  • It is not much better in the US banking system as you see here. A top ten list of bank savings interest rates makes the banks in Jamaica look good. But whether its one percent in the US or 1.67% in Jamaica, neither will make the average investor rush out to make deposits.
  • Politics will certainly play into your investment strategy and with new leadership in jamaica and a presidential election in the US who knows which direction the exchange rate will take. What we do know is where it is now.The Jamaican exchange rate is up in 2011 over the lows it was experiencing in 2009. Now combine that with the extremely depressed property values of South Florida. Compared to the single point interest rates of Jamaican Banks investing in Florida property looks pretty good right now.One obvious alternative to the savings bank account for the investor is the stock market. Comparison of the stock market to property investment is a logical choice for most investors.
  • So here we present to you a century of stock market activity on one chart. This chart proves that fear trumped greed from 1900 to 2008. For 108 years, The Dow Jones Industrial Average “bear”…. bottoms and spikes in volatility match up almost exactly. For much of the past two decades the major trading institutions have been using technology to trigger their buying and selling. The technology triggers, stimulated by Global economic news activity now causse massive daily variations in stock values. Consider this: Over the past 50 years the New York stock markets worst losses amounted to 38% drops in worth while over the 200+ year history of the United States the worst losses in Real Estate amounted to 13%. Yet the questions still remains for the investor: Which is better and how do I take advantage of both? Let’s consider both options…
  • You can watch and learn all of the Celtic Wind Marketingware courses here on You Tube for Free. Implementation of the recommendations for asset protection that we have built around the Florida Land Trust Act, the use of Florida Limited Liability Company, and the new Personal Property Trust requires a number of forms that you can download from our web site’s educational portal. The download charge is less than ten dollars. As ever we strongly recommend the assistance of an attorney, accountant or Realtor with experience and education in Land Trust Law, business, taxes and, if necessary, immigration.
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    • 1. Privacy and Contracts Presenter: Michael Belgeri An Investor Intelligence Briefing
    • 2. Florida
    • 3. Homestead Exemption
    • 4. Trust = Contract
    • 5. Property Partnerships: Marriage
    • 6. Property Partnerships
    • 7. Florida Land Trust
    • 8. Bank Interest Rates
    • 9. Exchange Rate
    • 10. Stock Market Volatility
    • 11. $9.99