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High End Local Lead Generation Training- Webinar

High End Local Lead Generation Training- Webinar



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Local Marketing Lead Generation Local Marketing Lead Generation Document Transcript

  • Local Marketing Lead GenerationMost local business owners realize the potential of marketing online or at least to some degree.But they are sick of being sold SEO services and being promised the world.The fact is local business owners are JADED:  They have been ripped off at least once, and their guard is up the second you tell them what you do  To them you are just another “snake-oil pusher”  They get calls trying to sell them SEO“HOW YOU CAN STAND OUT” 1. Sell them what they want…. RESULTS!!  Sell them Phone Leads  Sell them on Cost Per Appointment  Sell them in a % of revenue  Or lease the site for a monthly fee 2. Phone leads that turns into the APPOINTMENTS, if local business owners know you make money when they make money, it’s SO EASY TO SELL!  Own the assets that produce results for local clients 3. Phone leads that make them PARTNER 1st Lead Generation Gig: Pitch Sample “Let’s do a test.. I will setup a site, and send traffic to via Adwords. (I proceeded to tell him how Adwords worked.) It will cost $1,500 to setup the website and we should give our test a $4,500 dollar Adwords budget. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, I won’t charge you to setup the Adwords account or to manage it. I’m convince this is going to be successful just give me 5% of any sales that come in.” Client Reaction? Ok, when can we get started? As simple as that..
  • 4. How does this service works? 1) Customer searched online for a local contractor that 2) Leads them to tracking number that you locally listed on the web 3) When Customer calls it will be directed to the contractors no. 4) and 5% of the sales lead will be rewarded to you by the contractorsNote: Tracking is the key, and for local business Most Sales/apts happen on the phone.http://www.twilio.com/docs/howto 5. Make an agreement of percents of sale. This AGREEMENT is made by and between you and client it is agreed the minimum commission is 5 percent of the asking price stated above paid immediately upon the sale or lease of the sales.Note: You need to target a highly populated city or you’re going to be wasting your time