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Local Optimization Procedure

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Local SEO

  1. 1. SEO STANDARD PROCEDURESETUP PHASE 1. When having a new client, look for the business profile startup sheet email/files and start to implement the SEO process. 2. Take screen shots of the local search results for Google, Bing and Yahoo when you search "Keyword (city & state)" ei. Office furniture chiswick london 3. Create email accounts for gmail, hotmail and yahoo mail. 4. Check the practice profile for existing social media accounts. Setup and optimize social media profiles if a client doesn’t have any of the following:  Blogger Weblog  Squidoo Lens  Youtube Channel  Facebook Page  Twitter Account  Picasa Album  Flickr Website  Panoramio  Google Plus 5. Update the “Clients Database” in google docs and create a text file with all necessary business info with the business name as the filename. 6. Keyword research for the area’s served including the services customers are searching for and create text file with all the accurate keywords included for the monthly report. 7. Create new Google Docs collection/folder for a new client and upload the practice profile, text file and “before screenshots” of Google, Bing and Yahoo.MAJOR LISTING 8. Create a google, bing and yahoo business listings loaded with the accurate information from the clients startup sheets. 9. If a client has an existing google places account, then login and optimized the information except for the required fields (with *) and leave only one category “Furniture” then submit. 10. Wait for google to update the places page info, then delete and remove the listing from the google places account. Note: Don’t remove the listing from google maps! 11. Search the phone number in the google maps and claim all listings (verified or rogue) associated with it within the gmail account we created. 12. If a client has an existing bing or yahoo account, then login and optimize the listing with necessary information including the target keywords. Note: For yahoo, use the phone number indicated in their website; and put “Keyword (City)” after the Business name. 13. Notify the clients with the “Google and Bing PIN” via email and update the “Major Listing” spreadsheet in the Google Docs with the current status of each listing. 14. Once verified, optimize the main listing, merge the useful and delete the useless rogues. 15. Create coupon page with their special offers and generate QR code using goqr.me! Then send the QR code to the designer for the google poster. (Neil Saldia)
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA 16. Optimize the youtube channel including the videos with title tags, description and keywords from the keyword text file created by Neil. 17. Create traffic kaboom (TK) text file based on Neil’s keyword text file and save it in the client’s folder in the Google Docs. 18. Download client’s existing videos from the web, watermark it with their business number and upload to traffic kaboom including our video created for them. 19. Submit all videos via traffic kaboom using the TK text files. Note: Make sure to change and be accurate on the required fields. 20. Upload all video in VSEO file shared in google docs  Vimeo  PhotoBucket  YouTube  DailyMotion  Veoh  Kwego  Blip.tv  Metacafe  BuzzNet  LiveLeak  Stupidvideos  FlixyaBACKLINKS 21. Go to backlinkwatch.com and insert the website name. Take a screen shot of how many backlinks there are for each client then save it in Google Docs. 22. Begin building quality backlinks with “keyword (city)” for the current month packet and create backlink spreadsheet in the Google Docs with all the necessary backlink details. 23. Blog commenting using Backlink Skyrocket & Traffic Skyrocket 24. Post an article every Monday to the blogger weblogs and traffic kaboom. 25. Make our main facebook account (pendowermarketing@gmail.com) be an admin for all business pages including the existing pages created by the clients themselves.DIRECTORY SUBMISSION 26. Start submitting to PRIORITY DIRECTORIES 27. BUSINESS DIRECTORIES 28. HYPERLOCAL DIRECTORIES 29. DEFINITIVE CITATIONS LISTEMAIL OBLIGATIONS 30. Major Listings (Google, Bing, Yahoo) links - REVIEWS 31. 30-Day Snapshot Report 32. Monthly Analytics & Ranking Report 33. Weekly and Monthly Monitoring