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Content Management Standard Procedure

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Content Management

  1. 1. CONTENT MANAGEMENT STANDARD PROCEDUREWe have the option on Wordpress to predate posts, giving a site an older appearance togoogle. This could be useful on some occasions, but there is a more practical use andrequirement.Google now penalises or will not index what it sees as duplicate content. If a page is modifiedor republished it could acquire a later date marker - the issue here is that if other sites copy ouroriginal content, and we later modify and republish a page, it will appear as if it is US who havecopied or scraped the content.Google requires content to change fairly frequently under a freshness requirement.“Tactics to meet freshness requirement”  Whitehat  Greyhat  Blackhat1. Add new content and adjust pages frequently (100% Whitehat) excellent way to gain links that are White Hat strategy we will use with our core sites and client sites. Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities: You can add your niche short keyword also so e.g. "Add Articles" "Keyword Phrase" in the search “Add Articles” ”Add Content” “Submit Article” ”Submit Post” “Add Guest Post” ”Bloggers Wanted” “Guest Bloggers Wanted” “Guest Post” “Guest Posts Roundup” “Guest Blogging Spot” “Write for Us” ”Submit a Guest Post” “Submit Guest Post” ”Become a Guest Blogger” “Submit a Guest Article” ”Guest Post Guidelines” “Guest Bloggers Wanted” ”Submit an Article” “Group Writing Project” “Want to Write for” “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts” “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging” “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers” “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts” “Become a Contributor” ”Contribute” “Submit Design News” ”Submit News” “Community News” ”Submit Tutorial” “Submit Blog Post” ”Suggest a Post” “Suggest a Guest Post” “Become an Author” “Contribute to our Site” ”Become a Contributor”
  2. 2. “Become a Guest Writer” ”Places I Guest Posted” “My Guest Posts” ”Publish Your News” “Submission Guidelines” ”Guest post by” “This guest post was written” ”Guest Contributor” “This guest post is from” “This is a guest article” “Now Accepting Guest Posts” inurl:guest-posts “The following guest post” inurl:write-for-us inurl:guest-post-guidelines inurl:profiles/blog/new  SEE ADDITIONAL LIST into “Syndicating Content & Guest Blogging” (word document) of known sites where this is possible to place articles with links - but it is always important to only select sites where the articles will be on topic and have a high relevancy score.500+ Websites where you can syndicate your content around the web… Over 500+ Sites whereyou can guest post, contribute articles, submit links, news, etc…2. Use page rotator plugins - this is where we have different versions of the same page and we rotate which is shown over time (Greyhat)  - used for linkbuilding to secondary sites and web 2.0 properties3. Artificially generate comments from different IPs and identities on commentable pages on web 2.0 properties or blogs (100% Blackhat)  SEE INSTRUCTION into “EDU Blog Commenting- Slightly Blackhat” (word document)