Eight ways to get more REALTORS® to READ


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Eight ways to get more REALTORS® to READ by Melynn Sight, nSight Marketing

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Eight ways to get more REALTORS® to READ

  1. 1. Communication Eight  ways Director’s to  get  more Institute REALTORS® Presented by:  to  READ Melynn Sight nSight Marketing, Inc. Three  years  ago  we  contemplated  selling  the  house. the  electrician,  is  adding  new  lights,  repairing  outdoor  fixtures  and  installing  new  (non-­‐80's  brass)  ceiling  fans. the  painter,  is  sanding  and  painAng  the  woodwork  and  walls,  filling  ceiling  and  wall  cracks  we  didn't  know  we  had, and  generally  turning  our  25year-­‐old  house  into  a  work  of  art. Replace  the  ;le  in  our  shower,  seeking  out  new  vanity  and  lighAng  fixtures. Straw  that  broke  the  camel’s  back  –  finally  had  to  face  what  to  do  about  the  aging  concrete  driveway  —  re-­‐surface or  replace  … AssociaAons  face  these  same  quesAons.  Should  they  look  at  cosmeAc  changes  to  their  markeAng  efforts  or  should they  go  for  the  wholesale  change?  It  depends.  If    you  have  been  focusing  on  the  member  in  the  past,  then  it  is  likely they  are  somewhat  in  touch  with  their  needs.  Perhaps  not  a  lot  needs  done. On  the  other  hand,  if  the  neglected  member  insight,  then  it  is  likely  more  change  is  needed. Ask  yourself  this  quesAon:  What  have  you  changed  in  your  business  lately?  Let's  say  in  the  past  year?  Past  two  years, even?  Something?  Anything?  Are  you  sending  out  the  same  communicaAons  you  did  five  years  ago?  Same  strategy? Same  model?  Same  distribuAon  strategy? SomeAmes  change  seems  overwhelming.  But  you  may  not  need  to  change  much  to  see  a  tremendous  impact.  The challenge  is  determining  what  needs  changed.  That's  where  your  members  come  in. If  you've  not  fully  engaged  your  members,  then  you're  missing  out  on  the  best  business  insight  you  could  possible receive.  They  are  the  ones  who  can  tell  you  if  you're  on  the  right  track.  They  are  the  ones  who  will  shine  a  light  on your  problems. Today  we’ll  talk  about  eight  areas  you  should  be  good  at.  If  you  aren’t,  take  one  or  two  home  with  you  and  get working  on  them. 1
  2. 2. ONE  SIZE  FITS D SE ALL? CLO PEOPLE TECHNOLOGY ECONOMICS We  have  had  3  generaAons  for  many  years. Difference  today? 3  driving  forces;  people,  technology  and  economics 1.Not  just  People  –  but  People’s  desire  to  connect  in  new  ways 2.Not  just  Technology  –  but  interacAve  technology  (in  2006,  73%  of  people  were  online,  what  is it  today?) 3.3rd  driving  force  –  online  Economics  –  on  the  internet,  traffic  equals  money. One  size  doesn’t  fit  all  anymore,  and  it’s  not  about  giving  informaAon. It’s  about  ACCESS  TO  INFORMATION It’s  about  RELATIONSHIPS  (Social/InteracAve  technologies) That  brings  us  back  to  Virgin  Records.  Used  to  be  anything  MUSIC  you  wanted  you  could  get  at Virgin  Records.  How  many  of  you  feel  old? 2
