Creds 2012


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Creds 2012

  1. 1. Inspire to Interact
  2. 2. We Work In Good Company
  3. 3. Stimulate and influence the reader’s senses, intellect and emotions
  4. 4. Brochure, Art book and Website for The Royal MansourILN was appointed to build and designthe website of Royal Mansour, one ofMorocco’s finest hotelsOffering an integrated approach, ILN isalso creating a brochure and art book.ILN is tasked with positioning the hotelas one of the richest experiencesavailable anywhere in the world today,targeting the super wealthy.
  5. 5. Rolls-Royce Yearbook Pantheon 2011
  6. 6. Global communications for Rolls Royce Year Book 2011In 2010, ILN was commissioned to create apost-purchase customer communicationsexperience to propel brand advocacy, to belaunched in November 2011.The book is an opportunity to unite all ownersthrough a bold statement that Rolls-RoyceMotor Cars is a visionary, progressive brandwith its sights trained firmly on the future.Previous Yearbooks we created have elicited astream of appreciative letters from Rolls-Royceowners around the world to the companyschief executive, many requesting to take partin future editions.
  7. 7. CRM And Customer Engagement For Sandy Lane
  8. 8. EDITORIAL PROWESSILN knows how to narrate the story of luxury
  9. 9. Luxury consumer magazine for HNWIsTargeting affluenttravellers; covering travel,fashion, watches and jewellery,culture, food and wine.An ILN-owned title. Has strongdistribution network in 18countries. On-board BA Firstand Club Class and in selected5-star hotels worldwide.
  10. 10. Magazine for Luxury Avenue shopping malls in MexicoThe magazine has positioned Luxury Avenue as theleading luxury goods retailer in Mexico. Multi-languagecontent provides the backbone for the main website.Educates readers by bringing products to life, drivesfootfall into store, ultimately driving product sales.
  11. 11. PODIUM MAGAZINECommunicating to a genuinely affluent audience in sport and business environment
  12. 12. About Podium Magazine
  13. 13. Podium Online
  14. 14. Magalogue for Ernest Jones
  15. 15. DIGITAL: ONLINE DESIGN & BUILD We design, develop and manage online content
  16. 16. One&Only Magazine While the One&Only site represents the brand’s luxurious nature in its design, it is, like all transactional sites, bound by the fact that it must also facilitate the customer journey. We realised there was an opportunity to create content for both prospective and existing customers alike, who have a little more time to savour the One&Only offering.
  17. 17. SEO for Adriatic Luxury Hotels
  18. 18. E-Commerce for Boodles
  19. 19. Gieves & Hawkes e-commerce graphic and content creation
  20. 20. Il Tridente Website
  21. 21. IL Tridente Online App DevelopmentAs our partners atMaserati stated, “ourclients are grown up men;we need to communicateto them in a grown upway”.Well-crafted, compellingcreative content willanswer that call anddeliver a more engagedrelationship that will act asa key step towards futurepurchases.
  22. 22. Inspire to interact