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Drug Presentation

  1. 1. Choices---Individuality---Dreams “ Writing is storytelling and all of us are authors, not just of words but of reality. You are the author of your life, so go out and live! Then never quit writing about it.” --Ben Mikaelsen
  2. 2. What will your life story be? <ul><li>Will it be filled with happiness? Friends? Family? </li></ul>Or…
  3. 3. … will it take a turn down a darker road?
  4. 4. A road chosen by others before you. <ul><li>A road that proved to be life altering… </li></ul>
  5. 5. … maybe it was the road to marijuana… … a road riddled with dangerous obstacles… memory loss, difficulty learning, difficulty thinking, impaired judgment , awkward movement, coordination problems…
  6. 6. A road taken by Texas Linebacker Kellen Tillman. Was the choice to smoke marijuana worth losing the grip he had on his dream?
  7. 7. Was there a sign on the road to marijuana that warned the travelers of dangers ahead? Depression, schizophrenia, psychosis In 2004, over 39,000 teens aged 12–17 were admitted to emergency rooms for marijuana related causes. And in 2004, 64% of teens aged 12–17 in drug treatment were there for marijuana problems.
  8. 8. Meth Mouth is a common condition among methamphetamine users. Crank Bugs: Because of the toxic nature of meth, many users experience the sensation of bugs crawling under their skin, and they pick these areas in an effort to find relief. This activity creates open sores that become ugly and infected. Others have chosen the road to methamphetamines also known as meth. Where were the warning signs for this road?
  9. 9. Did these people know how their lives would change? Was this meant to be part of their life story?
  10. 10. Meth Users Go Downhill Fast: Meth takes a physical toll on users — they usually have bad skin, bad dental hygiene, dilated pupils, jerky body movements, paranoid and aggressive behavior. They smell bad, sweat excessively, and are desperate for more speed.
  11. 11. Is this home part of your dream?
  12. 12. Did this family write the burning of their home into their life story?
  13. 13. There are so many roads from which you can choose… <ul><li>and sometimes you are not the only person whose story is altered by your choices… </li></ul>
  14. 14. Tobacco and cancer seem to follow the same route.
  15. 15. Remember…Your choices are forever. You cannot take them away. <ul><li>You must be able to live with the consequences of those choices. </li></ul>
  16. 16. Were these people aware that the road they chose would determine their destination?
  17. 19.  
  18. 20. What was their final destination?
  19. 21. <ul><li>Death… </li></ul>
  20. 22. What is your final destination? Do you have the courage to make the choices that will lead you to your dreams? Can you be that individual who stays focused on the life story being written?
  21. 23. Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson