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Marketing and Communications:

Marketing and Communications:
Right On and Relevant



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    Marketing & Communications:  Right On and Relevant - nSight Marketing Marketing & Communications: Right On and Relevant - nSight Marketing Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing and Communications: Right On and Relevant Melynn Sight President
    • December 19 2
    •‐ticker/ 3
    • Do you and your members see eye to eye on what is most relevant?
    • Value leads to Trust Relevance leads to Leads  to Connections 5
    • Relevance Survey Washington Washington Maine Montana Minnesota North Dakota Vermont Minnesota Oregon New Hampshire Wisconsin Idaho Massachusetts Wyoming South Dakota New York Michigan New York Rhode Island Connecticut Iowa Pennsylvania Nevada Nebraska New Jersey Ohio Illinois Illinois Delaware Utah West Colorado Indiana Virginia Virginia Maryland Kansas Missouri California Kansas Kentucky Arizona Oklahoma North Carolina North Carolina Oklahoma Tennessee Arkansas South Arizona New Mexico Carolina Mississippi Texas Alabama Georgia Louisiana Florida Florida 6
    • What did they say? Commitment Caring Clarity Communication Cost   Consistency Consumables  Connections 7
    • 8
    • What else? And what were they saying that they didn’t actually say? You can’t always solve insight problems  with logic…you have to edit. – Malcomb Gladwell 9
    • And what were they saying that they didn’t actually say? 1.We are not all the same Don’t treat us that way 10
    • 2. I don’t know Don’t take yourself too seriously Do what you can to make a lasting impression 11
    • 3. Nothin not really It’s all corrupt and  You just keep raising  all about money If you don't have money  my dues for all the fees and  not a thing f a realtor has a bad  dues, the Association  don't care. year the  Absolutely nothing  Association don’t  of value NOPE! give a crap No Not really for the  Nope A lapel pin amount we are  charged 13
    • “Not everyone appreciates your efforts  to be (relevant). In fact, most people don’t. So what?  Most people are ostriches,  3. Nothin heads in the sand...  Your goal isn’t to please everyone.  Your goal is to please those that  actually speak up, spread the word,  buy things....” – Seth Godin 14
    • The Process for Building Relevance 15
    • Two seconds 16
    • Life happens when things intersect. It’s how wars are fought.  It’s how babies are made. It’s how people connect with the  world – and brands – around them. Some believe the bond between people and brands is over­ hyped. Others believe it runs deep. The one truth we know for  sure is the more we connect, the more loyal we become. – Jim Thompson, The Brand Channel 17
    • 1. What’s Your One Thing? 18
    • How do you do it? 1. Mission 2. Goals 3. Core values 4. What your members need most 5. What YOU do well and aspire to become 6. Distinction from your competitor A straight‐forward, simple, portable promise 19
    • What does it look like? I  C.A.R.E. Innovate, Create, Assess, Relate, Excelerate NAR  AELD You have to Stand for Something or You Stand for Nothing. – Alexander Hamilton 20
    • 2. Don’t assume. Ask. Look ahead to tomorrow 21
    • Once you ask your members, then demonstrate that you hear them 22
    • 3. Focus on a few 23
    • 4. Obsess on WIIFM “I had a broker say to me: Bill, I want you to stop me from spinning so  much—take all this stuff from Governmental  and Legislative affairs—simplify it and tell me  what to do with it, so I can tell my agents  what’s in it for them ­ and get on with my day.” – Bill Malkasian, WRA 24
    • Here’s how your $20 RPAC contribution  paid you back in 2009: Your RPAC  Contribution 1. Protected Your Real Estate Commissions: + With your help, we defeated efforts to impose a sales tax on services including real estate commissions. This tax on services would take an  (Your  average of 7.3% of your commissions out of your pocket!  Association’s)  You make $504.00 more per transaction involvement in  2.Prevented a Transfer Tax on Real Estate: Governmental  With your support, we have defeated any efforts to impose a transfer tax  Affairs on the sale of real estate.  A transfer tax would impose an average 7% tax  on every home sale.  This could shut many of your potential clients out of  = the market, resulting in many lost home sales per year. This saves $1,557.00 per sale  At least  $6,800.00 more  3.Prevented ANY Increases in Real Estate Taxes: in your bank  With your contributions, we have prevented Congress from eliminating  account favorable tax breaks for homeowners like the mortgage interest  deduction, and the property tax deduction.  Without these tax breaks  EVERY YEAR housing costs would increase, preventing many potential clients from  buying a new home. 25 This saves $4,740.00 on every home purchase
    • 5. Be courageous 26
    • Create The “Possible” Service Level 1 Minimum standards Product­driven 27
    • Create The “Possible” Service Level 2 Market driven 28
    • Create The “Possible” Service Level 3 Customers don’t always  know what they need Imagination­driven 29
    • The “Possible” Service Search for “Monthly Skinny” 30
    • The “Possible” Service 31
    • The “Possible” Service 32
    • Create The “Possible” Service 33
    • The Point of It All? We have to put our crystal ball out there to be a step and a half ahead of what  the member sees.  Then, be in a strong enough position to present that relevantly to elected  leaders so they can make decisions about the future.  There’s a fine line between scary stuff in crazy times  and being a strong leader giving direction. – Bill Malkasian Wisconsin Association of REALTORS® 34
    • What we must decide is  how we are relevant rather than how relevant we are. – Edgar Z. Friedenberg
    • 36
    • Add to your safe sender list!!