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MAD Skincare Treatment Menu. Boost your salon service menu while increasing your profit margin.

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  • *Sample treatment menu
  • MAD Sample Treatment Menu (2)

    1. 1. Blending Science and Nature to Deliver Maximum Benefits TREATMENT MENU *
    2. 2. Maximum Active DermaceuticalsMAD Skincare is a new skincare brand made up of 5 fullprotocols designed to fully address the most commonskin concerns. – Unique – Easy to use – Results oriented formulasAt a price to keep your clients coming back and sure toIncrease salon profit margins.Nicole Sconzo 917.617.1556
    3. 3. Environmental
    4. 4. Environmental Defense TreatmentsOur Environmental Defense Treatments are designed for the client in mid-twenties to forties whodesires to protect and preserve youthful looking skin. Our skin at this stage of life is underconstant environmental stress--- Emotional stress (job, relationship and family responsibilities),Pollution and other external factors that manifest into weakened, tired and prematurely agingskin. Fight it! With our Action Ingredients such as:Pollution Defense Peptide-Guard against DNA-damaging free radicals, eliminate toxins andminimize effects of physical and emotional stress.Cellular Enhancing Isoflavones-Reduce the breakdown of collagen and prevent fats in the skinfrom forming aggressive compounds.Black Currant Seed Oil- Rich in fatty acids, helps maintain healthy skin and reduce effects of drydamaged skin imparting a youthful glowCELLDETOX- reinforces cell detox process; smoothes fine lines, illuminates complexion.Helioguard 365-A- naturally absorbs UV-A light. From the Red Algae plant.Oxygeskin- Brightens dull skinShield Bact Peptide- Fights bacteria, powerful protectant against biopollutantsLavandox- Spanish Lavender extracted molecules reduce wrinkles by 13% after 7 days of use.
    5. 5. Environmental Renewal Treatment De-tox, De- stress, De-fend -against Environmental assault! Protect and preserve youthful skin with our Environmental Renewal Facial. A peel with lactic acid, multi fruit acids, TriniTeacomplex, apple and cranberry extracts smooth and soften, refine and renew. Followed by our environmental detox mask, wrinkle repellent serum, daytime defense moisturizer and eye crème.
    6. 6. Recharge and Radiate This treatment is a combination of our Environmental and Brightening lines. First we cleansewith our Brightening Cleanser with TriniTea Complex bathing the skin in antioxidants, followed upwith our Renewing Toner with Arnica extract to reduce redness and inflammation, cranberryextract to rebalance cells and restore radiance. We then improve your skin’s texture andhydration with the Environmental Renewal Peel with AHA’s, TriniTea Complex, Apple andCranberry Extracts to increase cell proliferation , tissue regeneration and antioxidants to lessenthe appearance of wrinkles and restore skin’s radiance. We then follow that up with a potentinfusion of Vitamin C with our Multi C Complex for intense antioxidant and brighteningbenefits, followed by Spot On targeted skin brightening serum, On Guard SPF 30 skinscreen andeye defense shielding serum.
    7. 7. Brightening
    8. 8. Brightening TreatmentsOur Brightening Treatments are designed for the client with uneven skin tone, photo-damage, patchy spots and dull skin. M.A.D Skincare uses the most potent holistic ingredients torestore radiance, an even tone and a healthy glow to all skin types. This category can also becombined with other categories, (except extreme delicate and acne conditions). Look on thebright side with Action Ingredients such as:BVOS-C- A stable, oil soluble form of Vitamin C which offers UV protection, skin whitening andanti aging benefits in addition to aiding collagen synthesis and antioxidant benefits that penetrateinto the epidermis and cells.Stay-C 50- Stable form of Vitamin C that reduces the appearance of fine lines andwrinkles, whitens spotty/darkened skin, evens out tone and aids in collagen production.Excellent repair for photo-aged and sun damaged skin. Secondary ingredient also firms saggingskin and diminishes wrinkles and improves skin’s ability to protect itself from free radicaldamage, and aids in increasing elasticity and luminosity.B-White-peptide that showed a 30% brightening effect in 2 months in clinical evaluations.Lumiskin-antioxidant from Chilean tree bark that dramatically controls melanin by inhibitingstress receptors that darken skin. 71% of volunteers saw lightening of the skin, 54% noticedlightening of hyper-pigmented areas, 65% found their complexion to be more even and 74% felttheir skin looked and felt more radiant.Licorice, Emblica Fruit, Mulberry and Bearberry Extracts to brighten and even skin tone.
