The Bollywood Quiz - NSIT Quiz Fest 2014


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The Bollywood filler Quiz at the NSIT Quiz Fest 2014, conducted by the NSIT Quiz Club from 21st-23rd Feb.

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  • The Best bollywood Quiz I have ever seen.
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  • Win a date with Tad Hamilton was released in 2004; how can Rangeela (released in 1995) be inspired by a film released almost a decade after!
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The Bollywood Quiz - NSIT Quiz Fest 2014

  1. 1. The NSIT Quiz Fest 2014
  3. 3. 0. • X said in a statement that song Y is dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar who was then playing his 200th and final test match at Wankhede. Song Y gained 7 million views and opened to mixed reviews. ID X and Y.
  4. 4. • X - Aamir Khan • Y - Dhoom Machale from Dhoom 3
  5. 5. 1. Identify the actor
  6. 6. • Kamal Hassan
  7. 7. *2. • An excerpt from Outlook India. ID X, a landmark movie in the history of Indian cinema. • “As the studio was located near a railway track and had no sound-proof stages, X was largely shot at night. They would commence shooting at 1 am after the last local train had ground to a halt and pack up before the first train left Churchgate station at the stroke of 4 am. The crew also had to be extra-cautious about extraneous noises, as they were shooting with a Tanar ‘single-system’ camera, which recorded sound directly on to the film. X took months because of the hazards of having to record under difficult conditions and the need to keep the project a secret.”
  8. 8. • X: Alam Ara
  9. 9. 3. • ID the movie.
  10. 10. • Yeh Dillagi
  11. 11. 4. • X learnt to play the guitar for the movie Y. He also made sure that he was present in the studio for the recording of each and every song of the film, so that he could know the songs better. According to the director, “X, too learnt the guitar and spent several days and nights at the studio. This way, he had greater ownership of the music while being on stage during shoots. He didn’t have to pretend he knew the music, because he actually did.” • ID X and Y.
  12. 12. • X: Ranbir Kapoor • Y: Rockstar
  13. 13. *5. • X is an Indian pop singer, actress, model, television anchor, former MTV and Channel V VJ, a yoga expert and a motivational speaker. X was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, which left her with a paralyzed left side of the face and a slur in her voice. Over the next year, she rehabilitated herself with help of physiotherapy, electrical stimulation and yoga. She did television shows such as Ek do teen and Baar baar dekho on MTV, Kuch Kehti Hai Yeh Dhun on Sony and Quest for BBC • She then came back with an album in 2006, 'Sagari Rayn' which is a fusion world music album. Her video for the same created quite a stir as it was lavishly shot in the Sultanate of Oman by her brother. The video was the first in Indian history to be released in cinema theatres all over. • ID X.
  14. 14. • Raageshwari Loomba
  15. 15. 6. • Id the singers.
  16. 16. • Nooran Sisters Jyoti and Sultana
  17. 17. 7. • She played an orphan in Jackie Shroff and Shahrukh Khan starrer King Uncle. She also appeared in the movie X, which was her claim to fame and was recently seen as an aide to the minister in the Indian version of 24, the television series. Id the movie X.
  18. 18. • X: DDLJ
  19. 19. 8. • Id the actor.
  20. 20. • Vrajesh Hirjee
  21. 21. *9. • X had a very critically acclaimed career, and has worked with directors like Satyajit Ray, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, and Ketan Mehta. In 2002, in an interview to Times of India he quoted "I have never been commercially viable: People recognize me, smile and wave at me —but I have never received marriage proposals written in blood. In his heyday, when Rajesh Khanna drove down a street, the traffic stopped —I don't mind not receiving this kind of adulation. But I do miss not having been able to command the kind of work I wanted. I miss not being 100 per cent commercially viable." He was also associated with theatre and television. He hosted a very popular celebrity TV show, with his sense of humor and humble approach being its USP.
  22. 22. • Farooq Sheikh.
  23. 23. 10. Minimalistic Bollywood Posters
  24. 24. i)
  25. 25. • ii)
  26. 26. • iii)
  27. 27. • iv)
  28. 28. 11.Partial filmography of: • I Love New Year (2012)- Unreleased • Jack N Jhol (2012)- Unreleased • Raincoat (2004)... Manoj's Mother • Tumsa Nahin Dekha (2004)... Daksh's grandma • Raghu Romeo (2004)... Raghu's mother • Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (2002)... Najma Ahmed Khan • Deham (2002)... Om's mother • ________ (2001)... Fayyazi • Hari Bhari (2000)... Hasina • Cotton Mary (1999)... Gwen • Dillagi (1999)... Kiran • Sarfarosh (1999)... Sultan's Mother • ___________ (1997)... Idbal Bai • Naseem (1996) • _______ (1994)... Fayyazi • Little Buddha (1993)... Sonali • Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro (1990)
