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Facilitating online collaboration -The Moodle Wiki

  1. 1. Facilitating online collaboration: The wiki Description A wiki is a website that allows visitors themselves to easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change available content, and typically without the need for registration. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for mass collaborative authoring. [Wikipedia.org] Adding a wiki activity Before adding attempting to add the wiki activity in Moodle, make sure that the “Turn Editing On” button has been clicked in the top right hand corner of the Moodle course in question. To add a wiki activity in Moodle, click on the “Add on activity…” in the drop down box (Figure 1), and then select “Wiki” from the list. A page, Adding a wiki [in a topic or week], will appear and you will have the opportunity to customise particular aspects of the wiki’s functionality here. The majority of options presented to you will have a associated with it. Clicking on this image will provide a useful source of help in a pop-up window. Figure 1: Adding a wiki Note that should you pop-up’s turned off on your web browser, the help window may not appear. Should this be the case, please consult the Moodle FAQs which can be accessed from the Moodle home page. The following options should be considered before creating a wiki: Type This setting will determine which participants on the course may view or edit the wiki. In addition, the wiki can be setup to reflect the use of Groups within a particular Moodle course. This description assumes group permissions have not been enabled • Teacher – All course participants will see the same version of the wiki. Only a teacher can edit the wiki. All students may view the contents. • Groups – All course participants will see the same version of the wiki. Both teachers and students can view and edit the wiki. • Student – Each student will have an individual version of the wiki. The wiki can only be viewed and edited by a teacher and single student. HTML Mode This setting will determine how HTML tags are handled within the wiki. • No HTML – All HTML tags will be ignored. Formatting can only be achieved using WikiWords. • Safe HTML – Some HTML tags are allowed. • HTML only [recommended] – WikiWords will not function in this mode. Formatting is achieved using the HTML editor. Wiki auto- CamelCase is the practice of writing compound words or phrases where the words are joined linking options without spaces, and each word is capitalized within the compound. For example, MoodleTraining, NokiaMobilePhone and AaaBaaCaa. Student admin Certain administration options can be turned 'on' or 'off' for students. When 'on', these options options only take affect for wikis that can be edited by the student. When 'off', they will not appear in the administrator menu. Groups The group mode can be one of three levels: • No groups - there are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community • Separate groups - each group can only see their own group, others are invisible • Visible groups - each group works in their own group, but can also see other groups
  2. 2. page 2 Managing and using a wiki Figure 2: Tabs at the top of a wiki page Each wiki page will display the following four tabs near the top of the page: • View – Displays the content of the page. Note that when a given page has no content within it, this page will replicate what is seen when clicking on the Edit tab. • Edit – Displays the editing options available for a given page. The text can be formatted using the HTML editor, depending on how the wiki was setup. • Links – Displays a list of the wiki pages which link to any given page. • History – Displays a list of versions of a page being viewed. Figure 3: Checking the history of a wiki page For each page, information is displayed regarding version number, author and current page status. Clicking on a version number will display that version of the page. Some other links are available too: • Browse – view this specific version of the page • Fetch back – opens this version of the wiki page in editing mode • Diff - View the page difference(s) from the previous highlighted version. Useful Question Useful Question How do I display images in a wiki page? How do I attach files to a wiki page? Images can be displayed within a wiki as follows: During wiki setup, if the “Allow Binary Files” setting • In the bottom left of the wiki page, click on Browse… was set to yes, an addition tab is displayed at the top of • Locate the file as required, select it and open on a wiki page: Attachments. A further set of options will Open be displayed, as below. • After clicking on Upload, you should see a dark red or black page, with the location of the image. • Select everything in the brackets, right click on this using your mouse, and select Copy from the drop- down menu. • Paste the bracketed information in to your HTML editor. • Save (or preview) the page 19 January 2006 this handout was prepared by the e-Learning Team at the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY Tel: +44 (0) 1225 388388 | Email: e-learning@bath.ac.uk