    9. 9. Illuminate FacialGet a healthy, radiant glow with our Brightening Illuminate Facial. First we cleanse your skin with our Brightening cleanser containing Emblica Fruitextract, Multi C Complex, then the Radiant peel with glycolic acid, TriniTea Complex, Licorice extract and Bearberry refine and restore luminosity. Followed up with our Radiance Brightening Mask, a supercharged mega dose of 3 types of Vitamin C . Then, Spot on brightening serum , finishedoff with illuminating day moisturizer. Your future is so bright, you’ll have to wear shades!!
    10. 10. Anti-Aging
    11. 11. Anti-Aging TreatmentsM.A.D ‘s Anti-Aging category was created to address the multiple needs of maturing skin. Thisformula works to rejuvenate, hydrate, moisturize and refine and reduce the appearance of linesand wrinkles. M.A.D. accomplishes this by incorporating glycolic acid and the latest peptides todeliver superior results. This targeted, powerful approach contains many Action Ingredientsincluding:Glycolic Acid-the most active of the AHA’s, a powerful, effective exfoliator aids in skin turnover,improves texture, refines skin tone, giving a healthy, natural glow to dull, tired skin.Oat Extracts- Soothe skin and have natural moisturizing and skin conditioning properties.Multi Peptide Anti-Aging Complex-minimizes appearance of fine lines and improves elasticity.Peptides stimulate collagen which maintains the texture and elasticity of skin.Apple Stem Cell Extract- Aids in cell proliferation and encourages tissue regeneration andincreases the longevity of skin cells.Grape Stem Cell Extracts-High in antioxidants, repairs signs of aging resulting in reducingcrepiness around the eye. Also offers protection against UV stress and sun damage.Alp Rose Stem Cell Extract- Recharges skin stem cells, protects against UV stress and improvesskin tone, texture and firmness. Aids in regeneration of skin cells and distressed skin.
    12. 12. Anti-Aging Action Ingredients (2)Unirepair T-43- Potent bioactive complex of amino acids, Acetyl Tyrosine, Proline and ATP counteractsenvironmental skin damage and protects against UV radiation. Clinical studies show Unirepair T-43 enhancedthe DNA repair rate (see data sheet) .Matrixyl 3000- contains matrikines which are messengers of skin reconstruction and repair. When they interactwith specific receptors, they help activate certain genes involved in cell renewal and proliferation. After 2months, studies show a 20% positive effect on skin tone and 45% wrinkle reduction. Also noticeableimprovement in wrinkle density, depth, volume and roughness.Symglucan- Derived from Beta-Glucan, a skin conditioner that protects from UV light and improves extrinsicsigns of aging. Stimulates fibroblast growth and collagen synthesis and increases moisturizing properties of theskin. Symglucan offers 13% skin penetration, penetrating significantly into the stratum corneum andepidermis.Sedaplant Richter- Complex combination of herbal anti-irritant extracts to buffer the glycolic acid. Combinedwith allantoin, excellent hydrator which calms and soothes sensitive skin.Prodew 400- comprised of 8 types of amino acids , sodium PCA and lactic acid. This blend protects skin fromdryness, aids in moisturizing and promotes elasticity. 85% increase in moisturizing effect of skin by increasingskin’s natural moisture function.Lavandox- Spanish lavender extract produces 11% wrinkle reduction after 24 hours and 13% reduction after 7days.MultiFruit BSC –Powerful, concentrated blend of 5 botanical extracts; bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orangeand lemon. AHA blend that stimulates new cell renewal by 34% and increases cell turnover by 20%.Symcalmin- Oat derived avenanthramides significantly reduce irritation and redness; buffers glycolic acid.
    13. 13. Glycolic Rejuvenation Facial Refine, rejuvenate, renew with a 30% glycolic peel after cleansing with soap bark and soap wart extracts and toning the skin with 7% glycolic toner. Then, our Youth Transformation glycolic mask with glycolic acid,apricot seed, black currant and elderberry seed oils and powerful wrinkle reducing and hydrating technologies derived from proteins and plants. Finish off with our unbelievable age corrective serum, nourishing night crème and velvety eye transformation serum. Soft, supple, smooth , refined and hydrated is the end game here!
    14. 14. Refined LuminosityThis treatment combines our Anti-Aging and Radiance line with a dollop of Delicate andEnvironmental also. We begin by refining and smoothing the skin’s texture with our GlycolicCleanser and toner, followed by our 30% Glycolic Peel. We then cool the skin with our Delicateskin calming gel mask with Water Lilly Flower extract to calm and hydrate and Peptides to reduceinflammation. We then bath the skin in the powerful Multi C Complex to brighten and addluminosity to dull, tired skin. Followed by our youth transformation age corrective serum, eyetransformation serum and On Guard SPF 30 skinscreen.
