Coke Zero - Coca Cola: Digital Marketing Campaign for Coke Zero


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Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy for Coke Zero - Coca Cola:

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Coke Zero - Coca Cola: Digital Marketing Campaign for Coke Zero

  1. 1. Coke Zero: The Revolution Within! Amit Chaturvedi 15th February, 2013
  2. 2. Coca - Cola● A brand people have loved for more than 125 years.● To refresh the world; in mind, body and spirit.● Always a happy approach and full of emotions.● Inspire moments of optimism.
  3. 3. Coke Zero: The Revolution Within● A concept with emphasis on revolutionising the way we think/do things (anything, everything; a new POV), something that starts from zero "0" and turns out Bigger, Brighter, Better.● Zero represents many things. Everything starts from zero. In this case, we used it to begin a revolution from the start "0".● Coke Zero is the beginning of a revolution from within; body, mind and soul.● It represents the new generation of doers, thinkers, innovators - An avant-garde group of people MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN.● It starts with an individual and inspires the society as a
  4. 4. Who are we targeting?● 25+ Semi - Athletic Male● Semi - aware of calorie consumption● One who wants to be the change● Likes to push the limit and have fun
  5. 5. "The Revolution Within" Campaign Digital Campaign on Social Networking sites Online Ads Teaser & ONLINE Videos/ Promotion UGVs "Mobile" Campaigns to engage users*UGV: User Generated Video
  6. 6. The Campaign● The campaign runs primarily on youtube A user uploads a video of a budding athlete making a small change in the world, but a big change for himself or people around him. Make his presence felt on various social networking sites, and make him the unofficial brand ambassador.● Facebook and twitter are used to promote content as well as building links and customer interaction. Facebook is used to promote viral videos, UGVs, content and for customer services. Twitter is used for back link, content and customer services.● Campaign also runs on mobile devices with the ease of uploading amateur videos
  7. 7. The Campaign YoutubeFacebook Twitter
  8. 8. YoutubeWe use content generated by the customer or a cokeenthusiast, from one platform and spread it across varioussocial networking platforms.Users upload their video online, competing for a prize orjust to tell their stories.● Share videos uploaded by users on various social marketing websites● Promotion through youtube ads● Create Back-Links and other link building strategies● Winner of a video gets a prize to make his/her dream come true
  9. 9. FacebookFacebook-two way communication● Update information(flyers/pics/ videos/ surveys) everyday● Facebook ads● Invite more friends to join● Coupons and other incentives-creative apps● Emphasize mobile subscriptionsThis communication is achieved by engaging users in acampaign to highlight people (through articles and videoon Youtube etc.) who through their revolutionizing andinnovative free thinking brought about a change (Big orsmall, it hardly matter).
  10. 10. TwitterTwitter to be used primarily for promotion of press releases& other white papers, providing customer services,discounts, freebies etc.Provides best output when integrated with other socialnetworking platforms.● Update news about Coke Zero● Follow organizations and people who like sports and brand loyal with Coca Cola● Promote limited time offers: Sporting Events, Music sponsored by Coke● Set up customer reward system● Lead Generation forms● Use mobile devices- code bar get the coupon
  11. 11. Mobile CampaignWi-fi hotspots for mobile users for exclusive games, offers,freebies etc. ● The campaign is compatible for mobile devices ● Users can directly upload videos from their phone etc. ● A more personal way to communicate with an individual ● Easier for call to action activities ● Mobile games and apps
  12. 12. Thank You