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Google plus

  1. 1. Google+ Local to Replace Google PlacesGoogle+ is Google’s social network, and they’ve been trying to build its popularity for severalmonths now. One way they hope to achieve this is to merge all of the Google Places listings intothe Google+ network. Google+ now has a section called Google+ Local.What Does This Mean for My Listing?  If you already have a listing in Google+, you don’t have to worry because your listing will not disappear.  It is basically just a different format and is found in Google+.  It can still be found when people do searches in your area for the type of business that you are offering.  Google+ listing will still appear in the search results, and people can still check it out without any problem.  This means that if you were already getting a lot of traffic from your Google Places listing, you shouldn’t be concerned.One of the key differences between Google Places listings and Google+ Local listings is that thepages will be more dynamic. The content on the Google+ Local listings can change based onwhat is going on in the network.For example, people can post comments on your Google+ Local listing and it can show up whenpeople talk about it. You can also post updates on your page to give people more detailedinformation.7 THINGS you can do to help get yours ranking in Google+ Local above your competitors: 1. Complete your local listing profiles fully by adding business information, website, photos, YouTube videos, etc. Google is all about the user experience and the more complete your listing, the more helpful it looks to them. 2. Use your keywords several times in your local listings and be descriptive. The description section is the area where you can provide the most content about your business in your listing, so make it count! Be descriptive and give people a reason to choose you over your competitors.
  2. 2. 3. Use a physical address instead of PO boxes if possible. This is especially important now that Google is currently blocking listings with PO Box addresses.4. Don’t submit your listing more than once. Duplicate entries can get you in trouble.5. Choose the categories for your listing wisely. The Google Local Business Center has so many category options to choose that it isn’t shouldn’t be too hard to find the one that best suit your products and services.6. Get your valued customers writing reviews. In some cases, the number of reviews your listing has will determine if your listing is on the first or second page of the results.7. Get social. Properly constructed social media profiles, like Twitter and Facebook, can be picked up as citations for your listing if they include your business name, address, and phone number.