145-EINSTEIN (Celebrity)
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145-EINSTEIN (Celebrity)



145-EINSTEIN (Celebrity)

145-EINSTEIN (Celebrity)



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145-EINSTEIN (Celebrity) 145-EINSTEIN (Celebrity) Presentation Transcript

  • Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinQuotesQuotes
  • With Charlie Chaplin.With Charlie Chaplin.“When you sit witha nice girl for two hours,it seems like two minutes.When you sit on a hotstove for two minutes,it seems like two hours.That’s relativity.”
  • The oldest picture,The oldest picture,at age 7.at age 7.“If I had only known, Iwould have been alocksmith.”“Gravity cannot be heldresponsible for peoplefalling in love.”
  • At age 14.At age 14.“Education is that whichremains when one hasforgotten everythinglearned in school.”“Only two things areinfinite, the universeand human stupidity,and I am not sureabout the former.”
  • High school diploma,in 1896 at age 17.5
  • Wedding with Mileva,in 1903 at age 24.“A hundred times everyday I remind myselfthat my inner andouter life, depend onthe labours of othermen, living and dead,and that I must exertmyself in order to givein the same measureas I have received.”
  • In 1905 at age 26.In 1905 at age 26.“If my theory of relativityis proven successful,Germany will claim me asa German, and Francewill declare that I am acitizen of the world.Should my theory proveuntrue, France will saythat I am a German,and Germany willdeclare that I am aJew.”
  • EINSTEIN’S “MIRACLE YEAR”EINSTEIN’S “MIRACLE YEAR”PublishedPublished WorksWorks inin 19051905 atat ageage 2626::1.1. The Photoelectric Effect,The Photoelectric Effect,used Planck’s Quantum Hypothesis.used Planck’s Quantum Hypothesis.2.2. Special Theory of Relativity.Special Theory of Relativity.3.3. How Mass and Energy, were Equivalent.How Mass and Energy, were Equivalent.
  • The first, from four pages of Einstein’sThe first, from four pages of Einstein’sGeneral Theory of RelativityGeneral Theory of Relativitysent for publication on March 1916 at age 37.sent for publication on March 1916 at age 37.
  • With Elsa, his secondWith Elsa, his secondwife, in 1920 at age 41.wife, in 1920 at age 41.“Since the mathematicianshave invaded the theory ofrelativity, I do notunderstand it myselfanymore.”“The human mind has firstto construct forms,independently, before wecan find them in things.”
  • In 1921 at age 42, Nobel Prize for his 1905 workIn 1921 at age 42, Nobel Prize for his 1905 workon the Photoelectric Effect.on the Photoelectric Effect.“Science without religion is lame;religion without science is blind.”“These thoughts did not come in any verbalformulation. I rarely think in words at all.A thought comes, and I may try to express it in wordsafterward.”
  • In 1921In 1921“Each of us visits that Earthinvoluntarily and withoutan invitation. For me it isenough to wonder at itssecrets.”“There are two ways to liveyour life. One is as thoughnothing is a miracle. Theother is as thougheverything is a miracle.”
  • In 1927In 1927“Do not worry aboutyour difficulties inmathematics, I assureyou that mine aregreater.”“The mostincomprehensible thingabout the world is thatit is at allcomprehensible.”
  • In 1928In 1928“It would be possible todescribe everythingscientifically, but itwould make no sense;it would be withoutmeaning, as if youdescribed a Beethovensymphony as avariation of wavepressure.”
  • In 1929, withIn 1929, withMax Planck, author ofMax Planck, author ofQuantum Hypothesis.Quantum Hypothesis.“One reason whymathematics enjoysspecial esteem, above allother sciences, is that itslaws are absolutelycertain and indisputable,while those of othersciences are to someextent debatable and inconstant danger of beingoverthrown by newlydiscovered facts.”
  • In 1930 , withIn 1930 , withRabindranath Tagore,Rabindranath Tagore,modern India’s poet,modern India’s poet,Nobel Laureate forNobel Laureate forLiterature.Literature.“Imagination is moreimportant thanknowledge.”
  • In 1931, withThomas Mann, germandemocrat and novelist,Nobel Laureate forLiterature.“If you are out todescribe the truth,leave elegance to thetailor.”
  • In 1932In 1932“Before God we are allequally wise - equallyfoolish.”“The most beautiful thingwe can experience is themysterious. It is thesource of all true art andscience.”
  • Becoming an AmericanBecoming an AmericanCitizen in 1940 at age 61Citizen in 1940 at age 61with his secretary andwith his secretary andhis stepdaughter.his stepdaughter.“Sometimes one paysmost for things onegets for nothing.”
  • In 1942, withIn 1942, withRobbert OppenheimerRobbert Oppenheimerthe main scientistthe main scientistin the creationin the creationof the atomicof the atomicbomb.bomb.“I know not with whatweapons World War IIIwill be fought,but World War IVwill be fought with sticksand stones.”
  • In 1950In 1950“Great spirits have alwaysfound violent oppositionfrom mediocrities. Thelatter cannot understandit when a man does notthoughtlessly submit tohereditary prejudices buthonestly andcourageously uses hisintelligence.”
  • Albert EinsteinBorn 14 March 1879 Ulm, Wurttemberg Germany.Death 18 April 1955 at age 76 Princeton,New Jersey, USA.Dies of hearth failure.Einstein was cremated in Trenton, New Jersey.His ashes were scattered at an undisclosed place.