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  1. 1. Real Situation – “Bayani Brew” Case Solution By Team “BASTA”: Natallia Shliazhka Eriselda Barjamaj Kirill Agapov Anastasiya Tsikhanava Real Situation
  2. 2. Task 1 – Market Entry Strategy Objectives Product Development Strategy Earn 9% market Get to Manila and the fastest growing cities Build a brand with at least 50% Our focus is on bringing GREATshare after the 1st (Taguig, Quezon the real year City, and Pasig) in the first 3 years of our operations of the population awareness value to our society SUCCESS! Real Situation 2
  3. 3. Task 1 – Market Entry Strategy “Bayani Brew Classic” & “Bayani Brew Purple Leaf” Pricing Brings more value (and thus more expensive than competitors’ products): Value- Healthy drinks based Increased trend in health consciousness Growing demand for natural beverages Community welfare Patriotic nation building ideas Social value (diminish unemployment, boosts the economy of the country) Profits go for social issues solutions Psychological appeal :  Consumers perceive it cheaper than it actually is Odd-even Real Situation 3
  4. 4. Task 1 – Market Entry Strategy “Bayani Brew Classic” & “Bayani Brew Purple Leaf” Distribution LARGER MARKET SHARE Sari- sari stores Open markets/ (as it is the vendors on largest Supermarkets push carts distribution channel for the Hypermarkets soft drink industry) Neighborhood street markets Specialized stores and cafes Real Situation 4
  5. 5. Task 1 – Market Entry Strategy “Bayani Brew Classic” & “Bayani Brew Purple Leaf” Social advertising Advertising We aim to build awareness among the young generation thorough actively participating in social networks advertising activities Word of mouth As Philippines are very collectivistic culture, our company aims our product to be everyday ‘s gossip. Government support We aim to use government’s media channels in order to advertise the value our products bring to the development of the country’s economy (as elections will be hold in 2013- it will be the two-sided advantage) Influential celebrities We aim to cooperate with the Black Eyed Peas singer Allan Pineda Lindo who surely will agree to advertise our product because he is Philippinean and he is eager to help in developing of his country. Real Situation 5
  6. 6. Task 1 – Market Entry Strategy “Bayani Brew Classic” & “Bayani Brew Purple Leaf”Sales Promotion Real Situation 6
  7. 7. Task 1 – Market Entry Strategy “Bayani Brew Classic” & “Bayani Brew Purple Leaf” Publicity & PR Universities Public Schools Institutions Seminars Real Situation 7
  8. 8. Task 2 – Natural Sports Drink Business Idea Analysis SWOT Analysis • Natural, healthy • Philippines is rich with coconut oil (main • Provide work places by ingredient): do not need selling it, taking part in export suppliers promotions • Worldwide expansion (export product, boost GDP) • Increasing demand for Strengths Opportunities sport drinks Weaknesses Threats • Health concerns • Strong competition (stereotype: if energy (Gatorade, Powerade, or sport drink, then for OxRyd) sure harmful) Real Situation 8
  9. 9. Task 2 – Natural Sports Drink Business Idea RecommendationsRecommendations We suggest to implement this idea AFTER 3 after 3 years of operations YEARS First of all, Bayana Brew Company Focus on the Market has to build the brand image which is Brand name primarily expected to happen in 3 years. research During these 3 years, the company products should focus on the primarily products. Make a research on the competitors and the target market for the sports drinks. Real Situation 9
  10. 10. Bibliography 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Real Situation 10