  3. 3. Who  is  this? “10,000 hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world- class expert” Malcomb  Gladwell  –  author  of  Outliers. •He  says  every  great  achiever  (soccer  player,  Mozart,  Bill  Gates,  Bill  Joy  -­‐  Sun)  got where  he/she  is  NOT  because  of  IQ But  because  they  have  Ability,  Opportunity,  advantage  and  hard  work. He  says  “10,000  hours  of  pracAce  is  required  to  achieve  the  level  of  mastery  associated with  being  a  world-­‐class  expert” •How much is 10,000 hours? That’s 3.33 years dedicated to the finance, education, or communications business based on a 60 hour work week •This is a fascinating book with many more lessons buried deep than what it takes to become an expert. Lessons of outliers are many – for me, bottom line is that you can achieve mastery at this (getting REALTORS to pay attention) or whatever you want to accomplish: Ability, Opportunity,  advantage  and  hard  work. I have 3 copies of this book – pass bus cards to the left – someone pick them up. Give away at the end. (I’ll also give three copies of this presentation and all docs I talk about on flash drive) 3
  4. 4. Understand your Goals Evaluate Create a Success Plan Measure Execute Results the Tactics Here’s  what’s  not  right  about  most  communicaAons  (the  IMBALANCE) We  all  have  different  percepAon  of  what  member  needs  and  what’s  most  important. This  is  what  I  see  when  I  help  AssociaAons  audit  themselves There’s  most  of  the  Ame  a  lot  of  info  going  OUT,  as  you  can  see,  not  much  coming  IN Most  of  the  Ame  it’s  the  “way  we’ve  always  done  things”  communicaAons  plan. 4
  5. 5. What  is  your communicaAons strategy? OUTGOING Your  listening strategy? FEEDBACK Think  about  it  this  way… Review  the  3  driving  forces  again;  people,  technology  and  economics 1.Not  just  People  –  but  People’s  desire  to  connect 2.Not  just  Technology  –  but  interacAve  technology 3.3rd  driving  force  –  online  Economics  –  on  the  internet,  traffic  equals  money. 5
  6. 6. What  would  a member  say? Groundswell: “A social trend in which people are using technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions.” Charlene Li/Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research Meet  Carol  –  smart,  savvy,  busy Meet  Jane  –  new,  distracted,  50/50  chance  of  making  it Meet  Milt  –  need  I  explain? Three  very  different  audiences  (generaAons)  who  get  informaAon  differently. What’s  different  today? We’re  in  the  middle  of  a  groundswell: A  groundswell,  (if  you  haven’t  read  the  book  by  that  name,  you  should)    is  defined  as: We  sAll  have  mulA  generaAons,  but  in  the  past  there  were  limited  ways  to  get  the  word to  them.  One  way  communica;ons. Today  there  are  so  many  ways.  So  many  preferences. CommunicaAons  is  not  a  “this  is  the  way  we’ve  always  done  it”  process  anymore. If  you  do  this,  you  will  lose  them.  They  will  not  see  you  as  valuable.  Your communicaAons  will  end  up  somewhere  you  don’t  want  to  think  about. We  have  a  CRISIS  of  OPPORTUNITY  before  us.  To  balance  the  NEW  GROUNDSWELL with  the  preferences  of  our  CIVICS.  Let’s  get  started. 6
  7. 7. What  do  they  need from  you? If  you  asked  them  what  would  they  say? And  you’ll  reach  them  if  they  say  to  themselves: •"I  learned  something  today“  or •They  fought  an  issue  that  will  help  me  make  more  money •They  help  me  (broker/agent)  make  more  money 7
  8. 8. What  drives  YOU crazy? What  drives  THEM crazy? First,  as  a  communicaAons  director,  what  drives  you  crazy? Now,  think  like  your  member  –  no  longer  a  communicaAons  director…Want  kind  of communicaAon  do  members  want? List  of  3  reasons  your  members  don’t  read.  Besides  “I  don’t  have  Ame”…. 8
  9. 9. Top 6 1. I like my messages short 2. Don’t re-send information to me again and again (but I do like reminders) 3. Headlines with links 4. Access to the educational options available to me 5. I don’t GET RPAC 6. I want to understand designations Here’s  what  they  say  about  associaAon  communicaAons: 1.let  me  self  -­‐  select  what  they  want  to  read 2.Do  not  re-­‐send  informaAon  again  and  again  –  I’ll  get  it  myself  if  I  need  it 3.Headline  list  with  links  -­‐  with  most  criAcal  news  at  the  top 4.Various  educaAonal  opAons  available  to  me  –  tell  me  where  to  look  and  lay  it  out clearly  for  me! 5.RPAC  –  WIIFM 6.DesignaAons  –  I  don’t  understand  them  and  how  do  I  get  started? 9
  10. 10. Eight  ways to  get  more REALTORS®  to  READ OUR  OBJECTIVE  TODAY: The  geek  geung  mail Today  is  about  Seven  acAons  you  should  take  to  examine,  plan  and  execute  so  you  will get  them  to  pay  avenAon. 10
  11. 11. 1.ANALYZE  IT Carnegie  Mellon  University   Tell  you  story  –  don’t  love  to  tell  stories  of  my  own  quirks,  but… I  color  my  own  hair.  Two  years  ago  I  decided  I  needed  to  save  Ame,  money,  and  start  recycling. I  recycle  everything. But  I  color  my  own  hair.  -­‐  But  once  every  six  months  or  so,  I  go  back  to  my  salon  and  let  the professional  do  it.  Why?  I  know  I’m  missing  a  bunch  of  grey  that’s  either  in  the  back  of  my head,  or  where  I  can’t  see  it  without  my  glasses.  I  need  someone  from  the  outside  to  do  it  right. Then  I  can  do  it  from  there!  -­‐  This  is  no  different  than  your  associaAon.  Once  in  a  while  you need  to  INVEST  in  bringing  someone  in  to  help  you  determine  how  you  can  be  more  efficient with  the  SAME,  or  LESS  money. -­‐  This  is  a  con;nuum  of  performance  for  your  communicaAons. -­‐  Take  a  snapshot  of  today,  idenAfy  areas  where  need  to  get  bever,  and  then  prioriAze  how  you will  avack  them  one  by  one  (fast,  cheap,  beauAful). -­‐  For  each  of  these  5  areas  there  are  pracAces  and  standards.  It  goes  from  Unorganized  to OpAmized -­‐  This  chart  shows  the  range  of    AD  HOC  (you  succeed  because  of  the  competence  of  one  of YOU  one  heroic  individual)  To  OPTIMIZED,  (so  important  to  the  organizaAon  that  the  pracAces are  conAnuously  measured  and  improved.) -­‐  Your  analysis  can  be  simple  or  complicated  as  you  want,  but  you  have  to  know  where  you  are today  and  the  few  (or  many)  thinks  you  want  to  change. 11
  12. 12. • Get  Feedback • Test  new  ideas • Hear  member  concerns • Field  new  member  quesAons • Answer  members’  desire  to connect • Enable  members  to  support each  other • Help  members  collaborate with  each  other 2.PLAN  IT • Build  relaAonships  with    your members • Give  your  members  the  ability to  receive  content  from  you automaAcally Ask  them… • Show  that  you  listen Show  responsiveness • Show  members  you  are listening • Let  members  know  you  want their  feedback • Empower  staff  members    to  be your  best  advocates Think  about  your  communicaAons  –  on  lew  all  the  ways  you  do  one-­‐way communicaAons By  now,  you  ought  to  be  able  to  do  this  really  well. I’d  like  you  to  think  about  the  two  way  communicaAons,  the  listening  part,  the  adding value  part Here’s  why: The  strategy  on  the  lew  treats  every  member  alike.  But  treaAng  everyone  alike  will  spell failure  –  people  aren't  alike  and  won’t  respond  in  the  same  way. Your  associaAon  is  no  different  than  a  business  who  wants  to  keep  a  customer.  The bever  the  relaAonship,  the  more  value  you  offer,  the  higher  the  “switching  costs”. So  when  I  say  Plan  it,  I  mean,  how  do  you  build  that  relaAonship  and  get  the conversaAon  started? 12
