Shutter analysis


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Shutter analysis

  1. 1. Technical codes The shot is medium shot, where the image is still in focus and we can view the background. The audience can see the setting The mise en scene is the man taking a picture of , the image resembles the photo so the audience knows that the film as something to do with cameras possible. The audience is allowed to view the horror. Through the mans eyes, his facial expression is inquisitive. The background is empty, but the image takes up most of the background, so these no mise en scene in the background expect a plain black border. This allows the audience to focus on the image The main image in the scene is enplaned and technical codes of photography would a straight forward angle which focussing in hir expression and body language whcih then allows us to focus on the action he is performing. The use of lighting, and used to emphasised the imagery It is clear but dark contrast. from the poster we can view that the character in the picture is victim. The film has followed the stereotypical horror convention of having a female victim as they are seen as weaker than men and therefore defenseless against the villain The editing in the image intensify with a circle emphasises the corner of the photo this is edited to bring more attention to the image and the. Anchorage The posters appear with some text which serves to establish or anchor an interpretation. The anchorage above this image includes “they are around us” this text highlighting through theDenotation and connotation colouring of the text being white and not blending in for showing theTje image is in black white, and resembles importance of the anchorage, this allowingthe photo, the colours grey the picture to have meaning and give a good base of understanding forrepresent charcoal, dove gray, gunmetal, iron audiences first viewing the poster.gray, lead, the colour grey can also represent Intertextual referencesthe transition form white to black There is no other media link to lead to a website or platform on this poster,representing change defying typical conventions of a trailerThe purpose/message of the this image is to bringHis facial expression coveys mysterory, possible he is the detective.These elements attract the target audience of a horror film because some of the most iconic horror films, such as ‘TheExorcist’, include elements of the paranormal
  2. 2. • Levi Strauss’ theory could also be represented in this poster as the central dominant image is of a lighter grey colour, almost trying to come forth through the darkness surrounding him, this is backed by the secondary images character that he is holding , almost trying to find his way through the darkness, and here this image could be seen as the good and the blackness as the bad.• the effectiveness of the poster is simple but striking the audience are able to tell a story, the audience can enter either the male or women in the photo, the none use of bright colours show the importance on both character, also this poster is unconventional because there is no main celebrity being emphasized on• Representation• The mise-en-scene, such as the costume, hair and make up, of the character suggests that they are average people. This makes the film even more scary because members of the target audience can imagine themselves in this position• Target audiencethe target audience seem like it would be for an older demographic, this is mainly because it seems like a detective horror, where your intellectual side is required more than an entertaining factor
  3. 3. Anchorage,Image, displaying they arethe movie around us, which gives insight to what the film is about possible a spying Institutions, horror production that produce thisfilm Image representing the film, the circle emphasises aTitle, bright and in ghostly image inwith colour the back ground,scheme, stands suggesting theout against black women is haintedbackground