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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Noel Sleilati Presents
    Pimp my Educational Philosophy
  • 2. Yo, guys. I got this AED 601 class, and they really want to know what constructivism is and how it’s used in a math classroom. As you can see, they need a little bit of help. They love math, and they all plan to be teachers, so keep that in mind. If anyone can help ‘em out, it’s you guys, so don’t let me down, yo. I’m out.
  • 3. Alright guys, we obviously have a lot of work to do. This class really needs some serious help. Mad Mike, how are you gonna educate these students?
  • 4. Beau, I’mma drop some history on these students. I’ll explain how constructivism was founded by Jean Piaget, and the idea behind it is that humans generate knowledge and meaning from interactions between their experiences and ideas, known as schemata.
    Mad Mike
  • 5. Main Ideas
    The primary role of teaching is not lecturing, but creating situations for students that will help them make necessary mental constructions.
    The learner is a unique individual.
    Their background and culture are important to consider.
    The responsibility of learning should reside increasingly with the learner.
    Motivation to learn is strongly dependent on the learner’s confidence in his or her potential for learning.
  • 6. Nice. That sounds hot. Luis, what’chu got in store for this project?
  • 7. It’s all about the role of the teachers, Beau. I’m gonna explain how the teachers fit into constructivism, like how they should play the role of a facilitator rather than someone who just spits out information and expects students to memorize it.
  • 8. Teachers as facilitators
    Teachers should help the learner get his or her own understanding of the content, rather than just lecturing.
    Provide guidelines and create environment for the learner to arrive at their own conclusions.
    Learning is an active social process.
  • 9. These are great ideas, guys, but we still need to show how this fits in a math classroom. After all, these students are going to be math teachers. Diggity, help me out!
  • 10. I got your back, Beau. I’ll explain that constructivist math teachers make connections to other ideas not only within math, but other subjects as well. Basically, teachers relate the material to real-world situations, so students can use their prior knowledge to mentally construct new knowledge. As they say, “hands on, minds on, authentic” knowledge.
    Diggity Dave
  • 11. Constructivism in math
    Students give proofs and explanations to their work – “explain the math”.
    Students can construct their own algorithms for operations in order to suit their needs.
    Conceptual understanding is critical.
    Teachers refer to this as “standards-based mathematics”
  • 12. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I can’t wait to see how this philosophy turns out. These students are gonna flip! Let’s get to work!
  • 13. Time for the Reveal…
  • 14. Alright students, I know how much you love math, and I know how you all want to be teachers in the future. So the guys worked for days getting this philosophy right. So AED 601, check out your brand new philosophy!
  • 15. (start
  • 16. I still got one more thing for you. We got you the concept of objective reality. Now you can interpret the world with our senses and filter it through existing patterns. You don’t gotta take math for what it is, you can use your knowledge of the world to comprehend math rather than simply computing numbers. Now it’s time to take your philosophy for a spin. You just been pimped, dawg!
  • 17. Constructivism