  13. 13. 1. Your association’s objectives? 2. How do your communications support those objectives? 3.ORGANIZE  IT 3. Your primary audiences? and 4. How will you deliver them? Document  It 5. How you will evaluate them? 6. Capturing YPs’ (a.k.a.GenNext) attention? If it were me, I’d make a plan – any mktg/comm director needs a plan! A communication plan - written document that answers six key questions: (read above) I  don’t  want  to  talk  so  much  about  how  to  construct  this  plan  (you  can  pull  that  off  my website,  it’s  in  your  notes).  This  is  about  the  WHY.  You  need  to  begin  with  the  end  in mind. 13
  14. 14. 4.SIMPLIFY  IT How  many  of  you  are  religious  about  readability  staAsAcs? In  MS  word  and  in  MS  outlook? Here’s  a  Ap  for  you  –  awer  your  write,  or  when  someone  sends  you  anything,  run  this test Look  for: Passive  sentences  (makes  arAcle  more  readable) Reading  ease  (length  of  words,  sentences  and  paragraphs) Grade  level  (why  younger  the  bever)  –  if  you  want  people  to  read,  have  to  keep  it simple. If  you  can  only  do  two  things  from  what  you  learn  today.  Write  this  down. Readaiblity  staAsAcs,  and  write  for  the  member  BENEFIT. 14
  15. 15. 4.SIMPLIFY  IT Aes  are  very  good  students  –  (once  you  know  what  to  look  for,  you  can  inspect) How  many  things  are  published,  and  you  see  draw,  and  think  “what  were  they thinking”? Here’s  a  Ap  for  you  –  when  someone  sends  you  an  arAcle,  run  this  test Then  mentor  them  on: Passive  sentences  (makes  arAcle  more  readable) Reading  ease  (length  of  words,  sentences  and  paragraphs) Grade  level  (why  younger  the  bever)  –  if  you  want  people  to  read,  have  to  keep  it simple. If  you  can  only  do  two  things  from  what  you  learn  today.  Write  this  down. Readaiblity  staAsAcs,  and  write  for  the  member  BENEFIT. 15
  16. 16. 4.SIMPLIFY  IT How  many  things  are  published,  and  you  see  it,  and  think  “what  were  they  thinking”? Here’s  a  Ap  for  you  –  when  someone  sends  you  an  arAcle,  run  this  test Then  mentor  them  on: Passive  sentences  (makes  arAcle  more  readable) Reading  ease  (length  of  words,  sentences  and  paragraphs) Grade  level  (why  younger  the  bever)  –  if  you  want  people  to  read,  have  to  keep  it simple. If  you  can  only  do  two  things  from  what  you  learn  today.  Write  this  down. Readaiblity  staAsAcs,  and  write  for  the  member  BENEFIT. 16
  17. 17. 5.STANDARDIZE  IT • There’s  so  much  to  say  about  this There  are  so  many  reasons  you  need  to  standardize  your  material •It’s  about  branding •It’s  about  the  comfort  of  leung  members  know  what  to  expect •It’s  about  making  it  easier  for  them  to  read! 17
  18. 18. Super Seven: 1. Logo placement 2. Start with your goals 3. Decide WIIFM first STANDARDIZE  IT 4. Attention in 2 seconds? 5. Compelled to action in 2 minutes? 6. Gripping headlines 7. Use of testimonials as appropriate 1. Logo placement (WIIFM!) – some assn’s forget other Educa institutions, no logo, no recognition. Don’t let member mistake who you are! 2. What are your goals? Lots of competing info on the page 3. Benefit the reader? (give them the WIIFT), not just the facts 4. Attention in two seconds 5. Compelled to action in two minutes 6. Gripping headlines – subject lines are controversial 7. Use of testimonials This is not only for documents – also for your website! 18
  19. 19. Super Seven: 1. Logo placement 2. Start with your goals 3. Decide WIIFM first STANDARDIZE  IT 4. Attention in 2 seconds? 5. Compelled to action in 2 minutes? 6. Gripping headlines 7. Use of testimonials as appropriate Google  logo  contests  –  as  long  as  you  have  a  strong  brand,  be  crea5ve  with  your  logo! 19