  29. 29. • Surekha Sikri
  30. 30. 12. • Id the song inspired by this song.
  31. 31. • Ishq ishq karna hai kar le – Dhoom
  32. 32. 13. • X was offered the lead role during her modeling days before she took up her debut movie(2007); however, at the time, she wasn't sure about a career in acting. The director Y promised her that if she ever considers a career in acting, he will have this role ready for her. Subsequently, she joined acting and signed this movie. The producer and the lead actor of the movie wanted to cast _____, his lady love for the lead role but Y was adamant on keeping X even though he had recently given a big hit with _______. Id X and Y.
  33. 33. • X: Deepika Padukone • Y: Imtiaz Ali • Movie: Love Aaj Kal
  34. 34. 14. • ID the drawing on the black board.
  35. 35. • Ashutosh Gawarikar productions.
  36. 36. *15. • X in a press release in May 2013 said, "We had recorded a temporary track at the beginning of the shoot last year. We wanted someone who would be high on emotional quotient. Y had done the temporary track that's usually the case; someone in the studio sings the temporary track. We lived with the song for almost a year and finally thought Y was perfect for the song." • The song in context is Y’s debut song. It has been envisaged more like a youth anthem and it represents the zeal of moving ahead and doing something. ID X and Y.
  37. 37. • X: Shankar Mahadevan • Y: Siddharth Mahadevan
  38. 38. 16. • Id the Bollywood song inspired by this song.
  39. 39. • Agent Vinod- Pyaar ki Pungi
  40. 40. 17. • X was Marathi actress who began her career in the early days of talkie movies in the Indian film industry and later produced and directed a pair of movies that launched the career of two of her daughters, Y and Z. X was married to a director and cinematographer. Y's daughter and Z are one of the most awarded actress in the female acting categories at Filmfare. Id Y and Z. • 1 point for X, 1 for Y and Z.
  41. 41. • X: Shobhna Samarth • Y: Tanuja • Z: Nutan
  42. 42. 18. Connect • Madhuri Dixit • Dhirubhai Ambani • Dara Singh • Pele • Amitabh Bachchan • Jaya Bachchan • Subhash Ghai • Jackie Chan • Michael Jackson • Kapil Dev • Vinod Kambli • Sachin Tendulkar • Ratan Tata • Mike Tyson • PT Usha
  43. 43. • Stop that! Meri baaatein sunke dekho hasna nahi
  44. 44. *19. The awards for this category started only in 1967, and has not been awarded since 2007. X not only hold the record for the maximum wins in this category, but has also won the award thrice in a row. • 1990 X (tie) Satish Kaushik – Ram Lakhan • 1992 X – Lamhe • 1993 X – Khel • 1994 X – Darr • 1996 X – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
  45. 45. • X: Anupam Kher
  46. 46. 20. • In an article in Hindustan Times X said: "Y's new song _________ that has a Lambada-sampling and has become a huge hit is identical to my song ___________________________. The opening tune is the same. I brought Lambada to India 19 years ago and she has done it now. The credit goes to me," he added. • ID the Indian song and the composer.
  47. 47. • “On the floor” Bappi Lahiri claimed credit for it.
  48. 48. 21. Copy Cats • To be modest, they “inspired” Bollywood movies. • ID the Bollywood Copy Cats!
  49. 49. i.
  50. 50. i. Munna Bhai MBBS
  51. 51. ii.
  52. 52. ii.Rangeela
  53. 53. iii.
  54. 54. iii. Phir Hera Pheri
  55. 55. iv.
  56. 56. iv. Mohabbatein
  57. 57. *22. • 13. Foreword for whose Biography? Part points for the name of the biography. • “X has given cinema just that with his seamless artistry. He struck terror in the heart of the audience, assuaging them finally with the moral - ladies and gentlemen, evil does not win. • ___________ is a thankless job which X accepted and carried out with such a degree of perfection that he became the actor the entire nation loved to hate. That indeed was the measure of his extraordinary success. Parents did not want their children to meet him. Occasionally, he would even be feared and dreaded at public gatherings. • Evidently he came to terms with that, bemused with the power of cinema to influence the audience in a way that sketches only a thin line between the real and the reel. Subsequently the thespian turned the tables with a marvellous sleight of hand. He donned the mantle of a character artist with equal skill and felicity. Versatility became his imprimatur.”
  58. 58. • Pran • Biography: “…And Pran”
  59. 59. 23. • Id the original movie.
  60. 60. • Bobby