Israeli Palestinian Conflict
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Israeli Palestinian Conflict



Here is some background on Palestine for Grade 6 who is reading the novel 'Habibi'

Here is some background on Palestine for Grade 6 who is reading the novel 'Habibi'



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Israeli Palestinian Conflict Israeli Palestinian Conflict Presentation Transcript

  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict English 6 Integrated Novel Project
  • Your PowerPoint Presentation will show how well you have…
    • Applied fiction and non-fiction literature to understanding the history of a current event (Israeli-Palestinian conflict)
    • Extended your knowledge of the conflict by reading, researching & thinking critically
    • Developed a position on the topic and supported it with evidence & examples from both fiction and non-fiction sources
    • Met all project requirements
  • Directions: Day One
    • Develop a strong position statement that answers this question: Can the teenagers of Israel and Palestine today recover from the violence they have faced all their lives?
    • Collect facts/evidence needed to support your position statement
    • Organize facts in a logical order for your slides
    • Draft the wording of each slide
    View slide
  • Choosing a Position: What side will you take?
    • A position statement is like a thesis in that is it the main idea of your work
    • It answers the question
    • It is clear and concise, showing conviction or a firm belief in your topic
    • It invites dialogue, even debate
    View slide
  • Support – without it, all is lost
    • A position must be well-supported to be believable
    • Research answers to your question and record your information on research forms
    • Choose only the key facts that will support your position
  • Organize, organize, organize
    • Your presentation must be exactly 10 slides long, no more, no less!
    • “ Title page” is slide 1
    • Position statement is slide 2; the question should be the title
    • Slides 3-7 must each have a key fact, followed by a minimum of 3 bullet points providing facts/evidence/examples as support
    • Slides 8-9 introduces information from Habibi to show how one person can make change
    • Slide 10 concludes the presentation (final thought to for the audience to consider
  • Drafting…
    • Choose clear, concise words
    • Position is a complete sentence
    • Key facts are in complete sentences
    • Bullet points are written as phrases
    • Novel information in slides (8 & 9) are written as bullets
    • Conclusion is in a complete sentence
  • Directions: Day Two
    • Type all 10 slides into PowerPoint
    • Add background design (from Ms. Bilbrey)
    • Add images
    • Check accuracy of content from research & literature
    • Check conventions of all slides
    • Submit by deadline
  • Content Requirements:
    • Position statement must by a well thought out, clearly worded response to the guiding question
    • Position must be accurately and thoughtfully supported using any and all English & S.S. information given
    • Position must present connections to literature
  • Conventions Requirements:
    • Organize information for each slide according to directions
    • Maintain consistent subject-verb agreement
    • Use punctuation appropriately, especially COMMAS
    • Articles (a, an, the) with subjects must agree
    • Spelling, grammar, punctuation used appropriately
  • Format Requirements:
    • Slide 1 must have complete heading with the due date used for the date
    • Font size no bigger than 32
    • Font must be clearly legible
    • No sound effects or animation
  • Images
    • Use appropriate images to add, rather than distract, your audience
    • Captions may be used to explain image content
    • Images highly recommended for Slide 1 to engage your audience
  • Bibliography
    • Use to create
    • Copy and paste the URLs used into website field of
    • Add each source to your bibliography
    • Copy this bibliography into your presentation
    • Don’t forget to reference pictures!
  • PowerPoint Submission:
    • Submit your completed PowerPoint Presentation to Ms. Bilbrey’s Wiki
    • Make sure it opens appropriately before submitting
    • This PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the Wiki for you to access at any time during the week
  • Deadline – turn in on time!
    • This PowerPoint Presentation is due no later than midnight on Sunday, Oct. 19
    • The project is worth a total of 50 points
    • You will present your finished project in class during the week of Oct. 20