  20. 20. 6.PERSONALIZE  IT Here’s  a  tool  to  help  you  inspect  if  you  are  focusing  on  your  member?  Versus  YOU? We-­‐We  Calculator  -­‐  Customer  Focus  Calculator  -­‐  scans  web  pages  and  scores  how  customer-­‐ focused  your  copy  is.    Great  tool  to  illustrate  whether  your  site  is  focusing  on  the  members’ needs…or  just  loves  the  sound  of  its  own  voice. 20
  21. 21. On  the  subject  of  Young Professionals: 1. Media snacking 6.PERSONALIZE  IT 2. Give them a way to comment BY  THE  MEMBER 3. Go viral 4. Short subject lines and SEGMENT information 5. Network on-line and off- line 6. Catalog shopping experience 7. RSS feeds (market stats), blogs, videos One  size  doesn’t  fit  all  anymore  -­‐  Can’t  leave  this  topic  w  out  talking  about personalizing  for  the  YP  AND  other  technology-­‐savvy  members Geung  their  avenAon  is  about  ACCESS  to  INFORMATION 1.Media Snacking - Post information in many sources 2.They don’t like the member services director to write an article about the inaugural – instead of the formal story, they want to hear if from another member! 3.Info from orientation - It’s the same information, just a different vehicle to get it out there! 4.Go viral 5.Short subject lines and information (these are controversial) 6.Socialize on-line and off-line 7.Catalog shopping experience (on line education, on line registration, on-line purchase) 8.RSS feeds from your website. 21
  22. 22. 7.WEBIFY  IT (EVERYTHING) The  final  issue  of  the  Seavle  Post-­‐Intelligencer  was  delivered  to  homes  this  morning.  The  Hearst newspaper  group  had  been  looking  for  a  buyer,  but  none  could  be  found.  The  paper  will  conAnue  online. While  many  bemoan  the  loss  of  another  newspaper,  please  don't  mistake  the  demise  of  the  newspaper industry  with  the  state  of  the  economy.  Newspapers  are  struggling  for  the  same  reason  the  Yellow  Pages are  in  trouble  —  adverAsing  revenue  is  moving  to  an  online  model,  and  media  channels  are  following  it. In  the  coming  months,  we  will  witness  the  demise  of  many  more  newspapers.  Newspapers  were  in trouble  ten  years  ago.  The  current  economy  is  simply  exacerbaAng  the  situaAon  and  hastening  the process. There  are  always  at  least  two  ways  to  look  at  an  issue.  Some  will  miss  their  daily  paper  delivered  to  their doorstep.  Others  will  wonder  what  took  so  long  since  they've  been  geung  their  news  online  for  the  last decade. While  the  transiAon  away  from  newsprint  is  coming  faster  than  most  expected,  there  are  plenty  of reputable  news  outlets  who  are  figuring  out  how  to  deliver  the  news  people  want  within  a  revenue model  that  works.  Their  staff  will  be  smaller,  more  nimble  and  reader  focused.  Which,  if  you  think  about it,  is  how  newspapers  began  in  the  first  place. Your  magazine  is  only  the  beginning…  (next  page) BUT!  Don’t  bury  everything  in  the  web!  Marry  it  with  other  means  of  communicaAons: If  forms  are  a  member  value,  talk  about  forms  wherever  you  can,  &  don’t  make  members  dig  way  down to  find  them. 22
  23. 23. 6.WEBIFY  IT (EVERYTHING) 23
  24. 24.  7.WEBIFY  IT Your  magazine  is  only  the  beginning… If  you  are  interested  in  keeping  your  YP  interested  you  need  to  do  things  like: 1.InteracAve  web  portals 2.Real-­‐Ame  e-­‐commerce 3.Video  email BUT!  Don’t  bury  everything  in  the  web! If  forms  are  a  member  value,  talk  about  forms  wherever  you  can,  &  don’t  make members  dig  way  down  to  find  them. 24
