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Corrección erika esther Corrección erika esther Presentation Transcript

  • I N S E D U A R D F O N T S E R E4 R T BY E A R 2 0 1 2 – 1 3G R O U P : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Exam Corrections Ice Age II
  • TASK Download this presentation in your notebook Correct as many sentences as you can. There is oneincorrect sentence from each of you Upload it to the wiki again before the end of theclass. Do not forget to CHANGE THE TITLE: Write thenames of your group, and the members who worked inthis If someone was missing, or did not contribute, youshould NOT write his/her name
  • Teacher tip Remember you can use some of these sentences foryour Learning Diary! View slide
  • ExampleError Correction ExplanationEllie I like Mannie Ellie LikeS Mannie A sentence cannot havetwo subjectsThe 3rd person singularneeds an S in presentsimple View slide
  • ErrorP Correction ExplanationParis Hilton is a girl verybeautifulParis Hilton is a verybeautiful girl.The adjective is placedbefore the noun.
  • Error Correction ExplanationSid it is a lazy Sid is a Lazy. No need to put a pronounif you put a noun.
  • Error Correction ExplanationIce Age II to start whenthe ice “se descongela”Ice Age II start when theice thawed.“Se descongela” isspanish.“To” don’t use.
  • Error Correction ExplanationEllie think she possums Ellie thinks that she is apossum.The noun need the “is”and “a”.The sentence needs tohave "that" for to makesense.
  • Error Correction ExplanationSid loves sing and talk toomuchSid loves sing and talk. "Love" is the maximumamount like something,so, no need the "toomuch".
  • Error Correction ExplanationDiego, Mannie and Sid isgood friend.Diego, Mannie and Sidare good friends.It’s in plural.
  • Error Correction ExplanationAt first sight he is a lot ofkind.At first sight he is a lot ofkind.“A lot of” is for countableor uncountable.
  • Error Correction ExplanationIn the Ice Age II have avery characters.In Ice Age II there aremany characters.It’s more appropriate toput "there are" than"have"
  • Error Correction ExplanationManny search her herd. Manny search his herd. Manny is a man. But“her” is for female. So“his” is for male.
  • Error Correction ExplanationI’m a prey of the love. I’m a prey of love. No need put “the”.
  • Error Correction ExplanationEllie she very confused Ellie is very confused. If we already had "Ellie"is a silly thing put "she",because somehow, it ’sthe same.If we set "is" the sentencemakes more sense.
  • Error Correction ExplanationYou prefer either a icecream or a rattle snakes.You prefer either icecream or rattle snakes.“A” is for nounscountable.
  • Error Correction ExplanationEither study english fornext day or play PS3Either Study english orplay PS3 for next day.The time you placed atthe end.
  • Error Correction ExplanationEllie she is shy and thinksthat it is a possumEllie is shy and thinksthat she is a possum.This person put a twonouns.It is for of objects, andshe is a animal.
  • Error Correction ExplanationMany is fat but and Ellielike.Manny is fat but Ellielikes that.“but” with “and” isharmful to eyes.
  • Error Correction ExplanationPossums are heavies. The possums are heavies. In this case,we put “the”initally for be a spellingrule.
  • Error Correction ExplanationI don’t eat junk foodnever
  • Error Correction ExplanationManny is a bad becausenot have family.Manny is bad because hehavent family.Need a pronom after ofbecause.Bad can’t have “a”because don’t is a noun, isa adjective.
  • Error Correction ExplanationMannie and Ellie they arevery bigMannie and Ellie are verybig.If there are "Mannie andEllie" already dontnecessary "they" becauseit’s practically the same.
  • Error Correction ExplanationDiego a fraid of water Diego have afraid ofwater.“afraid” goes along.We have to put "have" togive reasoning to thesentence.
  • Error Correction ExplanationHis friends areintelligents and not speakwith he.His friends areintelligents and don’tspeak with him.It’s more correct to put"do" than "not“.In these situations, weput "him" not “He”.