    15. 15. Acne
    16. 16. AcneM.A.D Skincare’s Acne category attacks acne with Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide and a speciallyformulated blend of botanicals to reduce oil production and soothe irritated skin. ActionIngredients include:BPO 5%- Anti bacterial, anti-acneic helps to unclog pores, control oil and hinder further breakoutsfor clearer skin.Alp Sebum- From the Alpine plant Epilobium Fleschieri, an innovative ingredient with provenefficacy against oily skin. Anti inflammatory and reduces the size and appearance of pores.Studies with human keratinocytes show Alp Sebum to dramatically decrease the production ofpro-inflammatory cells as well as reduce sebum production.Salicylic Acid 2%- BHA helps to decongest skin, reduce blemishes and blackheads.Tea Tree Oil- controls bacteriaPeppermint Oil- soothes skin calms rednessGinger Root Extract- Boosts circulation healing and clearing skin.Witch Hazel- astringent which helps minimize pores and refine skin w/o irritation.Camphor- skin coolant desensitizes and calms acneic skinWillow Bark Extract- Acne fighter decongests pores and fights inflammation and clearsblemishes.EucalyptusAloe Vera- soothes and hydrates, calms, quenches, dry, irritated skin.
    17. 17. Alp Sebum Acne Assault Facial Alp Sebum is produced from the Alpine plant Epilobium fleischeri. Aninnovative ingredient with proven efficacy against oily skin. This treatment will combat inflammation, reduce pore size, decongest pores, controlbacteria, increase circulation , improve skin texture and destroy acne while calming, soothing and hydrating the skin.We begin by cleansing with our 2% Salicylic cleansing gel to decongest skin by cleansing and controlling oil. We then conduct a deep exfoliation to break through the tough, dead, congested skin via our Acne peel with Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids. We follow that with our calming gel mask before our next attack with the Spot On Zinc and Sulfur Mask which delivers botanicals to remove oil from pores, calm and clear the skin. We conclude with 5% BPO gel and breakout control moisturizer to hydrate without oil. The result is refined, smoother, clearer skin.
    18. 18. Delicate Skins
    19. 19. DelicateDelicate, Sensitive Skin needs to be calmed, soothed, nourished and treated gently. M.A.D. Skincare deliverscalming, soothing botanicals free of harsh chemicals and parabens. This category was designed to reducedirritation and redness while moisturizing and hydrating the skin with Action Ingredients such as:Water Lilly Extract- Calming, hydrating, soothingSoothing Peptide Complex- Unparalleled skin rejuvenation benefits and aids in tissue regeneration.Oat Derived Extract- Soothing, moisturizing and conditioning.Hyaluronic Acid- Excellent hydration source and helps repair damaged skin tissue.Sepacalm VG- unique union of palmitoylproline and water lily flower extract calms and soothes skin. Decreasescutaneous pigmentation induced by inflammatory stress (UV, irritation, pollution, and acne) Rids skin ofstinging effect of lactic acid and reduces inflammation from UV rays.Neutrazen- lipopeptide prevents and reverses signs of inflammation, calms and soothes irritated skin. Can helpmaintain and restore a normal skin sensitivity threshold.Sedaplant Richter- Complex combination of herbal (fennel, hops, chamomile, balm mint, mistletoe, yarrow)anti-irritant extracts combined with Allantoin to calm ,soothe and hydrate. Also strengthens, stimulates andsmoothes dry skin. Natural astringent and antibacterial.Palmitoyl Tripeptide 8- Essential for healing, this peptide significantly reduces skins inflammatory responsesand minimizes swelling and irritation of dry, inflamed skin.LicoriceChamomileAloe VeraEssential Amino Acid Complex- restructure and refine damaged skinAnti-Inflammatory Complex- Desensitize inflamed and traumatized skin
    20. 20. Delicate as a Flower Facial Delicate, Sensitive and Rosacea skins need to be soothed. This treatment calms and soothes skin with botanicals such as chamomile, aloe, licorice, water lily and powerful peptides to aid in tissue regeneration. We cleanse, then refine with a peel of gentle fruit acids, chamomile, licorice and aloe. Then our calming gel mask to soothe and soften followed by lighthydration. Free of harsh chemicals and parabens, this treatment will reduce irritation and redness while moisturizing , hydrating and refining. The result will be smoother, calmer, quenched skin.