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Viral Marketing Tactics

Viral Marketing Tactics



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Viral Traffic Viral Traffic Document Transcript

  • VIRAL TRAFFIC PROCEDUREVIRAL MARKETING TACTICS 1. Create Content people would like to share because of its high value 2. Provide high quality free ebooks with the ability for others to share the links - Give stuff away for free, e.g. service, book, software etc (but don’t forget to build the list - must tie into an optin list) 3. Refer a friend - set things up so that in order to download or access free content they must refer a friend/s, or use plugins that exist for refer a friend scripts or email a friend 4. Viral videos - something unusual or funny that supports your proposition 5. Rebrandable ebooks - a book that you allow others to rebrand and give away on condition that your links within the manuscript are retained - promote as a free WSO to other webmasters. However, make sure the finished ebook is not editable in the sections where you need your links to remain. 6. Creat an APP that is useful or carries out a specific function that people in your target niche would find useful. Allow it to be used by other sites but ensure it is in script form and contains a link back to your target site. Polls work well here too when you have enough traffic to get a good enough sample size. Other Examples could be a game, a calander, screensaver or similar. 7. Run competitons - think of a creative competition that isn’t a blatant ad for the site. 8. Create ecards that are funny or unique or can be edited - these spread quickly, with your sitelink 9. Create graphical signature images or ecards that can be posted on social sites along with comments 10. Create a social community on your site, with discussion room for people sharing the same interests 11. Create an affiliate program for products or services you own - that way others promote your product or service for you