  25. 25. Curious headlines get attention  Subject  line:  Don’t  Vote… Un5l  you  read  this  message 8.LIFE  SIZE  IT  Subject  line:  Sorry  you  weren’t nominated… But  it’s  not  too  late,  here’s  the form  Subject  line:  Drink  no  wine before  it’s  ;me… And  the  Ame  is  this  Thursday  at our  annual  wine  tasAng Compelling  headlines  get  avenAon Because  Tom  O’Rourke  is  here,  I  want  to  show  some  of  his  LIFE  SIZE  examples  of  his mail  to  members. Be  honest,  wouldn’t  you  prefer  a  headline  like  this  versus XYZ  REALTORS  Update? Difference  between  a  standard  happy  birthday  card,  and  one  that  is  funny, heartwarming,  connects  to  your  year  of  birth  –  that  YOU  relate  to. 25
  26. 26. SUBJECT: Capitol Hill Day 8.LIFE  SIZE  IT Whether  email,  flyers,  or  any  communicaAons  –  subject  lines  get  avenAon.  2  seconds  is  all  you get. 2  minutes  to  get  someone  to  do  something  with  the  informaAon Ask  this  quesAon.  What  does  it  do  for  their  LIVELIHOOD?  LIFE  SIZE  it  for  them 26
  27. 27. SUBJECT: What can a visit to the hill can do for me? 8.LIFE  SIZE  IT SUBJECT: Capitol Hill Day CCIM  MEMBER www.ASSN.org/LegAffairs.html 27
  28. 28. Analyze it Plan it Organize it Simplify it Standardize it Personalize It Web-ify it Life Size It
  29. 29. Restate  the  crisis A  blind  boy  sat  on  the  steps  of  a  building  with  a  hat  by  his  feet.  He  held  up  a  sign  which said:  'I  am  blind,  please  help.'  There  were  only  a  few  coins  in  the  hat. 29
  30. 30. A  man  was  walking  by.  He  took  a  few  coins  from  his  pocket  and  dropped  them  into  the hat.  He  then  took  the  sign,  turned  it  around,  and  wrote  some  words.  He  put  the  sign back  so  that  everyone  who  walked  by  would  see  the  new  words. Soon  the  hat  began  to  fill  up.  A  lot  more  people  were  giving  money  to  the  blind  boy. That  awernoon  the  man  who  had  changed  the  sign  came  to  see  how  things  were.  The boy  recognized  his  footsteps  and  asked,  'Were  you  the  one  who  changed  my  sign  this morning?  What  did  you  write?' 30
  31. 31. The  man  said,  'I  only  wrote  the  truth.  I  said  what  you  said  but  in  a  different  way.' What  he  had  wriven  was:  'Today  is  a  beauAful  day  and  I  cannot  see  it.' Do  you  think  the  first  sign  and  the  second  sign  were  saying  the  same  thing? Of  course  both  signs  told  people  the  boy  was  blind.  But  the  first  sign  simply  said  the boy  was  blind.  The  second  sign  told  people  they  were  so  lucky  that  they  were  not  blind. Should  we  be  surprised  that  the  second  sign  was  more  effecAve? 31
  32. 32. MORAL  OF  THE  STORY?  Great communicators are MADE, not born  Look at things as they are, not as YOU are  Slow down and take time to learn, innovate & reinvent Moral of the story… Great communicators are MADE, not born. Molded, crafted by people like you. Don’t empower them too much. You can both ooch them and make it easier for people to find their way. For that, they will appreciate you. Learn from each other. You nor I know everything. We see the world, the association from a different set of eyes. While you teach them how to do their jobs better, They will keep you relevant. 32
  33. 33. Keep learning Video email 3-article e-mail the easy way Marketing nSights www.association1on1.com Make Melynn a safe sender! View NAR Association (melynn@nsightmarketing.com) samples online If you like to blog: marketingnSights.blogspot.com You can reach Melynn @ you like to twitter: melynn@nsightmarketing.com nSightMarekting If you like Facebook or 913.261.9100 companies.to/nsightmarketing I  love  what  I  do  and  I  do  it  every  day. So  I’d  like  to  hold  a  door  open  for  you  to  learn  more  every  day. I  offer  some  things  here  that  don’t  cost  you  a  thing,  but  you  will  benefit  from.  Others you  pay  me  for. Some  are  listed  here.  Please  take  advantage  of  them! PLEASE  FILL  OUT  YOUR  SURVEYS LET’S  DO  THE  DRAWING QUESTIONS? 33