Incorporating Digital Literacies into an embedded employability skills development programme


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Presented at Mahara UK 2013, 4-5 July 2013. More details, including the abstract, can be found at

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  • Nitin to talk
  • Placement employer feedback: communication skills, teamwork skills key areas for development / Mock interviews: difficulties in providing examples of skills, lack of understanding of skills development within degree and how they are transferableProgrammes aim was to raise awareness of transferable skills and to raise commercial awarenessMoodle used to deliver programme information and for provision of feedback. Mahara provided as the e-portfolio tool.Companies such as Microsoft (CompSci) and Tessella (Physics) participated in programmeTeam working skills session included an exercise frequently used in assessment centres– students required to work in a team to resolve a business related problem within a specific timeframeAssessment criteria for each employability skill was developed through utilizing the research carried out by the HE Academy and Confederation for British Industry.
  • Nitin to talkTwo year funded project.Mini project e.g.development of this employability skills programme to utilise learning technologies wherever possible.
  • Nitin to talk
  • The Moodle course takes students through creating an e-portfolio in a logical sequenceCV’s, Applications and Interviews – creating a page in Mahara, adding name, contact details and academic historyCommercial Awareness – employment history and personal goalsLeadership skills - achievements and interestsTeamworking skills – further provision of examples across all area’sEnd of Semester 1 – completed e-portfolio including details needed for CV and setting personal and academic goalsSpecific aims and objectives made available prior to each session – requested by studentsSessions recorded through PanoptoScreencasts created to help students through each activity – Nitin
  • Example Development SessionIncluded relevant activities during session delivered by employerThe assessed activity required students to add achievements and interests to Mahara portfolio, thinking about which best reflect leadership skills and the associated skills (i.e. Communication, teamwork, time management)Screencasts created to help students through each activity – Nitin
  • Mahara e-portfolio completed over the course of Semester 1 - sample
  • Semester 2 skills sessions included:EntrepreneurshipProject ManagementPresentation SkillsEmerging TechnologiesSemester 2 assessment - An assessed presentation to encapsulate skills learnt over course of the yearComputer Science students - presentation on anything relating to Microsoft or technology.Panopto - Nitin
  • Nitin to talk
  • Students will keep a copy of the job description, their application, and company research within MaharaStudents will be encouraged to export from Moodle their Personal Objectives and Learning Outcome forms, and Employer reports into Mahara
  • Nitin to talkMoodle to Mahara > what you actually have to do is create a folder in Mahara and then upload into this folderMahara to Moodle > this would allow employers to upload feedback on student placement performance into Mahara, which could then be pushed out into the relevant assignment in MoodlePrinting from Mahara is awful! Students keep all of their skills evidence-base in Mahara, but this can't easily be exported to create .doc .pdf CV's - required by employersThrough Bath e-mail for life, students will be able to access Mahara portfolio after graduation
  • Incorporating Digital Literacies into an embedded employability skills development programme

    1. 1. Incorporating Digital Literacies into an embedded employability skills development programme Nitin Parmar & Louise Oliver 4 July 2013#maharauk13 | @nrparmar
    2. 2. Background • Mahara at the University of Bath • Mahara UK 2012, Lancaster • Piloting Mahara 1.5 (with Moodle 2.2) …. and conversations with Catalyst IT and Southampton Solent University
    3. 3. Skills Development Programme  Employability skills development programme developed in 2011  A specifically designed blended learning course was designed to support students and to submit assessed work, alongside signposting to other relevant information  Sessions delivered by relevant employers  Sessions included relevant industrial activities  Programme incorporated as a credit-weighted unit in 2012  Mahara used as an assessed component
    4. 4. Digital Literacies Development • JISC funded PriDE project [2011-2013] sought to define and embed digital literacies within a range of areas at the university. • Discipline-specific statements were developed for digital literacies skills, competencies and attributes. • Developments provided added direction and motivation for mini-projects around the university
    5. 5. Workflow 1. Attend Skills Training Session 2. Visit Moodle to find out about Activity 3. Watch screencast outlining Mahara task 4. Complete Mahara task as directed 5. Submit link to Page via a Moodle Assignment activity
    6. 6. Leadership skills Activities included • An exercise in envisioning • An exercise in engaging • How do YOU energise your team • Exercise in Enabling your team • SMART – specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, time-bound • Blakes and Moulton managerial grid
    7. 7. A typical Page [ REMOVED PRIOR TO UPLOAD ]
    8. 8. Other Development Areas • Enhancing Case Study based learning • Supporting PGCE-related PDP initiatives • Showcasing development activities for Elite Athletes • Exploring evidencing The Bath Award (with Open Badges?)
    9. 9. Next Steps [Programme] • Applications phase • On-placement phase
    10. 10. Next Steps [Mahara] • Exploring "Mahoodle“ functionality (again) • Third Party plugins e.g. exporting Pages to multiple file formats • Further integration with University of Bath systems • Discussions around continued access for students (post graduation) and archiving of data
    11. 11. Contact Details • Nitin Parmar,, @nrparmar Learning Technologist • Louise Oliver, Faculty Placements Officer